Mix It Monthly and AJJ…

the lovely and talented Conny/Pia Rom has a Mix It Monthly (button on my sidebar) challenge that always delights and inspires and for some time now I have wanted to play along…

spiral art journal filling up fast

this month’s challenge is the theme of  ODD HATS using the colors orange, violet and hibiscus…

Odd Hat Mix It Monthly Challenge

I am also entering the page above in Art Journal Journey’s SILENCE challenge this month…

Odd Hat Mix It Monthly Challenge (1)

I really enjoyed mixing this combination of colors around to create a background in my art journal

Odd Hat Mix It Monthly Challenge (2)

swans are always a favorite of mine and I couldn’t help but think of Björk when she wore her infamous swan dress to the 73rd Academy Awards back in 2001 (it certainly does NOT seem that long ago in my head!)…


40 responses to “Mix It Monthly and AJJ…

  1. This spread is just wonderful, Patty! I love the colour-combo and your background is gorgeous! The lady with her unusual hat is a show. A real stunning piece!

  2. ha! you look wonderful in these colors!!! and your swan hat is tres chic!!! xo

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! Love, love, love!! You always use “my” colors!!!

  4. It was 2001? Wow….I thought it was just a couple of years ago!! Your lady looks ever so elegant in her swan hat.

  5. Oh my goodness, Patty….I had to chuckle as I thought the same thing about Bjork when I looked at your beautiful image. Your imagination and creativity see to skyrocket with each post that you share. So lovely, and so inspiring!
    P.S. ~ swans are a favorite of mine as well. Not only because of their beauty, but because of their fidelity to their mate ❤

  6. Gorgeous spread, love the colours

  7. Well, that’s DEFINITELY an odd hat! But a memorable one! Lovely spread as always, Patty!

  8. Beautiful spread and love the swan, so cool, Annette x

  9. You would definitely end up with some strange “hat hair” with that hat! Love the spread. Your colors are delicious!

  10. What a wonderful image! This is a lovely spread Patty.
    Alison xxx

  11. Love your layout! I love all the doodles and stamps. The happy place looks like a wonderful place to be and the swan hat is fabulous!

  12. Love the colours, but that hat is just the best!

  13. Hello Miss Patty, well these are different colors, but look wonderful together, I loooooove your swan hat it’s fabulous, the background is gorgeous, thanks for sharing, hope you have a wonderful day, ((( BIG HUGS ))) my friend, tell My Magpie a big hello from Canada..

  14. Wow, both pages are wonderful, great colors.

  15. Marvelous swan hat….It would keep you warm! xox

  16. Love the depth that you get through all your layers.

  17. Your new colours are so rich and beautiful, love that plum tone,- like ripe fruit in the summer,- and your swan hat is amazing my dear Patty,- yes Bjørk made us look back then 🙂 but whom wouldn`t get big eyes seing your hat, hehehe-.Your pages are again gorgeous,sweetest,- the black stamps and doodles making little stories around the main images and the colours so intensive. Enjoy your evening dear friend, I`m finding my bed, now !!
    Hugs ,Dorthe xx

  18. Beautiful pages! 2001 seems like yesterday. Remember how concerned we all were with 2000! And now… look how far we’ve come! Swan hats for everyone!

  19. OMG Patty she is hillarious and beautiful at the same time!!! Great women, seems she can do anything…so strong and wise…I love her and the background…I discover so many things everytime I look at it 🙂
    Wonderful you get inspired by Mix It Monthly again ♥ Conny

  20. the lady with her swan hat is absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful silent place.

  21. this spread is amazing Patty.. this colors and the swan hat is so special beautiful!
    I love this spread!
    Yes 2001 — as ist was yesterday — my pain in the neck( my daughter Julia ) was born in February 2001!

  22. What a fun and colorful way to honor both these challenges. Love the swan hat because it really made me smile!

  23. oh she looks so happy to have that swan hat – it made me smile to look at her! What fun – once again you are nudging me to go play! I worked on a portrait sketch while traveling and now I may go back in and plop a hat on her and play along!!! XOXO

  24. what a most perfect hat! unless of course it is a crown… but a swan hat is surely in the same realm as a crown… : D xoxo

  25. Love your odd hat!!! Swans are always so beautiful and graceful. Gorgeous pages!!! ~Sophia

  26. Ahhhh you’re the only one you can put a swan on a head of a woman and she still looks so beautiful!
    Have a creative day, Patty!

  27. Wonderful spread, Patty. I thought od Björk straightaway, too! Valerie

  28. HiPatty! And thank you for stopping by 🙂 Love your wonderful pages with this breeze of magic and whimsical!
    Greetings from Erika

  29. Wonderful, gorgeous spread. I love the composition and colours. Actually all your elements are just beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  30. Before you even mentioned her name she came to mind on seeing your lady with the flamboyant hat!
    Loving your inspiration and that gorgeous colour palette works an absolute treat against the white of the swan.

  31. Absolutely gorgeous pages!

  32. Love her hat! It’s so you!! The colors you used are a departure from your norm. I know I tried to leave a comment before but it seems that I have trouble if I’m not on my computer…the tablet doesn’t play nice…or its operator error. 😉

  33. i know you have this *swan thing*… and i´m happy to see your swan creations so much! your teacup review was a delight… hope you have as much to show at the end of the year – you and mr magpie are wonderful photographers!

  34. What a hat! I do like your purple/red page with all the little images.

  35. Beautiful dear Patty!
    This image is how I will always think of you from now on – perfect!!!
    Two very creative pages – I love the little village stamp on the L/H side – do you know what it is – or maybe it’s a rubon?
    She most definitely had a LOT on her mind ha ha!!!
    Shane x

  36. Thank you very much all.
    And Shane that is a fun stamp made by Stamper’s Anonymous K4-879 called Village Wexford

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  38. What a great spread! I love the stamping (and you’ve inspired me to get my stamps out … been a while since I’ve used them!) … and the “happy place” and the swan lady both incited a smile. Thanks for that. 🙂

  39. how a lovely lady you did create. The had is fabulous and next time there is a swan crossing the street for my car, i think i might get out and put it on my head aswel……

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