soggy tea…

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T today from here in Northern Virginia where we had been having days and days of lovely soaking rain which was much needed to help replenish the groundwater table…

Ellanore C. Lawrence Park Walney Woods

Mr Magpie and I headed to a nearby park with our Traveling Tea Cup to enjoy a bit of nature in between raindrops…

Walney Garden Bee Skep Traveling T Cup

this bee skep is always a favorite outside the fenced in vegetable garden used for educational purposes at the park…

Male and female deer Virginia, USA

the deer are considered a bit of a nuisance there nibbling their way wherever they go but we enjoy seeing them (thank you ZOOM lens!)…

Walney Creek Big Rocky Run

while the leaves are not as colorful  yet as in years past we did come upon some things that caught our eye (one thing I will share in a Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow)…

Hickory Nut Collage

anyone have any idea what the unusual magenta and red berry plant below might be…

Mystery Fall berry in Walney Woods VA

none of the staff at the park were familiar with it and my searches on line have turned up nothing…

*Update* with great thanks to a visitor from the UK the mystery plant is:

Euonymus europaeus (European spindle)

happiness birdbath

it was lovely falling asleep and waking to the the pitter pat of raindrops day after day…Northern Virginia October Sunset

 and sunshine is most welcome too of course…

Busy Woodpecker in our garden

“Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.  Let the rain sing you a lullaby.” ~Langston Hughes

37 responses to “soggy tea…

  1. Let the rain leave gentle kisses -letting you know all is good. 🙂 xo hugs

  2. We are desperate for some rain here. You are so lucky to be able to get close to wild deer.

  3. A rainy post what could be more glorious, as soon as I hear the drops falling, I rush outside to sit in it.. I bet the tea cup love the drops falling on it too..The green leaves are still pretty with the tiny spots of red. How could anyone think the deer are nuisance, I know my brother hunts them, I hate that but it’s his thing…They are sooooo beautiful. Oh my I love the berries, the pods, walnut halves, those red berries are brilliant, I hope someone know what they are.. Pitter pat, day after day that sounds wonderful, yes the sun is okay too LOL, and to end it off with My woodpecker, excellent.. I love this post and photos, thanks so much for sharing your walk, I will have these visions in my head at water fit, you and Mr magpie have a wonderful day.. Oh and I watch the video, India Flint is a true natual artist her work is amazing, thanks for sharing..

  4. Glorious photos as usual, the deer have to eat something, they are so lovely to have around. Can’t help on the mystery flower thing but it is gorgeous!!

  5. only you two can turn a real soaker into a rainbow! love the photos and such a gorgeous place… love the skep! so disappointed about the leaves this year, so sporadic, but so many other surprises like roses!! amazing!! can’t help on the plant… but I will check out my books.. xoxo

  6. You managed to capture some lovely photos on a gloomy day. I have no idea what that plant is either. Very interesting look though.
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. That last photo is especially to die for! What a lovely journey you have had — I’m glad the teacup was along!

  8. Visiting your blog today was like a refreshing walk in a soft rain. I enjoyed all the photos especially the variety in color of the berries. Happy T Day!

  9. You always visit the most interesting areas in your neck of the woods. Here in Kansas, everything is flat and you can see for miles and miles. Not like where you live, obviously.

    I love the photos of the deer. That is refreshing to see wildlife so close in your lens you can almost touch it.

    I noticed, while watching the weather, that your area was getting lots of rain. We finally got some last night, and it was much needed, especially after the flooding in August, then dry most of September and October to date. I see your leaves have not turned, either. Mother nature has really taken her own sweet time leaving summer behind.

    Of course, I have no idea what the plant is, but that’s nothing new, since I can’t even identify some of the plants growing in pots in my own veggie garden (grin). I suspect someone who visits will let you know what it is, though.

    Thanks as always, for joining T today. You always bring something fun to the table (or woods, as the case may be).

  10. Oh, you got such wonderful photos at the park. Thanks for sharing them. Happy T Day! 🙂

  11. Your mystery plant is Spindle (euonymus europaeus) – it’s widely grown here in the UK

  12. i enjoyed your post very much, wonderful photos!
    i just love the european spindle tree (have one in my garden now), the most beautiful colors you would never expect on a shrub. the german term for it is “pfaffenhütchen” (parson´s/priest´s cap), as it has the colors of a miter). they look so cool against a bright blue sky!

