Rinda’s 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: Part 1

thanks to Jo Murray in Australia last year I was introduced to Rinda and her Photography Scavenger Hunt

Mr Magpie and I had a great time playing along on the 2012 hunt here and were very excited to take this year’s list on our trip to the UK and Ireland in June…

here is Part 1 of what will be 3 parts…

1. Open air market

#1 Reston Farmers Market

our local farmers market is a colorful and lively place to visit…

2.  Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)

#2 A Dublin Theater

we took this theater photo in Dublin, Ireland…

3.  City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building

#3 Nottingham Council House

this is the Nottingham Council House on a damp day in June as we enjoyed each minute spent with special friends Linda and Brian

#3 Nottingham Council House closeups

our zoom lens let us enjoy some of the finer details of the 1920’s Neo-Baroque city hall building (meet me by the lions)…

4.   Airplane

#4 Virgin Airlines

we flew with Virgin Atlantic Airlines…

#4 Virgin Airlines (1)

and enjoyed it very much…

5.  A sunset

#5 Sunset Northern Virginia 20 Aug 2013

there are times in the year that we get to see some of the most beautiful sunsets right outside our front door here in northern Virginia...

20 August 2013 moon over Virginia USA

later the same day my husband took this amazing photograph of the full August moon…

6.  Someone or something taking a nap

#6 Red Fox napping, Virginia

grateful for a nice zoom lens on my camera I could not believe my eyes one morning when I spied this handsome fox resting under our neighbor’s tree…

7. A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny

#7 Dublin, Irelandthis shop in Dublin, Ireland made us giggle…

just because…

#7 London, UK

and we puzzled a bit over this sign in London until we looked down a stairwell and saw that it was directing people to put their trash cans in a special spot

#7 London Double Decker Bus

 we learned so many interesting things and saw so many wonderful sights during our travels…

8.  A tower

#8 Cardiff Castle Wales

or more at the very colorful Cardiff Castle in Wales

#8 13th Century Tower Keep

the first tower photo was taken from this medieval castle keep

Parts 2 and 3 will be coming soon to complete my scavenger list…

you can visit Rinda here and see the complete list on her sidebar…

everyone is most welcome to play along… 

41 responses to “Rinda’s 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: Part 1

  1. What a fun idea for a traveling game (or just an out-and-about game, which we often are). Your husband’s moon picture is amazing. And I love signs in other countries that always seem to have some different meaning through my foreign lense (I have a ton from my trip to Germany and France).


  2. A great collection.


  3. Oh my, such lush, gorgeous photos – thanks for taking time to put this together – absolutely breathtaking!!!


  4. wowee! i’d be hard pressed to find that many things with my shutter but you have done it! so many amazing places you’ve been…i love the market and of course, the knobs & knockers…what a great name for a store…ggg


  5. Hello ma chère Patty,
    quel beau voyage et que de beaux souvenirs, merci de nous en faire profiter.


  6. Ok…those are some hard scavenger hunt items!! WOW! You did an awesome job though. Nice that you had so many wonderful places to draw from in recent time. 😉


  7. Enjoyed your pictures, Patty. And I LOVE “Knobs & Knockers”!


  8. Wow, you ended up with some top notch photos to fill in your spaces in the hunt!


  9. wow – amazing images Patty… what a fab trip must that have been! fantastic!


  10. I loved this post…such fun!
    Great photos…..and I thought I recognised that big grey building, lol 😀 (only last week I told my Canadian cousin to meet me at the lions….he said ‘which one?’ As if it matters! 😉


  11. How I enjoyed my visit – so many amazing sights to see and my absolute favourites,
    Mr Fox and the glorious moon (that could be the title for a children’s book!)
    Appreciate you sharing.


