thoughtful silence…

in the past on this day many of you dear ones have helped create a circle of L♥ve and support both spoken and silent by sending healing wishes and kind thoughts and for that I am ♥ever grateful♥…

one of my collaged postcards printed on tea bag paper

the grip of grief still holds us but over time it seems a bit of numbness has set in…

Tea bag papers and more

 still trying to hold it all together with bits of this and that…

little messages tucked away…

(one of my collaged postcards printed on used tea bag paper…blue background paper from my Mutti’s childhood school autograph book…tags and a bit of rubber stamping with shrink plastic of a favorite stamp “ART HELPS ME BREATHE“)

tags with silent messages on the back

we are always happy to hear his name…



Alexander David…

a thoughtful silence

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”  ~Masura Emoto

sending caring thoughts to all those living with grief and loss

40 responses to “thoughtful silence…

  1. my heart and my thoughts are with you, hugsPetra.

  2. In recent times we have come closer than we ever thought to the loss of a child. A grown child, but a child nonetheless. Just the thought sends me into dark spots. So, while so many of us may not experience what you have, I, for one, have a closer appreciation of that than I had even a few months ago. I send tons of love and hugs and healing thoughts to you. Now and every day.

  3. inanoctopusgarden

    Patty – how strong you must be…your endurance is seen all around you in your grace. I am sending peace to you and healing hugs. Your light never goes out and I am sure Alex smiles down on that. xo

  4. A beautiful post Patty. The numbness helps the really good memories to push away the grief and to establish themselves in your heart forever.

  5. You will always have my heart, dear Patty, through our shared loss and on many other levels. Please know you are in my thoughts today, as well.

  6. Dear Patty. Reliving the day I’m sure. After my husband died suddenly (a year after you lost your son) I realized how I said his name differently. “Jim” said when speaking of my husband who died was different than “Jim” said as when I knew he was in the next room and I expected him to answer. One day I went out in our trees and called for him as if I expected him to answer. I just had to say his name that way again. I called out loudly over and over again. Makes me sad again, but it was good. It was part of me realizing that he still exists. Jim (the one that I expect to answer) still exists, just not on Earth. Alex still exists. Maybe you have a space that you can go and call his name. Maybe you’ll need to pretend at first that he’s just around the corner, but keep doing it and then it will become more real, because it is real. Not advice, just a friend sharing an experience.

  7. Dearest Patty,
    You made a beautiful valentines message to your dear Alexander,back in 2008- a message of you both missing him ,deeply, -of love, and hope for him to be safe and happy where he now is. What a dear little boy .–I`m sending you much love, dear friend- — and wishes for you to be blessed with happy memories ,also this year on this so difficult date. .
    Your pages are so beautiful my friend.

    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. Beautiful work here Patty, as always. Straight from the heart. There are no words, just that empty space. I get it. xxxxx forever.

  9. Oh Patty…it was such a sad loss. Your tribute is heartfelt.

  10. You are always in my thoughts as you continue to try and make sense of the senseless. I wish you peace–I wish that for all of us. My heart can’t speak what it wants to say — I want you to know that its silence is a hug for you. Take care of yourself. Hugs. — Amy 🙂

  11. Hugs from me too, Patty.

  12. A beautiful layout in your art journal. My Thoughts go out to you on this difficult day.

  13. I can’t begin to imagine your sorrow and pain. But, I send you love and hugs on this sad day.

  14. I send you a big hug.

  15. my thoughts are with you dear Patty
    xo Dymphie

  16. Hugs to you this day………… love speeding towards you….

  17. Our love has wings and will find you … Hugs and careful thought to you dear ones … The Magpies … Love from Kimmie

  18. Another year closer to being with Alex again…dear girl. Thinking of you two.
    Gently hugs…Dot

  19. Patty…thinking of you and Jim at this difficult time. You are such strong and amazing people. Sending lots of love and hugs from me and Brian. xxxx

  20. Sending you much love, dear Patty! Beautiful pages!!!
    Hugs, Dagmar

  21. You were on my mind all day yesterday…now I know why. Beautiful pages Patty. Hugs to you!

  22. Your loss has touched my heart as I read this post, not beginning to imagine what the loss of a child must be like for you to endure each and every day of your life.
    Patty, your strength always shines through in your words and your art. May that strength continue to stay with you Patty.
    Sending a warm and caring hug.

  23. OMG this is a wonderful spread Patty… I am impressed!
    hugs my dear friend!


  24. Well Miss Patty, this post is a phenomenal tribute to Alex, showing all this love, I can feel it from here and it makes my heart sing, you were the best Mom he could have had, these two pages are SPECTACULAR… (((((((((( HUGE HUGS ))))))))) to you and Mr Magpie too, lots of love to you… XXOO..

  25. Dear Patty, I didn’t know.
    We never get over it, but we get through it and it’s different.
    Your artwork is so special, these pages are special, I love the deep blues.
    Sending love from here in Scotland.
    Our blogland is a friendly place.

  26. I’m having trouble staying logged onto blogger, and that is why I’m late getting here. Even in grief, sadness, and pain, you still manage the most beautiful, amazing, and realistic posts that show how human you truly are. Bless you, dear one.

  27. A moving tribute to your beautiful boy, Alexander.

  28. A lovely tribute to Alexander….You have been in my thoughts and prayers… it must be doubly hard for you right after the bubbly holiday season is over… so many feel blue now… but for you a sadness that knows no bounds and a wound that never heals… sending you love as always dear, dear, Patty… xoxo

  29. a wonderful spread and a heart-touching post…
    feel hugged, patty!

  30. Beautiful post Patty, thinking of you and Mr Maggers. Big hugs Mxx

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  32. Dear Patty your journal page holds so much love and tenderness as does your heart. What a beautiful tribute to your loving son Alex. I cannot imagine such a loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and may all the sweet memories of your time with him always shine a light where there may be darkness. And the quote you chose is really one of the most beautiful I have ever read-thank you.

  33. Just beautiful!
    You’re in my thoughts & prayers Patty.
    Alison xxx

  34. Alex’s light will never go out in your life dear Patty.
    “Music fills the infinite between two souls”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore
    In your case dear Patty it is:
    “Art fills the infinite between two souls”.
    I’m imagining that numbness when images begin to blur and we struggle to hold on to every detail.
    My heart aches for you both.
    Sending loving hugs
    Shane xox

  35. Ma chère Patty, quel bel hommage à Alexander, je suis de tout coeur avec vous dans le souvenir de cet ange.
    L’esprit oublie toutes les souffrances quand le chagrin a des compagnons et que l’amitié le console.
    — William Shakespeare
    Bien à vous.

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  37. Such a beautiful spread. My dear, sweet friend, reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Grief is such a strange thing, just when you think it’s maybe gone it hits you like a ton of bricks… Think of you often, keeping your and Jim in my thoughts…

  38. Dear Patty, I have tears right now, first your page is beautiful, but I feel sad about the pain of losing your son. Just like Marva said, grief can hit you suddenly like a ton of bricks and I’m feeling it right now, we too have suffered the loss of our son. I wish you continued strength in your life. Hugs,

  39. Beautiful post and photos Patty. Sending both of you warm hugs and lots of love. ~Sophia

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