getting plastered…

seeing what my friend Lisa created using Kate Thompson’s  plastered textiles really got me going in a fun direction

Full of Gracea free image of The Three Graces from a wonderful Misty Mawn online class sparked two different collage pieces…

Patty Szymkowicz GRACE

my attempt at a gel medium transfer onto plastered fabric did not turn out all that well until I decided I really liked it in its imperfection adding some indigo cotton pieces and selvage from a piece of navy blue velvet along with tulle and the computer generated word GRACE (8 x 10 inches … 20.3 x 25.4 cm)

Patty Szymkowicz Three Graces (1)

my second transfer was easier working on plain watercolor paper…

Patty Szymkowicz Three Graces

combining plastered linens and laces with some of my hand dyed pieces and a flattened tea spoon made creating this 9 x 10.5 inch (22.8 x 26.6 cm) piece extra fun (now if I could remember who gave me that sweet swan spoon!)… 

ever onward stone angel (1)

 my Old San Juan Stone Angel collage measures approximately 9 x 12 inches (22.8 x 30.4 cm)…

ever onward stone angel

is anyone familiar with the 2011 book by Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise Plaster Studio: Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carvingit looks interesting in the reviews

31 responses to “getting plastered…

  1. Both are gorgeous, Maggie! Love your transfers…

  2. LOL…love that title. Even more so…I love these pieces. The last one is my favorite although it only barely won out above the others. 🙂

  3. These are amazing! The plaster gives the images an ethereal, dream-like quality. And I love the images you choose. They’re perfect for this technique. Of course, all the additional fabrics and details completely enhance the central image.

  4. Oh Pattie, both are so amazing and so precious!All the lovely details give such a serenity to the projects.

  5. lovelovelovelove! Your fine eye at adding detail works so well with this technique. I’m so glad you liked eperimenting with it 🙂 there is more fun ahead! It is a technique that is perfect for you with your love of fabric and laces – emerging them into eachother is so you!

  6. Simply wonderful!!! Loving this new found medium of yours! You know I should be packing!!!!

  7. Just gorgeous. The stone angel looks so lovely.

  8. I love all pieces dear Patty and I most of all love this angel piece—AMAZING!

    I can really recommand this Plasterstudio Book!
    I bought it in German translation (Gipsstudio) a few month ago…
    it is really amazing…

    I didn´t made really much yet – but just because I don´t have so much space here … but I think you will be also amazed by this book…
    it´s fabulous in my mind!
    Great tips on techniques we can combine with stamps and fabric!

  9. Stunning pieces Patty!!! Love them!!! I also saw this book and thought it was very interesting. But I haven’t purchased it yet. Still on my wish list. After seeing your pieces I may have to move it up 🙂 All the best ~Sophia

  10. I love the way your transfer turned out! Did you use TAP? I’ve been experimenting and it’s quite cool! Thanks for your lovely comment(s):)

  11. I’m drooling over the first one – the indigo fabric really makes the three graces image pop.
    Love the idea of using plaster sounds like fun!
    Your stone angels are inspiring Patty.
    Shane x

  12. So, you got plastered again (grin). I’ve come to believe the transfers look better when they are imperfect. Maybe its because mine never turn out perfect. Of course, I had a hard time seeing where yours were NOT perfect. These are all lovely, but I like Grace the best, I think. It may be because I like the tulle that covers the word Grace, or it may be the entire composition. Not sure which.

    I’ve seen that book on Amazon and the reviews, but have not seen it in person. I’m sure it is quite good, but I don’t work with joint compound and plaster of paris often enough to warrant buying it.

    BTW, I’ve tried flattening spoons that are NOT old (sterling silver) and I can’t seem to get them to flatten. I guess it’s got to be the softer metal in order for the flattening to occur.

  13. This is just beautiful, Patty. You are mastering this medium as you do all others. It’s great with your style!

  14. Now this is the kind of getting plastered I could grow to like! Beautiful images, as always.

  15. OMG, that title is too funny!!! I love these transfers, that’s something I couldn’t get to work for me. Love seeing yours and how pretty they are.

  16. Wow, Patty, these are gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  17. Lovely pieces. The plastering is so effective.

  18. Oh these are gorgeous dear Patty…. plaster fabric is so fun to work with… I have that book and LOVE it… and have done some online classes with Kate Thompson… there is just something so organic… textural and beautiful in playing with plaster and joint compound… adore your angel collage too…

    Jenny ♥

  19. Patty. I may have that book if you were looking to borrow it. Leiann

  20. Beautiful artwork Patty! I especially love the 2nd piece! xxx

  21. Oh Patty, I love the collage you made with the plaster tecnique..
    the first one, truly so ethereal and the stone angel I simply adora , she is a favorite image of mine, from the ones you so generously shared with us !!
    The indigo and white together are such a striking combination, and the plaster makes it all very exiting..I think I will go read about that book, my dear friend.- Thankyou for sharing you new works with us,- you alwayes have new ideas !!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  22. wow! Beautiful layering and I love how you used one of your magnificent stone angel photos Patty! The plaster technique looks so tempting but I’m already at overload with things to play with 🙂

  23. These are truly original art textiles. I like your restrained use of colour and the lace and the images and the text and so much else. A favourite? – maybe “Grace” although the angel comes a close second, and of course the other one is lovely too.

  24. lol Patty….great title….. I love your pieces and the imperfect one is my favourite:) jenny bought me that book and we have had a play with some of the things from it…you would love it… nothing like getting messy with plaster 🙂

  25. I love plaster! Maybe if we get some warm days in September, I’ll put it back out.

  26. OMG amazing your beautiful white lace pieces…the first one is my absolute favorite maybe because the three graces are blurried 🙂 When I am back home I have to put my hands on plaster too for sure…you really have inspired me 🙂 ♥ Conny

  27. I love the papery quality of the lace. You have some amazing materials in your stash! (nice lace!)

  28. Oh….’the current of life’….what a wonderful piece Patty. I LOVE it so much!
    You are so talented….. xxx

  29. Absolutely stunning work, the transfer if fabulous and all that lace gorgeous, thanks for sharing…

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