tell me a story … part two

last week I shared my swan wallpaper piece on the left for two September art journaling challenges (AJJ “Less is More and JJ’s “Childhood)…

Tell me a story (2)

I have been busy putting finishing touches on the right hand side of my journal…

tell me a story tags

using a piece of plastered eyelet cotton to create a pocket…

Needle Thread Cloth August Prize

that pretty flower at the bottom of my pocket was part of a goodie package that I received when I won the Needle Thread Cloth August Giveaway

you can see their exciting September challenge here

tell me a story tags (1)

I also used a piece of the really special hand dyed text fabric (thank you sweet Jan!) on one of my tags along with some of the yummy linen embroidery floss for a couple of French knots and to tie on a metal wing charm  (the photograph is of my parents and little me from way back when in Germany)

tell me a story tags (2)

the pocket worked nicely to hold my tea stained tags that I stitched and glued bits of plaster lace, torn fabric, tea bag, book text and more along with images of two sweet little girls from the lovely wallpaper piece from Nathalie

tell me a story tags (3)

I also happened to come across a tiny book (1.75 x 2.5 inches) I had stitched and decorated to use as an itty bitty journal some time ago (thank you also to my sweet friend Eileen for sharing the bumpy yarn that made the perfect finish for my Play tag)… 

Tiny Journal Kindergarten Patty

the photo is of me when I was about 5 years old

everyone is welcome to join in the “Childhood” challenge theme over at Journal Journey’s…

31 responses to “tell me a story … part two

  1. Oh; so beautiful Patty! All of your details are amazing. I adore the eyelet lace pocket with your gorgeous tags! I want to reach out and touch this! xxoo

  2. love that priceless photo of you!! xox

  3. love the background – tea stained? and of course I am thrilled to see the plastered eyelet! the icing on the cake for me is that photo of you and the wonderful use of the aqua blue – my happy color!!!

  4. all of your tags are little treasures, i totally love how you treated them! and of course your personal photos are the icing on the cake!

  5. Patty you continually inspire me with so many creative and beautiful things. Love your beautifully finished page with the tags! How nice that you won those wonderful goodies from the August giveaway. No surprise that you immediately started to put some things to good use 🙂

  6. So beautiful. Your parents look so proud of you which I’m sure remained throughout their lifetime.

  7. Sooo much to love about this page! I really love the tags! I seem to have a thing for tags right now! Don’t know why!!! But those are wonderful. Love your little book you discovered…. I’ve been finding some things I have previously made or received…. and trying to use them in my art! The photo of you and your parents is soooo precious! It’s all scrumptious!

  8. love love LOVE!! beautiful, thoughtful, heart warming pages in such a lovely palette! i think i may have to play along today! xo

  9. Oh Patty, this is adorable! I love it!

  10. I especially love the pocket and the tag you put inside. As always it is simply beautiful. I, too, am tag crazy — this is really precious. I love it a lot.

  11. So very pretty and feminine with a nostalgic feel to it. Beautiful. 🙂

  12. This second page is Gorgeous Patty!!! It goes so beautifully with the first. Love the little book with the photo of you. Too cute 🙂 ~Sophia

  13. fantstic is this Patty.. it gets a real treasure more and more… absolut genius…. and I love the little booklet with your photo… makes is so personal…
    the second page goes wonderful with the first one…
    I am curious about your parents now .. that they were in Germany with you–
    are you born there Patty? I lived near Munich for over 7 years as young girl.. I am a bavarian girl too–lol. My father had a job there for many years, and I returned to Vienna formally as I was 18 years old.
    xxx Susi

  14. What gorgeous visuals!! I must say, my favorite part is the last page ~ innocence, childhood, joy!! xoxo

  15. I love the pocket idea! The tags are very fun. The photo of you and your folks is precious. I always love that photo of you at 5…little stinker you. 🙂

  16. Dear Patty ,such a wonderful amount of sweet tags, in your plastered pocket. I love your blue flower and leafe you have stiched unto, and the sweetest tag with the girl and snowflakes…and oh the photo of your parents and tiny you! When did your parents move away from Germany ? They look so beautiful people both!! Is the tiny book the one with “naughty” you in the front?? :-))
    Hope your day is lovely my dear friend, and send you hugs and love.

  17. Gorgeous!! love all the elements

  18. A glorious combination of textures and such special photographs. The photograph of you with your parents is so touching and the one of yourself, it shows you surely were a child bursting with personality.
    The left side was special but the right side is incredible!

  19. Oh Sweet Patty your journal is spectacular. Mom & Dad are so cute and 5 yr. old Patty is adorable.

  20. That’s really lovely Patty. Clever use of the zip.

  21. Stunning how you manage to put so many disparate items together and make them work so well. You have such a great eye for putting things like that together. Love that silly photo of you, too.

  22. Oh that wonderful old photo of the three of you Patty.
    Amazing how young our parents were then!!!
    A wonderful page which compliments the swan page perfectly.
    You’re an amazing artist dear Patty – inspiring!
    Shane xox

  23. Oh Patty!! Can I just say I want this piece?! It’s so lovely and rich in detail and you use such a variety of wonderful fabrics, fibers, photos to put together a gorgeous journal! You were such a cutie pie!:)

  24. This is an adorable journal page and so clever made with the tags in the pocket. I have had the same haircut when I was 4 or 5 years old. There must be some photos anywhere.

  25. Just beautiful Patty! The aqua against the tea stain is a beautiful palette and the tag with you with your parents is just precious.

  26. I do like this very much, your lace pocket with the marvellous tags, the yellow rose and the whole concept. It’s magical.

  27. Your pocketful of tags is like a pocketful of treasures, b/c there are so many beautiful details.

  28. I have been ‘mia’ for a long time, and it is good to be back and find my favorite blogger and soulsister still creating her loveliness… very inspiring Patty! Hope you are well. Big hug from Holland!

  29. Nathalie Thompson

    Beautifully done- and it amazes me (well not really) that you remember and aknowledge everyone who has ever sent you a scrap,a remnant, a strand, a piece, a tendril, a bit, of something that makes its way into your art. Your pieces are so EMoTIONAL for that reason are such a reflection of YOU. heehee. You hoard friend and memories, did you know that? And we (they) are all immortalized in your art. That’s why I love you, Patty!

  30. Oh!!! I love those darling little tags Patty! Beautiful artwork!
    Alison xxx

  31. Gorgeous! Love the little tag pockets – altogether a fantastic pair of pages! Chris

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