  12. What fun!!! And I always love your photos anyway….. this way I get to see them again!


  13. Sounds like so much fun!!! Love the beautiful photos!!! Thanks for sharing. ~Sophia


  14. Oh Patty, what a beautiful collection of gorgeous photoes, from both your vacation and from at home !! l`ll love to see those amazing houses and castles in England …such a fun and great hunt for you two fantastic photographers !!
    Hope all is well and that you enjoy the last dayes of august !!
    Hugs from Dorthe- and many xxxxxxx


  15. Wow, these are wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them.


  16. Hello Patty, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. It has given me the chance to repay the visit and so glad I did! Your photos are lovely and how lucky of you to have such an extensive trip to UK & Ireland. Your sunset and moon are wonderful, in fact it is hard to pick because so many come to mind. Looking forward to popping back and seeing the rest. Off now to have a browse at your other posts 🙂


  17. always fun to see the world through your eyes dear Patty! and I am looking forward to seeing those sunsets for myself! xoxo


  18. Oh, the places you’ll go! Love your photos of course sweet Patty!


  19. Very impressive use of your vacation to the British Isles to help complete this year’s scavenger hunt. It may have even been as much fun sifting and sorting through those photos to get the perfect one(s) to show. I’m sure there must have been a few that you could have used in some instances.

    I adored the fox photo. That one spoke to me. Of course, I also liked the knobs and knockers. I know the next two installments will be equally exciting and fun to peruse.


  20. OH MY GOODNESS, this is brilliant, what a fabulous idea, all the photos are fabulous, looooove the sunset and the moon, what a fantastic place to live, thank you so much for your first part of the treasure hunt, I will look forward to the rest. have a wonderful day, it’s been a pleasure visiting you this morning sipping my tea and see the most amazing sites a glorious visit, do thanks My magpie for his contribution, (((((( BIG HUGS )))))) to you both..


  21. Gasp! I just love these scavenger hunts. And you rocked it! Gee, even if it hadn’t been the hunt challenge, I’d still be in awe of your great pix!


  22. oh my what FANTASTIC photos Patty!!! I love visiting such beautiful places with you via the photos. And that sweet fox-oh so adorable…


  23. Dera Patty,
    thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos of wonderful trips around the world. Great also the fox, sunset and moon photos!
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend,
    xox Anja


  24. This must have been so much fun! I’ve never heard of this type of scavenger hunt – looking forward to the next installments!


  25. Oh, wow! That sunset is just wonderful. My favourite amongst a great selection. Really looking forward to the next instalment. Thanks for stopping by today x


  26. What fabulous photos, and from so many interesting places! It’s been lots of fun to peek at your pics!


  27. Wonderful photos and such fun that you took some on your vacation to the UK!


  28. Your photos are beautiful – I love the sunset and the moon particularly. It was great to see Nottingham city hall – daughter 1 lives very close!!
    Well done for some fantastic shots.
    Margaret (glitterandglue)


  29. What a wonderful set of photos. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them (and hope you get as lucky as you did with the fox – what an amazing shot)!


  30. Your sunset and sleeping fox are truly amazing. Looking forward tot he next 3 instalments.


  31. Fabulous photos, glad you enjoyed your visit to the UK, How cute is that fox just taking a nap and that sunset is stunning 🙂


  32. love the sleeping fox! And the rubbish store…


  33. Fantastic! YOur photography is always so stunning, and it’s thrilling to see it applied to the Scavenger Hunt list!


  34. Outstanding photos Patty!
    Your fox and Jim’s moon are my favorites!!!!!!
    Love your ones from Ireland too – my father was born in Ireland so I must get there one day!
    I’ll look out for Rinda’s scavenger hunt next year – I think I’m too late now!
    Ease into your new week and have fun!
    Shane xox


  35. Love the fruit and flowers shot so colourful – BJ


  36. You have a great selection of photo’s, very quirky. Full of colour and great compositions.


  37. great selection of pix!


  38. That is a gorgeous moon shot! We have foxes in our garden too. Glad you enjoyed your time in the UK. I enjoyed my time in VA and have just a friend move there too.


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