John Mayer at Jiffy Lube Live 31 August 2013…

we ended our August with the treat of concert tickets which we had purchased at the end of March this year…

Jiffy Lube Live Anticipation

it was a wonderful and memorable summer night with John Mayer for his BORN & RAISED tour in nearby Bristow,Virginia…

Phillip Phillips Bristow VA

first Phillip Phillips, the 2012 American Idol winner, got everyone on their feet…

Phillip Phillips Patty Szymkowicz

he is a talented musician with quite a back story…

Jiffy Lube Live 2013

THEN who we had been waiting for since 2010…

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (7) John Mayer back after making a fabulous recovery from health issues and better than ever…

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (3)

this makes the fourth time we have seen him in concert

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (1)

 which is quite a lot for us since we don’t go to that many concerts in general…

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (11) A

you can tell he really enjoys practicing his craft with the skill and passion he brings to each performance…

John Mayer with one of his many cool guitars

we really did not want the evening to end…

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (12)

Set list:

Queen of California
Something Like Olivia
Half of My Heart
Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad
Love is a Verb
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
On the Way Home
***Covered in Rain***
Your Body is a Wonderland–>Neon–>Your Body is a Wonderland
I Don’t Trust Myself
Waiting on the World to Change
Waiting on the Day
Who Says
Call Me the Breeze
Age of Worry
If I Ever Get Around to Living

***Covered in Rain*** was the song John Mayer played for a guy in the front row who said this was the 52nd time he’d been to see JM in concert…

JM could hardly get over that and told him to pick a song any song and he would play it for him…

John Mayer Born and Raised Tour Bristow VA (6)

a special night to remember in so many ways…

23 responses to “John Mayer at Jiffy Lube Live 31 August 2013…

  1. Love his voice. Nice that he recognized a devoted fan that way. 🙂


  2. Sounds like someone has a little crush 😉
    I’m glad it was such and enjoyable evening. Those are the memories.


  3. Thanks for this blog! It is the only write-up about that fantastic night (I was there!) and a great one! Awesome pictures 🙂 I am crazy about Phillip Phillips and amazed by John Mayer’s talent too. He was in such a good mood that night, it was contagious. A special night indeed…


  4. It sounds like the night was quite magical for you two Magpies, as well as the rest of the audience. Incredible photos, too.


  5. Wow! lucky you! Now that’s my kinda concert. I love Phillip Phillips. And I don’t care what the critics say about JM and his personal life, he has got mad crazy talent. Love his voice! And all of his songs. Have a great week, Tammy


  6. Thank you all
    and YES Dawn I may have a wee crush on John Mayer who reminds us of our eldest son, Ian, at one point in his life (tall and handsome with curly hair)…
    Tammy ~ can’t help but think that most anyone’s private lives plastered in the headlines might have some less than stellar moments revealed as we all have done something some time or another we might look back on and wish we hadn’t …
    so I try not to judge …
    the press CAN certainly be cruel and harsh at times reporting things in less than accurate fashion …
    all I can say is if you like rock and roll and expert guitar playing and lyrics with meaning … John Mayer is your guy … he always delivers and gives it his all!
    We enjoyed Phillip Phillips VERY very much too!
    I’ll stop now 😉


  7. Dear Patty, I have to admit, that I don`t know your John Mayer …but I clicked all your links, and have to say that this is the kind of music I love, too.
    Alwayes was taken with the kind of tunes he playes, and his voice is wonderful. I love the songs telling just tiny bits of whats count for the musician and even this is not “old fashioned ” folkrock , it comes (in my ears) close to that , and the music I have alwayes loved!!
    I don`t know the stories about him or all you refers to in his prior life,-but he looks like a great guy ,musician and storyteller- that is good enough for me!! Thank you Patty I may Google this guy 🙂 and yes he is very handsome 😉
    Love, Dorthe


  8. What a wonderful evening for a concert. I love him too, have his one song on my playlist and always loved watching him sing too. He looks dang good in BLUE too!! These are great pictures!! How nice that he played a song for that man, 52 times is a lot !!!
    Thanks for sharing these with us!
    Happy Monday too you, see you tomorrow for tea I hope!

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog last week, missed you so it was so nice when I saw them.. Thanks so much.


  9. Your enthusiasm is radiating and why not, there sure is nothing quite as special as live music especially from a favourite artist.
    Over here I’d say he is probably more well known for who he dated in the past which as you say, it is a pity when headlines take any focus away from talent.
    So glad you and Mr Magpie had such an amazing evening.


  10. i can imagine what a great time it must have been! a great way to close out the summer..xo


  11. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I’m so jealous! What a fabulous time and such great photos – yay for you!! xoxo


  12. oh how wonderful patty 🙂 great photos too….


  13. What a fantastic way to end your August!!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! ~Sophia


  14. A wonderful end to the summer! You can’t beat a bit of live music out in the open air! xxx


  15. Well sadly I haven’t hear any of his song, I wanted to hear what had gotten our sweet Mrs Magpie all excited , so I went to you tube and listened to a few of his tunes, he has a wonderful voice and he is sooooo cute, the concert looks exciting and with Phillip Phillips, that was exciting, thanks for sharing your special time with us and introducing me to a great artist..


  16. Glad you had a great time! I know you love him! I love, love, love Phillip Phillips!!!!!!!


  17. Oh…. I forgot to say that YES…. the media is horrible!


  18. I’ll have to check him out again, I think you’ve posted a link before but I’ve forgotten. Seeing a group live is pretty fun and it’s been YEARS for me!


  19. what a very special concert indeed! I can certainly understand the “crush” thing :):) . I too love someone who can write such meaningful songs and really play an acoustic guitar as well. I’m sure this concert will bring you sweet memories for a very long time.


  20. Lucky you to be at that concert, I love both singers…. thanks for sharing your photos… Shirleyx


  21. I do know him by name but not his music, so I will def be looking him up. How wonderful for you to end the summer with something so fun. Great to hear you had such a wonderful time.
    Bigz Hugz Tonniece


  22. What a wonderful concert! I love John’s music and hope to hear him in person, one day. Your pictures are fabulous, sweet Patty, and I can “feel” your enjoyment of the evening!


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