tell me a story …

Journal Journey’s September challenge #23 is “Childhood

I am still playing in my handmade tea stained journal with the Less is More  Art Journal Journey (AJJ) theme in my head…

a sweet memory from my childhood is my Mutti (mother) reading me bedtime stories each night…

I was raised on fairy tales…

Tell me a story

my friend Nathalie sent me a wonderful piece of vintage swan wallpaper some time ago and I have been saving it for just the right moment…

Tell me a story (1)

wish you could feel the silky soft scraps of velvet I added to my collage along with a few plastered pieces that I used as a frame…

Tell me a story (2)

I am already working on the other side of this spread…

35 responses to “tell me a story …

  1. these are wonderful images! I dedicated much of my art MA to fairy tales 🙂

  2. oh my ! this looks so wonderful ..the vintage image goes so well with the tea dyed paper! and it´s a little dream for me especially as “The Ugly Duckling” by [Hans Christian Andersen] was my favourite mother had to read me this as bedtimestory again and again and again.. and if she lost only one single sentence .. I was very angry about and corrected her.
    thank you dear Patty .. this is amazing to our and Dawn’s challenge! I am also on to create a childhood page at the moment—lol!

    xxx Susi
    a great weekend to you and Mr. Magpie!

  3. Oh boy the second one to comment, that’s wonderful 🙂 Oh boy I’d like to touch it too, vintage swan wallpaper, that’s awesome and perrrrrfect fpr this page, what a lovely frame you made for that sweet image, I never got read any story, my parents had to many kids and not enough time, it must be wonderful to have those memories, thanks for sharing them with us in your beautiful art work, hope you and the Mr have a wonderful day…

  4. oh the swan wallpaper is just perfect for you….its going to be wonderful spread….

  5. The image on the wallpaper is stunning. A beautiful vintage image framed elegantly. I can’t say I have ever read this fairytale but now I want to. Just lovely, Patty.

  6. Just pressed ‘not spam’ and I think its fixed. Lovely image.

  7. That swan ar is simply gorgeous. What a perfect image for you, and beautifully crafted. Lovely.

  8. Isn’t it amazing what wallpaper used to look like? Such detail and color. Nothing like it today can rival. And of course, the swan had your name all over it.

    It’s odd that I don’t ever remember hearing fairy tales when I was a child. When I first saw shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time last season, I was intrigued because many of the tales I’d never heard of.

    Have a super weekend, dear friend.

  9. The aged colors are gorgeous!! Makes me think of an old Italian village..not that I’ve ever been to one but I’ve see photos. 😀

  10. Wonderful artwork and so many things to admire on the journal pages.
    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. I like the way you have framed this lovely image and I like that you found a good use for it after saving it. Looking forward to seeing the other side too.

  12. Did you know that if want your children to be intelligent you should read them fairy tales? and if you want them to be more intelligent then read them more fairy tales:)

  13. What a lovely image! The look passing between the child and swan is quite touching. I loved fairy tales as a child, too, but I read them to myself. How wonderful to have the memories of your mother reading to you.

  14. Just starting to catch up with my blog friends after my month’s hiatus. What a perfect sight to see ~ your gorgeous layout!! So scrumptious, dear Patty! I’ve saved your other posts and will be visiting this weekend! xoxo

  15. how beautiful! I love the softness of your chosen fabrics and your tea stained background has the look of a beautiful wall in Tuscany.

  16. Adorable and beautiful, ,that`s the words for your amazing page dear Patty, so lovely with the wallpaper piece, the sweetest drawing!! and your frame of soft and wonderful old velvet on the teasteined papers ,and the plastered pieces makes it stand forward beautifully….
    Telling about your mutti telling stories for you, I remember my father alwayes doing that, when a little girl! Thank you sweetie for happy memories !!
    Hugs and a lovely friday to you,- mine is soon going into night!!
    Dorthe xo

  17. What a beautiful image.

  18. Wonderful page Patty! I still love a good fairy story!
    Have a great weekend!
    Alison xxx

  19. This is so beautiful Patty! And filled with wonderful memories for you! xxoo

  20. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we actually COULD feel things (and smell things that are good to) on the internet? Who knows, perhaps one day we will be able to! In the meantime I will use my imagination and envision your velvet.

  21. Wonderful art work – one does not need a lot of words to praise some thing this beautiful!

  22. This is sooooooo pretty. What great wallpaper, too! Can you imagine having a big old piece of that!!!!

  23. it’s wonderful! i Love what you wrote… “i was raised on fairy tales.”

  24. oh patty….just beautiful

  25. Lovely and charming!

  26. patty and the swan – a love story!! wonderful 🙂

  27. The fragment of velvet (wings?) against the background is a thing of beauty.
    There is a beautiful sense of nostalgia without your page being twee, such skill.

  28. What a lovley picture!! I lowe the girl with the swan. And everything else. And I hope my kids will have pictures like this in their head when they are grown up – reading books before sleeping is a thing we did for many years – although the kids were able to read for themselfes. That was kind of our time. I would right more about your page I love, but I can’t find the right words in English…

  29. I love this image and sentiment. So sweet…. It’s nice that you have such wonderful memories of your Mutti. All the best! ~Sophia

  30. I have been here again – just to see this wonderful page again….

  31. This is so lovely.

  32. Beautiful! We had Grimm’s Fairy Tales and they could be just that–grim! And a bit scary, too! 😉

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  34. This post resonates with me Patty and is how I remember childhood too!
    My father read fairy tales to me each night just like your Mutti – I will never forget them.
    I adore the vintage swan wallpaper from Nathalie – what a find – it always had your name on it dear Patty!
    I’m inspired – this is such a special journal.
    hugs for a happy weekend my dear friend.
    much love
    Shane xox

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