Returning …

Art Journal Journey’s theme for September is “Less is More”  which I found to be a very good creative stretch…

Tea dyed journal pgs and fabrics

I began by tea dying the pages of one of my hand sewn #140 lb hot press watercolor paper journals along with some pieces of fabric and lace (didn’t want to waste a drop)…

Less is More challenge

the beautiful image from an old Italian master’s painting is one I am drawn to again and again…

Less is More challenge (1)

the pink lotus is a photograph we took on one of our many Lotus garden visits this year…

Less is More challenge (2)

usually I create a spread of two pages (the snippet of graph paper on the lower left is from an EKG heart test I had done some years ago)…

Less is More challenge (3)

this time I started with just one page with more to come soon…

here is a funny aside: I was working on this post in the wee hours and twice wrote MORE IS LESS until I noticed my mistake 😉 … this really was a challenge for me on many levels *ggg*

42 responses to “Returning …

  1. Lovely page and your mistake gave me a giggle 🙂

  2. I so wish you had called me and we could have tea dyed side by side! Although at the moment I am also staining papers with walnut crystals. Patty you will never guess what happened, I tipped over a full jar of dissolved walnut ink crystals, oh the mess!
    There is a beautiful serenity I find in that image and set againt the stained papers does bring mind Itialian frescos (oh no I cannot view my comment!) –

  3. Beautiful page Patty, I find less is more a hard thing to do too but I think you got it just right:)

  4. Oh it is gorgeous dear Patty…. the tea dye is the perfect backdrop for your beautiful image.. you made me giggle too… aren’t challenges wonderful… they stretch us in all directions….

    Happy week…
    Jenny ♥

  5. As soon as I saw your page I thought that image was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I can see why it’s a favorite of yours. Less is more is not easy for me either but I’m learning and trying to restrain myself a bit and even switch color palettes for some projects. You did a really lovely job with your page!

  6. Love your collaged art Patty, you always use such wonderful snippets of images, papers etc…and so beautifully put together! 🙂

  7. It’s beautiful, Patty. The tea pages look great. And I DO love that image, also. The lotus has a very painterly quality that looks just lovely with her graceful face.

  8. She’s beautiful! Going full force with the “less is more” theme you could leave the second page like that- give her room to stretch.

  9. Ha! Ha! Patty, sometimes more IS less!!! I like your single journal page very much. The tea stain is beautiful as are the other elements. I especially like your heart rhythm. Looks good to me.

  10. Your little mistake made me giggle .. I make such mistakes s often -lol!
    what a fab image.. what an exclusive beautiful page… this tea dying makes such a good bed for this beautiful face and the lotus… amazing!
    Thank you dear Patty for this stunning entry for AJJ this time again!

  11. Gorgeous page ! Love it. I think it’s funny that you wrote ‘more is less’ but it means the same right? Thanks for your visit to my blog 🙂 Shirleyx

  12. Great stuff…… I love that image as well!!! She’s beautiful! Less is more…. too funny about writing it twice….. three would have been too much. hahaha

  13. Your tea dyed pages are looking gorgeous,- and so the other elements you coloured with your strong tea!! Love you tried so different things !!
    And that page, OHHH Patty, such a beautiful collage ,dear – the mix of colours looks fantastic, and the image so adorable-a fun idea to use the graph paper from your EKG !! You made the girl the most lovely home.
    Funny with the :More is less,-I did that once,too lol–
    Beautiful and inspirering post dearest friend!!

  14. Love how you incorporated your own photography in the page!

  15. We were using tea bags to paint with at the weekend! So fun, Fin was also throwing them at her page to get nice splatters! Lol!
    Your page is beautiful Patty, I can see why you are drawn to that lovely image.
    Alison xxx

  16. That’s a wonderful page with great details.

  17. Such a gorgeous page…well done….so clever to use a bit of an EKG strip! Leave it to you to think, “I’ll save this for a collage one day” and then be able to find it!!

  18. Beautiful images – both of the pretty face and the lotus flower. They go together – more or less (sorry, but I just HAD to say that!!)

  19. very nice ms patty!, xox

  20. Beautiful!
    I never thought to dye journal pages directly with tea bags! Awesome! 🙂

  21. hahaa good one Mary Anne

    oxo ~*~ Patty

  22. such an artistic creation! Patty
    Page looks great with tea dye. You have placed the images beautifully on the page.:)

  23. Love, love, love the texture you created with the tea!

  24. The tea dyed background looks great and the collage is simply beautiful.
    Maybe more is less is a good theme for another challenge :-). Thanks for the smile on my face. Hugs Birgit

  25. Oh I have mossed you & your blog lots I have a lot of catching up to do I will be back soon. Amazing work hun Dxx

  26. This is just stunning – every detail. I can see why you are drawn to that image over and over again…she is gorgeous. Beautiful art! Happy September!

  27. I love the peacefulness of your page, with the muted colors and nature like imagery. Blessings!

  28. I love the tea dye Patty – you’ve gotten a perfect golden honey color – lovely lovely job!

  29. love the page – the way it’s put together and the lotus flower! I don’t get such a rich color when I use tea, wonder what kind you use? xoxo

  30. I love your tea-dyed background, Patty! The image together with the lotus flower and the lace just look gorgeous.

  31. what a beautiful page.My son is forever ageing pirate maps he makes with teabags

  32. Hello Patty, what a brilliant idea, oh I’ve have to try this, tha face is gorgeous, I can see why it’s your favorite, tha lotus is gorgeous, I loved the pics you showed of the garden and look perfect with that beautiful face, I love the background page and her fabulous butterfly crown, thanks for sharing your process and your beautiful art work..

  33. Less may be the theme, but your page says MORE to me. Like the background, where I see several different snippets of paper, including that shorthand paper. Granted, the beautiful butterfly, lovely lady, and lotus all accomplish the look you were going for, the very background sitting on that tea stained paper, says a lot more than I could, even though I am a bit wordy (grin). Can you tell I love this?

  34. Funny! More is less. That’s what happens when you stay up past your bedtime. 😉
    Beautiful page…looking forward to the other side.

  35. There is something very satisfying about your picture, it is very well balanced in more ways than one.

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  37. So amazing page! I like this well-balanced composition.

  38. I admire your page, dear Patty, I really do. I LOVE the colours and the focussing you did. Such a composition full of harmony and vibrance! You are right! The image of the medieval lady is extraordinary and you used it well!

  39. Wow, that is gorgeous, you made all those pieces come together like they were meant to be there. Beautiful.
    xx Monique

  40. So beautiful, dear Patty. I’m so impressed with the care, time, and attention to detail that you put into all your work. This image is enchanting and I can see why you wanted to use her. Lovely!

  41. Wowwww, das ist einfach wunderbar.

    LG Carola

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