silence is golden…

here is my second spread to join in Art Journal Journey’s (AJJ) January challenge of Silence/Stille


last summer I shared some pages in this hand sewn monoprinted journal that I made here…

Gelli print pages and paper Before

and decided to glue some torn monoprinted papers I made on top of my already printed pages adding a bit of washi tape …

Silence is Golden suppliesI know! I definitely did not pick the word “Simplicity” as my one little word this year 😉 …

cups and saucers closeupthank you SO MUCH dear Estivalia for making it possible for me to install the widget you created for my sidebar ♥ ♥ ♥

rubber stamped edges

I dipped into an envelope of collage snippets that the sweet and talented LaWendula of Paper Swap shared with me some time ago (click above and visit her and you too can join in the around the world swap fun!)…

ready for some doodling

the last step for my pages was to add some random marks using two of my favorite black pens that work really well over paint and more…

finished SILENCE journal page leftI really like the subtle layer the doodling adds..

finished  SILENCE journal page right

You may have noticed the variety of color tones between my photos…

Doodle Details on gelli print pagesthis time of year I seem to chase the Light to find the best spots that aren’t freezing cold and windy to take photos (our back porch is usually my go to best lighting location and it is COLD out there!)…

“True silence is the rest of the mind … it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”   ~William Penn

35 responses to “silence is golden…

  1. Such a cool palette…and it’s 40 degrees Celcius over here. Lovely work Patty.

  2. what an A*M*A*Z*I*N*G spread Patty – fantastic color palette and the composition is more than heavenly!

    Thank you for this HIGHLIGHT for the silence theme Patty!


  3. I don’t see why you have to cover those gorgeous backgrounds. Actually…. they would make a nice quilt! Or maybe a dress! And…yes, I’m a big fan of the black pen marks….. doodling, etc….. my favorite layer! Stay inside and warm! I’m having an Art Room Day myself!!!

  4. Oh Patty, this is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the background is also stunning!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! xxx

  6. brrr sharing warm hugs with you…frigid here but warm up on it’s way…LOVE LOVE LOVE the pages! i am loving doodling with a pencil on my gelli prints too…i especially like the torn bit strips you made here…i sent you an email of a pin i found today…cigar box covered in dyed fabric…thought of you and your beautiful gelli printed fabric…stay warm, dear one..xo

  7. Wow! Awesome page. I’m always amazed at how you can have so much going on with a page and still have it be cohesive and not “too busy”. Wonderful!

  8. Great colors and fab layouts! “Yes, I see on the news you are in the deeeeep frrrreeze…..stay warm!!

  9. Magnifique ma chère Patty, trés belle palette, magnifiques pages.
    Le thème est intéressant et inépuisable.
    « Parle si tu as des mots plus forts que le silence, ou garde le silence. »
    de Euripide [+]

  10. Patty these are amazing pages, love the colors and the texture.

  11. So very lovely…I really wish I could watch you create or somehow hear your thought process as you are creating…I just love the way you put things together, as Halle says “cohesive and not too busy.” Since I can’t, I’ll just look and enjoy and wait for your next post.

  12. A beautiful spread. I was thinking how much alike you and Linda are in your choice of colours.

  13. Your pages are truly gorgeous Patty!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Oh how I would love to come and play with you ❤

  14. So beautiful!!!! and I love a palette!
    Hugs Oxana

  15. Wonderful, love the color combination too.

  16. Beautiful, Patty.

  17. Love the colour palette and i just have to use some doodles to finish of my art lately, as you said it gives it another layer, and dimension.

  18. Beautiful pages Patty!!! Gorgeous colors!!! Love the layers you created here. Fabulous!! ~Sophia

  19. Your mono printing is gorgeous, dear Patty, so fantastic patterns and colours. And so fun to work on,- with new prints on the older pages, makes them give joy one more time 🙂 for both you, and us.
    I love your incorporated map, and the drawing, and also the beautiful lady from the 20`th.
    Yes we all seek more light in January, and your pages are beautifully enlightened- keep warm when working outside 🙂
    Hugs from grey and wet Bornholm- and from me- xx

  20. Gorgeous, Patty. I love your gelli monoprinted pages. And of course, the palette. All the elements works so well, and what a good hint about the doodling. How I’d love to take lessons from you!

  21. I like the use of the teacup imagery as we all associate you with the travelling teacup and how you use teacups as plant holders, etc and I so love that image of the female.
    Amazing use of vintage image with contemporary style for the background – oozes artfulness.

  22. I love the subdued colors and the symbolism in your pages. Blessings!

  23. Amaking journal spead, love the colours and all the details. Valerie

  24. a fantastic spread with wonderful details… thanks for sharing the process.
    isn´t it funny how the light turns the colors to come out totally different?

    and i´m really happy that you did not choose “simplicity” as your word of the year!!! 😉

  25. I’m just getting back to some blog visiting and here are some more beautiful pages you’ve created! Love them Patty!

  26. So simple but so wonderful. You do the best Gelli prints. I agree the doodling just adds that finishing touch.

  27. Wow…I love your art journal spread!!

  28. Boahhh auch so schön. Klasse!!!

    LG Carola

  29. Ah, what beauty. And simplicity is never a word I think of when I think of you. I love that rubber stamp. I would probably even USE that rubber stamp. And of course, the doodles help make the pages pop. Stunning art, even though you covered over most of the original art, I think. Seems I couldn’t tell which pages you used from the original set.

  30. Simply stunning Patty…Loving the colours and the beautiful collaged layers ! Wishing you a happy and creative New Year my friend…hugs! Jan x

  31. Fantastic pages!! Great colors and patterns! I love it!

  32. So much goodness here, Patty! I really enjoyed all the steps you took to make this marvellous artwork, I want to run off and start tearing strips now! I enlarged your picture and found so much detail and creative artistry.

  33. Wow…so much gorgeousness; very inspiring…now I need to get my stuff out. Like Sheila, I’m feeling a need to tear paper 😉 xx

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