Paper Bag T …

it is always fun when I go looking for one thing and find other surprises along the way…

Just Because Gift Bag

these small paper bags were pieces I had started awhile ago…

Paper Bag gift bags

recycled paper bags, bits of fabric, lace, thread, paper, mica, tea cup image from The Graphics Fairy

all they needed were a few finishing touches along with sewing down the sides and adding handles for hanging so they would be ready to tuck in a card or surprise…

Oaten Biscuit Tea

sitting out on our back porch enjoying a cup of tea with some yummy (not too sweet) Oaten biscuits we brought home from Scotland

Fairy Garden Mother Mary

here’s wishing you a Happy T on Tuesday with lots of little things to delight you again and again…

just noticed this is my 1,700th blog post = oh my!

32 responses to “Paper Bag T …

  1. Oh my gracious, those bags are gorgeous, I have made a few but nothing like these, love the little bit of lace, fabric, it makes them so precious,thanks for sharing your wonderful mix media projects, you inspire me greatly, thanks my dear hope you have a wonderful day too…

  2. Love your little bags, they are so pretty… will have to give them a go! Aaaah Scottish oat biscuits… not my favourites but they remind me of home!

  3. there’s a lot for me to love in this post 🙂 this is a wonderful idea for dressing up a little bag. i love your mug with the face of the sun on it, and those cookies look like they’d be perfect with tea.

    and that little shrine! i’m tempted to go out and try to recreate that 🙂

  4. Happy Tuesday!! Those are the cutest bags, I love them, how darling and perfect to give for a special gift. Enjoy sitting out in your beautiful garden and having a snack. So glad you joined us this week, have a great day!

  5. wonderful bags Patty! AMAZING!

  6. Your little bags are so, so cute. I want to give some tea to a friend and was thinking I would crochet a little envelope or something to put them in. Everything gifted is so much nicer with a handmade touch to it. Wishing you a happy T day. Tammy

  7. Happy T stands for Tuesday to you. Georgous bags, you are so clever.

  8. These paper bags are adorable. I especially like the tea cup image. You are truly the Queen of Collage. I simply adore these little bags that I know will find their way to someone’s home.

    Have a wonderful T today, dear friend.

  9. Your paper bags are beautiful.
    Happy T-Day

  10. I love how you collage all those lovely ingredients together, to make those sweet little bags….
    and your 1,700th blog post…WOW!!…that’s a lot of blogging!!
    Jan x

  11. Are Oaten like McVities Digestive Biscuits? Was surprised to find them at WalMart…used to have to search for them.

  12. Love the bags! Yes, it’s good to find stuff we need to finish…that only takes a few minutes for perfection. hee hee! A good feeling for sure. I need to go dig! Happy T Tuesday….. you always do a good T Tuesday! Have a great week!

  13. I like the idea of these little bags – what do you put in them? Oh you tease. When we got home from Scotland we brought with us several tins of Oat Cakes which I dearly adored — I never saw those Oaten Biscuits.

  14. Beautiful collages Patty! xxx

  15. I like your mug very very much ! I have that image on a rubber stamp . . . and a few other places too.
    Love your little bags.

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  17. The little bags are really fun! Love your last photo with the very wise words.
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. 1.700 That`s a huge amount of posts, and all of them beautiful, and interesting!!! So fantastic my dearest Patty,- and thankyou for sending us those bits from your life , I so love visiting!!
    Your paperbags are the sweetest things, so lovely to display -you have such wonderful idea, friend of mine !
    Hugs and a happy third of September..

  19. Love how you used the paper bags with the fabric. They’re beautiful!!! The biscuits look delicious too 🙂 ~Sophia

  20. Very cute — and what a great idea for a fun little surprise! I love ’em!

  21. your gift bags are adorable Patty!

  22. What a fun thing to do with paper bags! I am sure the recipients will treasure them as much as the gift tucked inside. I have had oat biscuits, although not those exact ones–I love them!

  23. Wow those bags do not look like paper any more! Your mug is nice and happy, very posh biscuits, made by HRH Prince Charles (probably not personally).

    Cazzy x

  24. Beautiful little bags and the biscuits certainly are very tasty.

  25. Hmmm – not sure if my first comment went through? Forgive me if this is a second go-round. As I was saying – those biscuits look absolutely delish! I’ve always much preferred a nice plain oat cookie over the sweet versions. Now I’m hungry!!

  26. What a tranquil setting, Patty! And congratulations on such a long-running blog. Your little bags are so pretty.

  27. such sweet little bags patty…hope you enjoyed the biccies , they looked yummy 🙂

  28. Do you know I love bags, of any material, of any nature and how I just love those. Patty I cannot restrain myself, I need to say to you, those should be submitted, Sew Somerset would surely adore those as much as I do.
    P.S. Enjoy the biscuits!

  29. wow-1700 posts-that is SOME accomplishment Patty! I am so glad I entered the blogging community and have been able to visit each and every one of your beautiful posts since.
    I adore your sweet little bags-what a gift they are themselves.
    Love your beautiful garden photo too-so peaceful.

  30. Your little bags are just wonderful. Of course, I’m wishing I could pick one up and see how exactly you put it together. Do you sew all the collage pieces together first, then glue them to the bag? Just wondering because they look like they are sewn to the bag. However you do it, they make a lovely gifting presentation. Congratulations on your 1700th blog – what an accomplishment! I’m sorry I missed the beginning but so glad to have found you when I did.

  31. Oh. I love your paper bags. They are so darling.
    1,700 posts, WOW Patty that’s amazing. boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. lol
    Hugz Tonniece

  32. Pretty bags! Love your setting for enjoying cookies and tea. 😉
    Happy Belated T-Tuesday.

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