Oatlands and the Traveling Tea Cup…

Oatlands Plantation (a National Trust Historic Site and a National Historic Landmark) is a favorite spot of mine that I try and visit as often as possible 

Oatlands view from house

yesterday was a perfectly lovely 68 degree (20 celsius) blue sky day…

Oatlands Gazebo view of ice house

I did not want to miss the chance to get out and enjoy a bit of autumn sunshine even though our Virginia trees seem a bit slow in changing colors so far this year…

1810 Oatlands Greenhouse

the 1810 greenhouse is in the process of being restored and will soon be filled with select plants until next spring…

Oatlands School group lunches

a class of school children was visiting with a large number of them dressed in colonial outfits with their lunches waiting for them on picnic tables outside the walled gardens

Oatlands Blooms and Shadow

these lovely blooms will be resting soon with much cooler temperatures and frost on the way…

Oatlands Vegie and Herb Garden

even though it was the middle of the day and quite sunny I managed to snap a good number of photos…

Traveling T Cup Oatlands Garden

finding spots for the Traveling Tea Cup here and there…

Traveling Tea Cup Gazebo Shadows

hope you are enjoying the season you are in…

Oatlands Porch

I am joining Elizabeth for T Tuesday here

Oatlands 1821 Ice House Blacksmith shop Bank Barn

33 responses to “Oatlands and the Traveling Tea Cup…

  1. You’re a wonderful photographer Patty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!
    Alison xxx

  2. Hello Patty, how fun this was to travel with you and your tea cup!! I loved everything you shared here, the school house and picnic baskets, the white rocker and the beautiful flowers and trees, can’t forget all the amazing buildings and windows. This makes me want to sketch!!
    Our weather was perfect last week but is getting a bit colder now, feels more like fall and I’m happy with it.
    Take care and Happy Tuesday!

  3. You have the most gorgeous places to visit in your area. And taking the traveling tea cup along makes it even more special. As always, your photos shine and make everything seem special. Those picnic baskets were so fun to see. How awesome you were in the right place at the right time.

    Thanks for sharing T today. And what a lovely day it was for you. Looks like we’ll soon be getting frost, too.

  4. Hello ma chère Patty,
    quelles merveilles vous nous montrez là, quelles belles photos, quelles belles découvertes. Merciiiii.

  5. What a great day did you have and what amazing imagery and a wonderful post at all my dear patty! We have also fine temperatures at the moment .. a bit the same as in Virginia I think… nearl 25 degrees yesterday …
    the warmest october day since many ears they told us.

  6. Oh Miss Patty you are such a talented Magpie, you photos are superb, what a pleasure it has been to share the gardens again I love that place, what a treat seeing those children dressed in those outfits, and they have tea time, that would be amazing to attend. Thank you , My Magpie and your gorgeous cup, for the wonderful visit to the Outlands Plantation, it’s been a pleasure.. (((( BIG HUGS ))))…

  7. What a lovely place to visit. Must have been fun to see the children dressed in costume. I really like the green house photos.
    Happy T-day

  8. You open up our world to savour such opportunities as to visit new places and with such good company as yourself (and Mr Magpie!) always finding a restful spot for your travelling teacup.
    How adorable that the school children’s lunches were waiting for them.

  9. What a beautiful day and place for an outing! As always, I so enjoyed all the photos and felt like I was there with you. Mr. M’s and your photography is fabulous and so creative! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  10. I’m certainly enjoying your lovely photographs – no surprise there:) – what a fabulous place to visit!! xoxo

  11. Looks like an amazing place. I can see why you go back so often. Love the greenhouse. I’d love to have one like that on my property…but I suppose I’d need more property then. lol
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. some days i just would like to be your tea cup!!
    thanks for sharing your beautiful trip with us, gorgeous photos!

  13. What lovely landscapes…your traveling T cup makes that stone chair a little more inviting! thanks for taking us along on your little trip!

  14. Patty, beautiful pictures. It was relaxing just looking at them.

  15. There is so much beauty surrounding this plantation. How nice to have it close by. You have a great eye for these wonderful and interesting shots. The one of the pillars looking up to the porch ceiling really captures the height and magnificence of this building, and I love the delicate tea cup on the stone chair!

  16. What a beautiful place….I don’t blame you for making the most of the nice Autumn weather while it lasts:)

  17. I really enjoy your photo tours, but it’s making my bucket list get a little out of hand.

  18. I just read your comment about bringing order to your nest. All I can say is what I always say. It looks its worst right before the project is complete. Sounds like you are getting there.

  19. What fun to travel with you and the tea cup. You showed us some beautiful pictures of a spot it must be fun to visit. Thanks for the tour.

  20. love your traveling tea cup and oh the places it has been and it WAS a beautiful day in the Lovers state.. for sure!! xox

  21. You are a lucky lady my dear Patty, having so many beautiful places to visit ,near your home.
    What a fantastic area, a wonderful park, and so cozy finding your tea-cup in some of the photoes. I loved to see the kids in colonial outfits ,what a great idea to give them that oppertunity- makes it certainly more real for them !!!
    Patty I wish you a wonderful rest of the week.
    Hugs and love,

  22. How lovely! What a wonderful place to take the teacup!

  23. Great pictures, and what a lucky cup!!
    Happy T day

  24. Beautiful, it looks so English.

  25. Your photos are so beautiful and serene. I’m so glad you took us and your tea cup along! What fun it must be for the school children to dress up and visit.

  26. Wonder-filled photos from one of my all time favorite places in this area, you captured Oatlands so nicely, I Loved each photo, felt like I was with you. Thanks for the ride!

  27. What a glorious day to take in all those sites!
    Happy T to you dear Patty

  28. Thank you for taking us along with your tea cup! Beautiful photos! xxoo

  29. Thanks for the lovely photo tour. I wish we were having beautiful weather like that. Happy T Day!

  30. Lovely photos of Oatlands! Thank you and we’ll see you soon.

  31. Such a grandeur! I can imagine it’s a favorite spot to visit. Thanks for sharing Patty!

  32. Awesome! That green house would make such a fabulous studio!!!!

  33. Its all so loverly……..especially the greenhouse. xx

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