Charm City Tea…

we had another reason to be away from home over a long weekend…

Baltimore City collage

traveling to nearby Baltimore, Maryland (also known as  Charm City) to spend a couple of nights at one of our favorite hotels which happened to be around the corner from the Baltimore Arena where a favorite artist of ours was performing on Saturday night…

John Mayer Baltimore Arena

we got to see John Mayer perform in August (twice in one year…be still my ♥) …

JOY snowit felt like Christmas came early (or I was still celebrating my birthday!) getting to see him on his Winter tour too…

Phillip Phillips with John Mayer

Phillip Phillips opened the show with his band and was really great getting the crowd on their feet and warmed up…

John Mayer 14 December 2013

thirty-six year old John Mayer is a generous and extremely talented artist secure enough to take time to give other musicians a chance to showcase their talents saying that he has been more than lucky and blessed with opportunities in his career…

John Mayer Credits

at the end of his shows he shares credits acknowledging everyone that helps make the magic happen (Mr Magpie was ready with the camera this time and snapped these photos)…

John Mayer Credits 2John Mayer also took time to thank the audience more than once for sticking with him over the years and making it possible for him to do what he loves…

John Mayer Credits 3

YES I confess I am a BIG fan ♥ and it was a really fabulous time…

Hotel Monaco Staircase Traveling T Cup

we did take the Traveling Tea Cup along for the weekend posing it on the marble staircase of our hotel which used to be the Beaux Arts style B&O headquarters building (I added a circle around the teacup in the photo on the right otherwise you’d never know it was there lost in the grandeur)…

Hotel Monaco marble staircase sign

I had a chance to enjoy some tea at the hotel’s B&O Restaurant made with loose Earl Grey Tea served piping hot in a teapot ♥ along with a delicious scone (the restaurant makes their own strawberry jam and fresh croissants too=YUM!)…

B&O Sunday T

needless to say all of our running has not left me very much time to focus on Christmas preparations…

Rawlings Conservatory Baltimore MD

it has been fun running away from it all and I am not stressing too much about what is not getting done…

Inner Harbor & Christmas Market

I am joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T today

Faa la laa Patty & Jimmy

♥ Thank you very much for your visit ♥

37 responses to “Charm City Tea…

  1. Goodness comes in bunches my friend! But Phillip Phillips and John Mayer again?!! I’m glad for you, sniff sniff 🙂
    The photos are fabulous, as always, I don’t know how you manage such a stunning display!!! xoxoxoxoxo


  2. I enjoyed my visit to Charm City this morning dear Patty. Have a good day and enjoy the holidays!


  3. Sounds great to me! running away with you here…how fun!!!


  4. I’m so glad you got to see John Mayer again, and the credits at the end were overwhelming. Mr. Magpie did a fantastic job.

    I’ve been up and down the eastern seaboard, but I don’t ever remember visiting Baltimore. In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar until I started watching reruns of a police drama called “Homicide” shot from and based in Baltimore more than a few years ago. Now I want to visit, because, as your pictures show, there are so many beautiful things you can experience there.

    Thank you beyond belief for taking us and your traveling tea cup to Baltimore this week. I always enjoy traveling with you.


  5. What a fun trip…so glad you took us along for the ride! concerts are so exhilarating and fun, and I am impressed that you remembered to take your traveling cup and include it in your photos too. A gorgeous grand stair case, and truly stunning photos of a lovely city! happy holidays and T Tuesday!


  6. What a simply lovely weekend , and John Mayer again.. Oh my 🙂


  7. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always! The stained glass windows in the shot with the tea cup are beautiful. I had to smile when I saw the red elephant that I assume was a water jug? Elephants are a favorite around here. Happy T Day!


  8. Wow Baltimore is Charming! Looks like you had a fantastic time!!
    Happy Tuesday!


  9. what an amzing event did you enjoy?! wow.. and what fantastic imagery here…
    love it!

    fantastic to see you and your hubby in the baubles!
    He is the same level of a perfect photographer than you are an Mix Median Artist Patty…


  10. Hi my dear Patty,
    Oh you two have so many beautiful experiences, and fun get awaye`s …this hotel looks so grand, and very beautiful,too.
    And the concert, -how wonderful for you, to be able to se/hear J.Mayer again, what a fantastic weekend you have had. That is more importent than “decking the hall” for christmas ,dearest!!
    Love to see you both in silver shine, 🙂
    Hugs and kiss from Dorthe


  11. Oh I DO feel your joy dear Patty!!! I thought about you and am thrilled you had such a magical weekend. The photos of your trip are absolutely charming. Really nice pics of heartthrob too, and how nice to see him give credit to everyone like that. What a gem huh?


