2013 Traveling Tea Cup Review…

joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for the first T Stands for Tuesday of the new year sharing part 2 of my tea review to wrap up 2013…


our Traveling Tea Cup traveled overseas in June and had the chance to meet up with three different sweet and lovely blog friends

Traveling T Cup quote

we took it on another plane trip to visit our son in November…

Christkindl markt Denver CO

where we discovered a Christmas Market in downtown Denver, Colorado of all places…

Bluebell Traveling Tea Cup

we took it out in nature quite a bit locally to visit favorite blooming events like the Bull Run bluebells and Washington, DC Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Traveling Tea Cup

2013 turned out to be the year of the Wisteria for us…


as we were lucky enough to catch it in bloom at three different gardens over the span of about a month…


which included the out of state gardens of Longwood

Magpie's Nest Traveling Tea Cup at Longwood

 and Chanticleer in May of 2013…

Magpie's Nest Traveling Tea Cup

in late June and July we visited a local garden that had the most magnificent water lily and lotus ponds which delighted us on several visits and kept us busy snapping hundreds of photos…


we are looking forward to visiting a lot of these local spots again this year…

2013 Traveling T Cup Nature

thank you for joining me throughout the seasons with your always supportive and thoughtful comments…

Atlantic Ocean Traveling T cup (2)

I appreciate everyone’s visits even if you do not leave a comment…cup of kindness

“We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet/ for auld lang syne…”  ~Robert Burns

31 responses to “2013 Traveling Tea Cup Review…

  1. Great photos Patty! I love the pic of your teacup on the driftwood, on the beach!
    Hope it’s not too cold & icy in your neck of the woods.
    Alison xxx


  2. Beautiful reminders of some wonderful journeys. I love the cup of kindness and hope that you are not suffering too badly with the awful weather that we are reading about.


  3. A beautiful review of your travelling tea cup, I wonder where it will be taken this year …. stay safe and warm, Petra.


  4. I stopped by earlier, but my computer froze up and I had to reboot. It’s as cold as I seem to be.

    I loved the retrospective, but that last photo sent images of you out in the snow with that teacup capturing this photo sent chills through me. it is superb and I love the extra effort you took to get this.

    Thanks for joining T today,. I loved the look back on a year in your teacup’s life. It sure gets around, doesn’t it?


  5. Wow, not only are my hands numb, so is my brain. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you have to try to figure out what I was trying to say in that second paragraph. The previous sentence doesn’t make much sense, either, unless you consider it was redundantly redundant.


  6. Oh my goodness, Patty! I LOVE the fact that you have a traveling teacup! So much fun. My husband and I have a traveling companion as well – you know the dentist Hermie from the classic Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer show? He’s our guy, with a great story behind how we came out! But your teacup is perfect for T for Tuesday stories! Thanks for sharing.


  7. What fun to review all the places your well-traveled teacup has been this year! I’m curious do you keep the same traveling teacup from year to year or do you switch? Also, is there a story behind this particular teacup – how you selected it, etc.? You might have a post on it but I couldn’t find it. 😀


  8. Your teacup has taken me to some wonderful places over the past year…all beautifully illustrated in your photos.


  9. a feast for the eyes and the soul is this post Patty!



  10. This was a creative idea for a year in review post! I enjoyed all the photos, especially the ones with flowers. Cheers to 2014, and Happy T Day!


  11. oh this is just the post I needed to see today while I am freezing cold and surrounded in snow! Love your review and gorgeous art, photos and inspiration. Looking forward to 2014 – and more friendship and creativity.


  12. Love, love so amazing to see the places you have been to last year.I cannot even pick a favorite. This is one of my dreams too, to travel and see places.


  13. I absolutely love your traveling teacup site. Keep up all the good work. We try to do something similar but I don’t have a blog. Thanks, Ann


  14. I love Tuesdays because I know you are going to post!!! Love your traveling teacup!


  15. wow that tea cup gets around more than some people do….lovely fotos,,,oh I did see that old German Xmas markt….wow


  16. Hello Patty,
    What a beautiful T post for the first of the year. I loved them all, beautiful flowers and leaves and snow, that tea cup has seen more then I have. Thanks for always having a beautiful post on Tuesday’s, makes me smile each time.
    I see the snow has quit on your blog, let’s hope it will bring some sunshine now to me and others who are freezing in these artic temps we have now.
    Happy T day, looking forward to many more T days and more in this new year. HUGS!


  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Patty!!! Love the vintage suitcases in the first one. Thank you so much for all your hard work with your lovely blog. You always put a smile on my heart. ~Sophia


  18. Your pictures are breathtaking as always. Even better now, that we can take a closer look 😉

    I’m always in awe of the beautiful landscape your region provides. Here it’s dry dry desert all year round 🙂


  19. That tea cup really gets around. It was great to see all the different settings. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful.



  20. Your pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the rattan/cane teapot.


  21. I so love the idea of your travelling tea cup. These are gorgeous, soul-nourishing photos! I am totally in love with the beautiful parasols too! Then the cup of kindness was such a wonderful finale pic! Is there anything quite as nice as a warming cup of tea offered in what can seem a cold world? I am so glad I took a look at these lovely images. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a fabulous tea-time in 2014. I do hope you can maybe bring your travelling tea-cup to the UK again and introduce it to some of our ‘secret’ tea rooms and gardens. There are some amazing places in London not widely visited. Julie Ann xx


  22. Patty these are wonderful photos – thanks for sharing.


  23. what an exquisite review of the year of the traveling tea cup-really gorgeous photos Patty! And that wisteria….oh my…


  24. Ma chère Patty,
    quel merveilleux panorama 2013, je ne doute pas que 2014 sera aussi productive et enrichissante pour ta tasse de thé, pour notre plus grand plaisir.


  25. This post has been great fun! I loved looking for the traveling tea cup in each of the pictures.


  26. Wonderful that you quoted Rabbie!
    Patty, I want your suitcases! I have a few myself with this love of suitcases starting when I was a teenager (did that make me an odd teenager?!).
    A wonderful review of the travelling teacup.


  27. OMG how could I miss this?? SUUUUCH a joy to watch all the places your sweet teacup has visited 😉 that is so freakin awesome! Love when she stands in the middle of the three crows 😉 and under the chinese umbrella! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


  28. What wonderful photos Patty…so lovely to see them all here together.
    And I spied the wicker teapot from Nottingham! Reminded me of our dance that Jim captured, lol! 😉
    You certainly had a great 2013……hope this new year is as good. XX


  29. such beautiful photos!!!


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