remember to play everyday…

Remember to Play Everydayusing one of the index cards I created a while ago along with my most recent gelatin monoprinting on Fabriano 140 lb hot press paper that I had stitched to use as a journal (I came across a couple of twelve page  7.5 x 11 inch BLANK journals I had stitched together in a great Misty Mawn 2012 online class that had been waiting for attention)…

Patty Szymkowicz Monoprint journal BEFORE pages

there was just one problem with the monoprinting that worked better than I imagined directly onto the stitched journal pages…

I liked them so much I really didn’t want to cover them up…

Square Stencil

however I was eager to participate again in Art Journal Journey’s August SQUARE challenge so I got busy and carved a couple of square stamps (thanks to Dawn for inspiring me to use some of the big school erasers that are plentiful this time of year)…

my hand carved stamps

using my square stencil to add a few painted squares and to outline the squares with a bit of stamping on top (the pink rubber above is called Speedy Carve by Speedball)…

Remember to Play Everyday (1)

so here are what the BEFORE pages looked like…

PLAY every day before

and the AFTER using my new Sharpie Fine Pen shown in the photos above which was great for adding some finishing doodle touches to my journal pages…

PLAY every day afterstill a few more days left in August for you too to join in the Art Journal Journey challenge or at least stop by to enjoy the wonderful creations from around the globe…

39 responses to “remember to play everyday…

  1. Very cool Patty! I love that you made your own stamps in addition to your own sewn journal. The index card fits very well.

  2. Yes, many times I have made papers that were “too good to use”! This is a fascinating post from the first picture with the so-true quote, your lovely papers and the beautiful stamps you have made. I do like your final pages.

  3. Patty, your work is beautiful but the sentiment…says it all! 😀 May we never forget how to play, have fun, and enjoy life! 😀 Take care and may you be blessed–always! – Amy 😀

  4. what gorgeous monoprinted pages patty, I can see why you didn’t to cover them up but they look wonderful with the stamping and doodling 🙂

  5. Gorgeous, and I can see why you didn’t want to cover too much of the pages. What you have done enhances then without losing the initial quality.

  6. It quickly became obvious why you didn’t want to cover those gorgeous monoprints. So I guess you finally found your Gelli! The prints are stunning.

    Yep, I saw the bug. Of course I was looking for it, and the word bubble you added was too funny. BTW, I’ve NEVER seen erasers this large before. Mine are all about 1/2 inch by 2 inches. Yours are pretty awesome.

  7. Fab pages Patty, great background!

  8. LOL at the bug that decided he was photogenic! Love your geli prints, and no, it would be a crime to cover them up, lovely colours and home made stamps too!

  9. Patty, they are fantastic mono prints,- ofcourse you couldn`t cover them up, my dear,- your wonderful patterns and colours are surely to be seen,- and not covered up… you chose a great decition in making your own stamps ,to give the extra life, and meaning ,together with that importent and not to be forgotten qoute !!
    I love the carving in rubber eracers , they are so sweet ,your new stamps, dear friend.- and what a nosy fellow 🙂 visiting !!
    Hugs and kiss, and a lovely day to you.
    Blessings, Dorthe

  10. Oh yes! I need to play! Great sentiment on this beautiful page Patty! And, I love the idea of using an eraser for stamp carving.
    Alison xxx

  11. Amazing pages. I love your stamps! Dawn’s gotten me going on them, too. The square shapes are so neat (especially using the rectangular eraser). Great thinking INSIDE the box.

  12. bee-utiful!!! i am going to try my hand at printing on the watercolor paper today! i love the greens and blues and my favorite part are the hand carved stamps!!! happy tuesday, dear patty!

  13. Dear Patty, your pages are amazing compositions. Love the squares and patterns, all elements and colors fits perfect together.
    Big hugs Anja

  14. Wonderful stamps Patty and such a sweet first page.

  15. Aren’t the new Sharpie superfine pens terrific? I love ’em. These are beautiful as always — very nice composition. But I know what you mean about covering up the things you already love! I have a few like that, too!

  16. Carving stamps is another thing that’s on my bucket list – hopefully someday! Yours look wonderful and using erasers is a cheap way to go.

  17. another gorgeous and inspiring post. You continually delight me dear Patty with your beautifully layered and detailed art. Great hand carved stamps too. Bug with the word bubble-:)

  18. How PRETTY PRETTY!! I love what you’ve done and am inspired yet again to finally make my own stamps.

    Missed you for Mandala’s and today for T, hope you join in again soon. HUGS!

  19. Beautiful artwork! Wonderful colors and composition. Thank you for sharing your steps of process! They are very interesting for me.

  20. Beautiful pages and wonderful colors!

  21. Patty, these are wonderful creations. Love the colors and all the details. Just amazing.

  22. I love these! Beautiful. I should go get some of those erasers!!! I hate covering up great backgrounds…. and gelli plates make the best!! (Thanks for introducing me to them!!!) But your pages are wonderful!!!

  23. OH MY GOSH!
    This is just P*E*R*F*E*C*T*I*O*N dear Patty!
    I am thrilled about this!
    xxx Susi

  24. And everyday use these beautiful colors!

  25. WOW!..What gorgeous pages Patty, I wouldn’t want to cover them up either….but they look absolutely wonderful and I love the hand carved stamps too! 🙂

  26. Very cool.

  27. Patti, your monoprints are outstanding, all pieces of art in itself. Adding some stamping, doodling and collaging only makes them even more you in your journal.

  28. Wonderful composition and colors, wonderful page!

  29. Beautiful, beautiful! Great work with the squares and I’m happy you could use the pages from the workshop! (I havent heard from dear Belinda in years now – sorry to say – would love to enjoy her creativity again!) Lena

  30. I think you came up with the perfect balance of images and background (not too much foreground so your background can still sing!) I love your gel prints!

  31. I love how you incorporated the index card! The gelli print is great, and I think you made the right choice not to cover up too much of it.

  32. Great pages…and lovely colours Patty! I especially liked seeing all the things you used. And your stamps are fab….very inspiring 🙂 xxx

  33. On viewing your absolutely stunning prints I said, how can Patty bring herself to journal on them BUT the result, sensational.
    Adore that child and the use of text and brilliant stamp carving. How funny as only last weekend I picked up the Speedball kit I have and said to myself that I must carve another stamp soon.

  34. Wowwww, einfach großartig!
    LG Carola

  35. Beautiful pages, gorgeous colors, get you making your own stamp, i love it and play everyday, yes that’s what I do… Thanks for sharing your creativity..

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  37. I certainly understand your hesitancy in covering up the delightful index cards. They are so lovely! Yet, you did them justice, dear Patty…your work is awesomely perfect!!

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