  12. Nathalie Thompson

    At first I thought you were visiting yet another “charming” European city! You are living the life, Patty! Magnificent Monuments, Magical Mayer Music, and Marvelous Menus to make your holidays Merry. Living it vicariously with you! (((hugs)))


  13. Thanks, Patty, for this very interesting, happy tour, and for all the truly beautiful photographs of architecture and patterns everywhere.
    I am going to get my John Mayer CD out right now!


  14. That is really something that he gives all the credits for everyone–even the truck drivers. He really is somebody special. I can see why you are a devoted groupie! (He’s pretty cute, too!)
    What a lovely staircase. I would never have seen the cup if you hadn’t circled it. What a fun time!! 🙂 Happy T-Day!


  15. Thank you for sharing a wonderful weekend, all the pictures are just fascinating.


  16. I always have such fun going on these journeys with you Patty. Amazing how my American geography has improved.


  17. Looks like another wonderful trip Patty. Lovely photos.
    Alison xxx


  18. Happy Tea day Patty! What a great concert, two of my favs as well and lucky you to get to go! Looks like a lovely trip to the Charm City.. and I know I really enjoyed my tea!! xoxox


  19. Wow, you really travel a lot! This latest trip sounds like it was heavenly, and I certainly like the idea of “running away” from Christmas prep. 🙂 Have a Happy T Day.


  20. Wow! Another fantastic weekend! What fun! Love all the pictures, especially the last one with you and Mr. Magpie in the ornaments. 🙂


  21. I’m so happy you had this wonderful weekend! Thank you for taking us along 🙂 xo


  22. Great, great weekend! Love the pictures! Glad you are back home, tho!


  23. I love this post and I’m so glad you took us on your festive trip — lots of holly jolly there! Your photos are terrific!

    John M. is making the rounds! He was in Nashville while we were there in early December and I would have loved to have seen that concert. I love how he does his “credits.” That’s really wonderful! Happy Day!


  24. inanoctopusgarden

    Patty – you always make the very most of every moment and that is truely wonderful, and an inspiration unto itself.Have a wonderful wonderful holiday ! See you in the New Year for more Art Fun and Friendship!


  25. Fun to see the city and events through your camera. Glad you pointed out the traveling tea cup – I would have missed it.



  26. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in the Christmas procrastinating department, we haven’t even put up our decorations (or even brought them into the apartment). It seems you’re having loads of fun with Mr. Magpie, so it’s ok 🙂 (I’m slacking for a different reason… final presentation of my thesis project is tomorrow, eeek!)


  27. wonderful post – and you and mr magpie brought such great pictures along… thanks for sharing:)


  28. Oh nice shots of Baltimore….I recognize some of them too…..I always had a good time in Baltimore. wow, that list that makes a concert possible is impressive isn’t it…the show must go on. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  29. You two get to go on great adventures! And, we get to peek at it all vicariously!


  30. Bleubeard and I received your lovely card today. It made him feel cold, but I thought it was perfect for the season. You take SUCH fantastic photos, and the card is a perfect example. I love, love, love it.

    Thank you both beyond belief.


  31. Dear Patty
    Apologies for only catching-up with this post now.
    Another wonderful excursion for you and Mr Magpie.
    I remember when you saw him live and you shared the photographs and your enthusiasm so it is wonderful that you had the opportunity to catch him live once more (that sounds as though he is a fish that you caught LOL).
    Thank you for sharing, as always.
    If I don’t have the opportunity again I want to wish you and Mr Magpie the most wonderful Christmas. I am sure it is a bittersweet time for you, a time for remember so much that can bring sadness but I hope there is much joy for you over the festivities.
    Festive Wishes


  32. Great pics! Looks like a wonderful trip, Patty.
    Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours! Health, Happiness and may all of your dreams come true for 2014!



  33. You, lovely Patty have bought so much joy to my online life with your art, beautiful and loving personality and your generosity in sharing what happens in your life. You are a gem amongst women- I hope you and Jim have the best Christmas ever!


  34. A very merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2014 for you and your family dear Patty. Hugs Hermine


  35. it is always so joyful to watch your souvenir photos you bring along from your travels… i hope you will stay healthy next year for many journeys to share with us! all the best for the future (for you and your family) and thanks for all the joy you bring us!


  36. What a wonderful adventure. Wow! John Mayer, Philip Philip, a wonderful hotel, and tea.


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