  13. Wonderful photos! Love the picture of your traveling cup!
    Thanks for the earlier visit.

  14. What beautiful photos! I can almost hear dripping raindrops and smell the wet leaves…love your colorful post, and peeks of nature. The deer didn’t look too concerned that you were there…Happy T Tuesday!

  15. What a wonderful surprise to see the woodpecker at the bottom! We had a pair coming to our suet last winder and I am hoping they will return (so far I havent’ seen them).

  16. Soooooooo pretty…………… love the rain, too……. we got some, but not enough!!! Love that bee skep!

  17. Your rainy photos are glorious! It all looks so clean and fresh, you can almost smell the soil and hear the raindrops … thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  18. It has taken me quite a while to get through your post today because I kept making side trips. I had to find out what park you were visiting and while on that site I saw the name Cabell’s Mill. Cabell is a family name on my mother’s side. Well after much reading and side travels to other sites, I learned that the name Cabell is a misnomer and that one of the owners was a Caple. Disappointing, but an interesting journey nonetheless. And then I had to read about the European spindle tree. Fascinating. Thanks for all the fun information today.

  19. Wonderful photos Patty! I adore this time of year! xxx

  20. Dear Patty,
    your photos are always a feast for my eyes. You have a special look to see the beautiful things in nature. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Big hugs Anja

  21. well, I don’t know about soggy tea but they were fabulous pictures! The rain always brightens things up
    Happy T day

  22. I could hear and feel the rain drops as you’ve described. Lovely photos for your post; very calming. xxoo

  23. despite the rainy days you have brought so much sunshine into this post. Your photos are just lovely-I loved strolling through with you. I too love rainy days! Looks like I may be enjoying a bit of it too as we’re supposed to get some of the remnants of your weather in the next few days-tho it’s not expected to be much. There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset after a stormy/rainy day 🙂

  24. Gosh I love how you can post a question and get an answer from such knowledgeable people out there in this blog world. Looks like you had a nice day!

  25. Loved your T blog as always, dear Patty, but my heart really skipped a few beats when I saw the bee skep! Thank you! Enjoy the blessings of the rain xoxo

  26. gosh your photography is such a treat for my eyes… the way you look at life…:)

  27. Without the rain we would not have the beauty that you show here so I’m glad that your place is being refreshed. Love the woodpecker.

  28. all those photographs are amazing Patty! Wonderful !
    Thnak you so much for sharing with us!

  29. Hey, Patty! I think I might know what your mystery plant is! In the Uk we have this and we call it a Spindle Tree because they used to make spindles out of the wood! Look it up on Google and see what you think! Your pics are glorious and I love to fall asleep to the patter of raindrops too – it must be a Magpie thing! Julie Ann xx

  30. Beautiful photos, Patty. Our fall leaves are rather blah this year. I am hoping as time goes on that they will brighten somewhat. The burn bush is still green as are many of the oaks. The Japanese maple is a sickly reddish green instead of the brilliant scarlet we usually see. I loved seeing the woodpecker photo. Maybe he is making another entrance into the birdhouse.

  31. The red plant with berries is commonly called, Heart o Poppin’, pretty, but very toxic.

  32. Fabulous photography as usual Patty – Thanks for stopping by – happy T day – Mxx

  33. Glorious photographs, that woodpecker is sublime and I like the photograph of the bee skep and the deer, a nuisance they may well be but so adorable with it.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  34. What a beautiful walk I have had with you in the rain dear Patty. Wonderful photos. I too happen to love rainy days although I wouldn’t want to be somewhere where it rains all the time-like Seattle 🙂

  35. I’m so glad you could resolve the mystery of the beautiful plant 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, it’s always great to see where you’ve been, specially since it’s so different to the landscape I’m used to. Here, we are lucky if we get drizzle once a year :p

  36. First off, I loved that last quote you included…. really lovely.
    And all your images are so beautiful. I had never seen your mystery plant before either. I love learning. Thanks so much for sharing what it is.

  37. Your red berry picture is called Bursting Heart also called Hearts a Bursting or Strawberry Bush. I love your pictures 🙂

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