Wordless Wednesday: Cotton field near Edenton, North Carolina

Cotton field Rt 32 NC

Cotton field Rt 32 NC (1)

Cotton field Rt 32 NC (2)

Cotton field Rt 32 NC (3)

29 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Cotton field near Edenton, North Carolina

  1. You don’t need words Patty…not when you take such evocative pictures. There’s a whole history come to mind when I look at this photo.

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I enjoyed looking at your pictures of cotton-fields.

  3. amazing… it´s like a painter made this in Mixed Media.. the cooton filed and the house are the same color range…amazing images Patty!

  4. A truly evocative image. Reminds me of the song, “Ain’t gonna need this house no longer, ain’t gonna need this house no more…”

  5. WOW that looks so fantastisch. Big hugs for these outstanding photos, dear Patty.

  6. Wow, like snow in summer! how cool (oh, no pun intended, lol)

  7. Lovely subtle photographs, greys with just a touch of colour, and I like the way you have the smudged edge frame.

  8. What a lovely photo. Seems like it is timeless.Thanks for all your time.

  9. Beautiful; poetic really! xxoo

  10. Oh my, that field is so beautiful but up against the old worn house it’s, hmm., not sure what the word is but it affects me.

  11. Sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

  12. Your photo reminds me of a story Rick told me about a joke he played on a friend from the South (a roommate or suitemate in college, I think.) He had a wee cotton plant and was trying so hard to get it to grow in his dorm room. One day, someone opened a bottle of aspirin and pulled out the cotton to toss aside. Rick put it on the guy’s plant somehow and for a brief moment he was fooled. I think it was kind of mean, but also kind of very funny! My experience seeing cotton plants is far more limited! This is a lovely photo!

  13. Wow – really gorgeous!

  14. Another magical photo from you Patty! It really tells a story, thank you for sharing…I love it!

  15. So lovely. I’ve never seen cotton growing before. Pity it doesn’t produce it on the bolt 🙂

  16. What a wonderful photo full of textures & colour Dxx

  17. I wonder what stories that old house could tell! My grandmother and mother picked cotton on the farm near Nixon,Tx. Not one of my mother’s favorite memories. Each photo told a different story.

  18. WhAT a sight ,in front of that wonderful grey old wooden building,- so weathered and beautiful!!
    And all the cotton ,-what an amazing plant, dearest Patty !! Could we take a tour in the swing 😉
    Happy week to you,-and see you soon again!! Love from Dorthe

  19. Makes me wanna come to the USA…

  20. I’ve never seen a cotton field before, whether in real life, or in photos. That house in the background has one whale of a back story, I suspect. Stunning photos, as always.

  21. Wow that really made me speechless! Soooo beautiful…wish I could be there in real ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  22. Love, LOVE, Love these photos! I grew up in Mississippi, so these pics are near and dear to my heart – memories of driving along the fields of cotton.

  23. Your photos speak volumes. I’ve never seen a cotton field before. The weathered farm house and dry field make think that it’s the turn of the century…the previous one I mean. 🙂

  24. Dear Patty
    Oh such evocative images.
    I can imagine that beautiful house being home to a loving family – what stories can it tell? I would love to restore it back to life.
    It takes me back to John Grisham’s book “A Painted House”.
    Cotton fields are beautiful – I would love to see them.
    Enjoy your weekend

  25. Hello Miss Patty, no word need, stunning photos, oh my I’ve always wanted to see cotton growing in the field, now I have thank you very much. Happy Thanksgiving and I’m thankful I met you, you inspire me soooooo much, have a wonderful weekend, big hugs…

  26. Hello Patty, I have been enjoying a long catch up on your wonderful blog. These images here are amazing. I love that you got the shot of the cotton too. I never knew they grew cotton here in NC until I moved here.

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