Soartful Challenge “Trees”

this is my first time playing along with the Soartful Challenges Blog for their November challenge of

“TREES: … since it IS fall, let’s go with the colour orange, plus one other colour.

Oatlands Plantation Tree Sampler

with Autumn winding down here in Northern Virginia I have been enjoying the fall foliage and snapping photos of trees left and right…

Tree Photography pages (2)

last week I was playing with a tree photo I took at Oatlands Plantation using a free photo editing service called Tuxpi

Tree Photography pages

I really liked the “negative” effect I got on the last photo which lead to me using my tree photos for the challenge…

tree pages supplies

I must confess orange is not often my ‘go to’ color but it just so happened that I had some paint scraped pages sitting and waiting in my journal (I did wonder more than a few times WHAT in the world I would ever do with them!)…

Tree Photography pages (1)

my favorite altered photo above was the inspiration for my pages…

Tree Photography pages (4)

as I was dashing out of my art cave into another room to find some different silk leaves I spied a sprig of three bittersweet blooms which were the perfect finish to my pages…

tall trees

I get a bittersweet feeling as we leave colorful fall going into the darker bare winter months which do of course hold charms of their own…

*if you are interested there are photos of other spreads in this art journal here with one of my favorite spreads here*

♥ thank you very much for your visit … I always appreciate your comments and time ♥ 

32 responses to “Soartful Challenge “Trees”

  1. Just beautiful Patty. You really captured the winding down of fall. Great photo images, too.

  2. Gorgeous show of trees here! Thanks for your kind comment Patty,

  3. I think I need to get a thesaurus to help me come up with new words to describe how wonderful your art is. BTW, how does the new photo editor you tried compare to Pixlr? One of these days I’m going to try them myself.

  4. A beautiful inspirational spread Patty! I adore blue & orange, & trees, & I love your pretty floral embellishments. Love how you used the tree stamp for roots too!
    Alison xxx

  5. It may not be your go-to color but you rose to the challenge. It’s beautiful and has a quiet positive energy. Lovely.

  6. Superb photographs of trees and leaves, from the first group to the last very tall tree, and I do like your art pages very much, with the trees, the 3D leaves, your blooms, and the little snippet of music. Thanks very much, Patty, for sharing it with all of us at Soartful and joining in with the challenge.

  7. Treerific!!! Love these shots. I also love negative shots….. love that we have such great digital effects we can use! Life is good! Your journal pages are wonderful and inspirational as always. I will check out your links as well…. soon! Have a great fall day! The leaves have only begun to change here!

  8. AWEsome pics of trees (a subject i could photograph all day long…)! love the negative effect, too. i looked up the older links to remember… what treasures you have!!

  9. Just spectacular Patty! Stunning images and colors! Happy weekend to you!

  10. THIS is just wonderful dear Patty!
    Well, that makes me feel warm all over.
    happy weekend to you and Mr.Magpie!
    xxx Susi

  11. As you are cooling down, we are heating up. Love your trees pages.

  12. Those are ALL very beautiful!

  13. Your pages are stunning ,the light from the green,orange and blue is just amazing, and that negative photo makes it something so beautiful, dearest Patty, I can imagine you can`t close this spread, but have to take a look at your wonderful pages now and then….. I would!!!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  14. ooooh patty you are branching out !! sorry couldn’t resist…corny I know ! but its nice to seeing you playing with different colors…love your autumny spread 🙂

  15. The negative effect is really cool. The colors that appear are amazing sometimes…such as this time. 🙂

  16. So beautiful Patty! I do love the negative effect! Gorgeous autumnal art! xo

  17. What a wonderful post! ALL of your trees are magnificent and perfect for our challenge. Thank you for being Soartful with us, I really hope we have you join us again!

  18. Patty, these are two wonderful pages – love all the details.

  19. just sooo much to love here…bittersweet is something my mother used to forage for every autumn when i was young…now we bring it to her for her birthday….i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photo negatives, thanks so much for sharing the site…beauty abounds, dearest, beauty abounds…xo

  20. Love your tree photos, I know how you feel about taking photos, I can’t stop either. Beautiful entry for the Soartful challenge! Valerie

  21. Beautiful, and the last photo by Jim is stunning.

  22. Great pages and beautiful photos!

  23. It is always such a joy to visit your wonderful posts! Seems you are loving nature as I do 🙂 I live in the wineyards and beautiful trees are rare…but when I visit my mom it is a feast to walk through the beautiful forests out there 🙂 I love what you have done with your photo…looks really cool in the end 😉 ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  24. Dear Patty
    Here I am this Sunday evening playing catch-up but how I enjoyed my stroll amongst those glorious trees where Mother Nature ensures we all know it is Autumn/Fall with those jewel tones.
    Love the negative effect, it is such a powerful image yet at the same time there is a delicate, subtleness to it.
    To create with your own photographs in such an artful way is a beautiful reminder for you when the dark days loom and you wish to step right back into Autumn.

  25. IT’s been a dull dark day here so it was nice to see the colourful pictures on your blog tonight. I really like the effect of the ‘white’ tree!

  26. Once again I’m late getting here, but I’ve been watching the weather coming your way with much trepidation. Stay safe, dear friend.

    Your trees are beautiful, and so is Mr. Magpie’s photo. I think the orange was a great color addition to the spread, and it made the blue pop. You have such a really great eye for color.

    Thanks for the link to yet another free photo editing site I can visit. Just what I need. More time away from tasks at hand (grin).

  27. WOW what a lot of wonderful autumn trees, love the autumn very much, but then I would prefer that spring comes instead of the cold white or dark wet winter!
    Your pages are so gorgeous and unique, love what you all combined surroundes by the leaves in warm colors.
    I wish you a good start in a wonderful new week,
    xox Anja

  28. Wow!!! Gorgeous photos!! Love trees. Your pages are so beautiful. I’m going to give Tuxpi a try. Looks like fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!!! ~Sophia

  29. Absolutely stunning dear Patty… love the negative photo…. must check out that editing program too… and love how your page pops against the luscious orange…gorgeous…

    Jenny ♥

  30. Such richness in colours and beautiful pictures, Patty.
    I can breath the smell of Autumn from here. North Virginia has to have a very beautiful place, and you always give us a glimpse of it!

  31. I’s taken me a few days to finally fly bye and have a wee chat, I’ve shown this post to so many people, and the chat around the Magpie Parliament, you are getting voted BEST PHOTOGRAPHY ARTIST..This is MAG-NIF-I_CENT*******. such fabulous comments too, I loooove how Miss Lynne phrased it best, I’d love to say it was my favorite journal pages BUT I believe they are all my favorites, thanks a million for sharing your amazing talent…

  32. It is so beautiful! All the autumn trees are exquisite and the photo editing is just perfect for your journal page! Lovely!

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