Mandala Monday: give me five

while our purple passion flower vine is in between blooms our more established vine is producing like crazy…

Passion Flower on Black Velvet BackgroundI still cannot help but marvel at each and every one of the amazing flowers…

Passion Flower Center

striking on their own and a perfect center for my mandala today…

Liatris Passion Flower Mandala

the birds enjoy eating the pretty Pokeberries that pop up in a corner of our garden leaving behind perfect plastic looking daisy shapes or pedicels as I found out they were called when I looked it up:

 “A shiny dark purple berry held in racemous clusters on pink pedicels with a pink peduncle. Pedicles without berries have a distinctive rounded five part calyx. Fruits are round with a flat indented top and bottom. Immature berries are green, turning white and then blackish purple”

peduncle is a fun word don’t you think 🙂

Liatris Passion Flower Mandala (1)

the brilliant bluish purple blooms are fallen blossoms from our Salvia plant along with spent Passion flower blooms…

have to tell you about the blast from the past VERY olive green enamel tray I arranged my mandala on…

it came with a set of enamel pots and pans long long ago as the tray for a matching fondue pot which we still have and use for cheese fondue every now and again…

Liatris Passion Flower Mandala (2)

our past bloom Liatris flopped over after a rain so I used some of those to make the five point star which set the pattern for my mandala (no pre planning  just letting what presents itself in our garden lead me)

Buddha Quotehappy new day dear ones ♥

joining Dawn of Girl Unwinding for her Mandala Monday here

21 responses to “Mandala Monday: give me five

  1. Love your passion flowers!!!!!


  2. WOW. Your mandala puts mine to shame. What beauty and diversity. I’ve come to believe you could make a gorgeous mandala out of bird poop. This one is beyond incredible!


  3. BTW, I still use my fondue pot, too. I have three, one for each course. And shame of shames, the oldest is bright orange.


  4. beautiful passion the colours and arrangement. thanks for you comment on my mix it monthly painting you were the first one to comment on the “hidden” third important for linking in to ones creativity..namaste


  5. The passion flowers are so beautiful and you captured all their details so perfectly. I love your Mandala with all the various elements.
    I just wondered what do you do with the delightful display? Do you preserve it?


  6. Happy Monday Patty!! How pretty your mandala is today, love reading about all the types of flowers in your garden. We have more green and weeds then flowers in my yard. The 5 point star is awesome, first thing I saw and loved. Just beautiful the way yours come together and the plate it’s on too.
    Have a great day and see you for T time tomorrow!


  7. forgot to mention that I love the quote. I feel this way everyday and after having my birthday yesterday it’s feeling even more the way I want to live my days.
    I am loving these mandala Mondays, so fun to share!


  8. I wonder if it is the serendipity of it all that makes it all the more attractive.
    It does actually look as though you spend a week with careful planning and consideration, so remarkable that you create with what your garden gifts you on each particular Monday.
    The colours are sensational against the green plate.


  9. Your arrangements are just beautiful, Patty. Every one is unique.


  10. Dearest Patty , where to begin and where to end, I just don`t know, as all your photoes are giving amazing proof of your beautiful garden and what just now live and grows there…sending beautiful flowers into your world, ….and ours ! The pokeberries are looking quit gorgeous , from starting as green berries, ending as purple flowers – so beautiful Patty, on that very gorgeous plate in aqua colours,- and with the stunning passion flower in the Mandala middle . The salvia flowers have the most amazing colour ,too so strong and giving a quiet phocus from the lively green flowers !!
    And Patty, thank you for the qoute,- it is to be remembered, and lived after !!
    Hugs from Dorthe


  11. Gorgeous as always. How long does it take you to create these mandalas?


  12. Your garden must be a wonderful Eden, with all of these beautiful blooms Patty!
    Your floral creation is stunning as usual!
    Alison xxx


  13. Ilove this beautiful passion the colours and your arrangement.
    What a great Mandala Monday Patty and I really love this true..
    aren´t we happy to know this fact !?



  14. Your mandala is gorgeous!!! I love the purple passion flowers. They are so unusual and beautiful. ~Sophia


  15. Very pretty! Love the splash of pink.


  16. I’ll never get over the majesty of passion flowers! happy end of august patty! xox


  17. Beautiful – big sigh


  18. another truly beautiful mandala Patty. That purple passion flower is just divine!! You know, a collection of your flower mandalas would make such a lovely coffee table book 🙂


  19. ‘mesmerizing’ I think that’s the right word for your flower mandela Patty!


  20. Your mosaic table “frame”, “makes” your mandala!


  21. Hello my dear Patty, I think a coffee table would be a brilliant idea, the are all so gorgeous,love all the green with the pop of purple and red,just stunning, thanks for sharing your garden, one this bird loves to visit..


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