Wordless Wednesday: Full Moon Silhouettes, Photography by Mark Gee

16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Full Moon Silhouettes, Photography by Mark Gee

  1. Patty,
    I will restrain myself from a rant but let’s say that I am sure the blame lies firmly planted at the feet of AOL as I am unable to view this. I do see the magical silhouette but unable to progress.
    This image transported me to a place of childlike wonder.

  2. Isn’t the world just so beautiful that you could cry sometimes from all the joy it puts into your heart.
    Thanks Patty for sharing this wonder.

  3. So beautiful it gave me chills watching!

  4. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  5. you are right. words fail to capture this. thx!

  6. Wow! That took my breath away and reminds me of simpler times…where I wasn’t chasing my tail but enjoying life each day. Spectacular, wonderful, just WOW!!! Take care! – Amy 😀

  7. Wonderful, Patty. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. So beautiful! What a wonderful world we live in!

  9. How amazing, also for the one whom photographed this ,it has been a fantastic experience!! Beautiful,- and also showing how very small we humans are compared to the world we live in!!
    Thank you dearest Patty!!

  10. Simply breathtaking! Until the people started showing up, I kept thinking “Bad Moon Rising.” It appears that everything is bigger “down under!!”

  11. It makes me smile to know that I am not the only one
    Thank you for sharing this Patty. You made my day brighter with this post.

  12. Tears, Patty.Tears just streaming down my face for the beauty of it all!

  13. how truly beautiful Patty… alovely end to my hectic work day…..in fact relaxed me so much….the music made me want to nod off….

  14. Beautiful and thank you!

  15. I’m in awe….simply beautiful. ~Sophia

  16. Absolutely magical! Thank you for sharing Patty xxx

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