Mandala Monday: Ocracoke Island

after our quick trip to California last week we are happy that we could still go away for the beach getaway we scheduled awhile ago…Dunes Hwy 12

the Outer Banks of North Carolina have been a favorite spot for our family for many many years now…view from ferry

we have the nicest memories of tent camping in the park sand dunes…some years renting a house…even borrowing a co workers snazzy RV when our youngest son was just six weeks old…view from Down Creek Harbor View Rental

this time we made reservations on Ocracoke Island which is a short ferry ride from Hatteras Village…Ocracoke Ferry

we are enjoying the peace and quiet of the less than busy summer season here…Star fish mandala (3)

 a lovely heron glass topped table inspired me to create a mandala…Star fish mandala (4)

using some cutlery and pieces from a couple of games along with some artificial leaves we found…Star fish mandala (1)

along with a lovely starfish from our rental home with beautiful water views from all  of the windows…Silver Lake view from house

joining in Dawn’s Mandala Monday and sending you every good and special wish

22 responses to “Mandala Monday: Ocracoke Island

  1. Thanks for bringing another smile to my face dear Patty!! hugs Jill xo

  2. you make the coolest mandalas out of anything! seems it was a wonderful trip!

  3. Great use of your limited supplies Patty! That table is wonderful too, & good to know you’re having a nice break.
    Alison xxx

  4. Oh so clever! What a wonderful location for a brief getaway! Relax and enjoy!

  5. Oh looks like the perfect place to relax. Nice job with the mandala. 🙂

  6. i’ve stayed on ocracoke and loved it! your pictures bring back fun memories. thx!

  7. Oh Patty, I had to laugh dearest,- (thank you for that) you are just wonderful, using those very strange and unusual pieces to create a wonderful Mandala.. And such beautiful a place you are ,—soaking in the quiet and piece, you can surely use now!!
    Fantastic with all the sand and great harbours !!
    Hugs and warm thoughts, Dorthe

  8. That’s a clever one Patty. Great table, and it looks like a lovely place for your week away. Enjoy!

  9. Dear Patty
    You are so clever!
    I love the way you make such wonderful use of the cutlery.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. You sure vacation in some beautiful places!

  11. I just had fun catching up ,,,,such wonderful journeys….I just went along with you. Hope you are well………….

  12. Beautiful photos; glad you got to the beach! Very creative Mandala! xxoo

  13. Which just goes to show you can create a mandala, regardless of the circumstances. Creative and unique, this one really speaks to me. I like how the table legs became part of the mandala, too. Awesome

  14. WOW!! This is sooo COOL!! I love the different look of it, awesome place to have it by the window too. STUNNING PATTY,STUNNING!! I like those cute die you used and I was thinking of using silverware soon too. Think once the summer is gone we will need to be creative won’t we.
    So glad your enjoying a vacation, my sister has been there a few times and always loves it. Have fun and soak up the warm sun while you can. Thanks so much for sharing with us this week!

  15. You’re the bomb Patty – where ever you go you create – even just playing with the table decoration!
    Wishing you all a wonderful break – it looks such a lovely spot Patty – it will give you memories to hang on to in those cold winter days to come. I’m sure you’ll be collecting some of nature’s bits from the shoreline to inspire you once you’re home!
    Much lovve and hugs
    Shane x

  16. What a lovely place. I’m so glad that you managed to get there. Great idea for the mandala.

  17. Way to use what you have around, Patty!! my favorite bit are the dice on the spoons (they remind me of sugar cubes). What a great get away! the perfect seaside town. Amazing!
    Happy Mandala Monday on a Tuesday

  18. Patty…Always creative.

  19. Only you my sweet magpie could make a beautiful mandala from 6 leaves and some bits and bobs it’s brilliant, your photo’s are amazing, what a dreamy place that is, I’d love it on a stormy day :O), thanks for sharing…

  20. what a wonderful and very cool mandala Patty!! Your creativity just blows me away. I’d love to get to the outer banks one day.We hear so much about it and it looks like you have chosen a perfect place for taking in it’s beauty.

  21. What a beautiful place this must be – and such a great mandala! Love your ideas!

  22. Even on vacation, you continue to create!! You are one amazing woman, Patty S.!! I’ve been relishing your vacation pictures ~ so serene and picturesque. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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