winds of change…

a stack of my CitraSolv papers have been waiting for attention for quite some time now…

Winds of Change Art Journal Pages

I decided to use a copy of the 1984 National Geographic page that had a windmill image still showing in the upper right hand corner for the last two pages in my spiral art journal (thanks to Mr Magpie for helping me find the words to add to my pages)…

Winds of Change Art Journal Pages (1)

Note to self for future reference: spiral bindings are okay to work in because the book goes flat BUT NOT great for turning the pages afterwards…

Winds of change supplies

I enjoyed a good bit of silence while making marks on these pages picking up my book again and again so I am entering these pages in Art Journal Journey’s SILENCE theme here

Winds of Change Art Journal Pages (2)

since my photos can be clicked and enlarged again thanks to Estivalia I wanted to offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of my CitraSolv page below for you to play with…

Patty Szymkowicz CitraSolv Sept 1984 Natl Geo


“You are it.  You are the answers to your questions.” ~Anita Krizzan

below you can find my other SILENCE pages for this month’s AJJ challenge… 

where the Light is

silence is golden

Mix It Monthly and AJJ


Silence certainly is speaking to me


31 responses to “winds of change…

  1. Patty, it always strikes me that you have such a fabulous collection of stamps, many unusual designs that I’ve never come across before.
    The pages remind me of geology, the layers that lie deep beneath us, what awaits to be unearthed. Beautifully organic with your white pen highlighting the shapes.

  2. this page turned out great – and so generous to share it… thank you!
    did i ever tell you about my citra solv experience? a fried was in the states and i asked her to bring one to me. she bought one, but her luggage was looked through by the custom officers and they took it out of her suitcase and she was not allowed to bring it with her. dangerous stuff… 😦

  3. well, a FRIEND was in the states… 😉

  4. Simply gorgeous pages. Nice way to use your citro-solve sheets. Still haven’t tried it, since I still have a few made with turpentine.

    I remember when I was in a round robin with Dana and Kathy. They both had those spiral bound journals. I agree that they are easy to work in, but hard to turn the pages. Being the anal (UMMM, neatnik) person I am, I used to sit and pick at the binding to remove the paint when I was stuck in their books.

    Nice way to end a journal!

  5. really beautiful, love the colours, and good that Mr Magpie helped with the words. Thanks for sharing your lovely page, too! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Thanks for that Patty….you’ve given me some ideas.

  7. This is a lovely and rich looking page. You’re sweet for offering it as a download.

  8. Wow looks really fabulous..I just can’t stand the smell of citrasolv, it’s too potent, but it sure does work. xox

  9. These pages look wonderful with those fabulous backgrounds Patty! I love how you used the white pen to add highlights too.
    Thanks for the download.
    Alison xxx

  10. AMAZING effects Patty ! Absolut great!
    Thanks for the freebie!
    We don’t have Citra Solve .. we can get Nevr Dull? for cleaning chrome parts on motorcycles and so on ( this seems also to be a great stuff I heard ) ..but I didn’t buy it – made another thing –
    I took cheap frangrance lemon oil for oil burner (thought of the citro / lemon in the citra solve) and rubbed with a cotton rag soaked with this oil through stencils over magazine pages—
    amazing papers came out! And smelled good!
    LOVE your spread..THIS IS GORGEOUS!
    Thank you so much for supporting us so well with wonderful SILENT pages
    at Art Journal Journey!

    Have a fab weekend –

  11. Patty dear friend, your citrasolv pages are so amazingly fantastic, and looks just like an earth crack somewhere ,in the high mountains, -while the angel of love from above, try to stop this disaster and help , -the winds of change has started !!!!!!
    How do this special tecnique work..I will look it up..but also here, we can`t buy CitraSolve, but I can see someone has used turpentine !!
    My friend, your pages are alwayes fillled with special messages, I love that !! Hugs and a beautiful weekend to you.

  12. Oh Patty this spread look so good! I’ve heard (and saw a video) about citrasolve and I liked it a lot. But I decided not to use it because this stuff seems to be really dangerous. Anyway, the pages done with it lok gorgeous and along with your doodling on it it even looks better. Fantastic!!!

  13. Splendid pages Patty! I have been wanting to try the CitraSolv backgrounds but have too much on my plate as it is 🙂 I’ll just enjoy your beautiful art .

  14. I still haven’t done my citra cel pages. But I love yours, and thanks for the download. Nice that Mr Magpie is a fine studio assistant! The pages are great and again you make my mind spin!

  15. Thank you! Love the pages. You know I went out a couple of years ago and bought CitraSolv because of you. I have yet to open it. Sounds just like me, doesn’t it!!!! Maybe today?

  16. Both pages are wonderful, many fantastic details.

  17. OMG they are stunning! How I love the Citra Solv pages….We can´t get this stuff here, but i have read, that it is possible to use Lavandin instead….It is on my list now 😉 It looks so amazing with all those holes and circles and the cool windmill on top!! Great pages as always Patty!
    ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  18. Such gorgeous pages…they look like they are covered with beautiful fossils or precious stones. I’ve never tried CitraSolv but the results you achieved sure make me tempted to give it a go.

  19. I love what you did on these pages, they’re gorgeous! I specially love how some of the textures have this “klimt-esque” look (Klimt is one of my favorite artists). Mr. Magpie’s words are spot on, they set a nice feel to the pages 🙂

  20. awesome! I have 2 bottles of Citrasolve and a stack of Natl Geos, I need to get some done! Wonder if it will work in the freezing cold garage? 🙂

  21. Nice! I love the windmill image – always hold a fascination for me. Can’t seem to get Citrasolve here, darn it.

  22. I love the effect you achieved and all the hand done additions to the background. Well done!!

  23. lovely textures and your photos are fab

  24. OH my! What an incredible effect you have created on your pages! I love your way of detailing all over. So well done!

  25. this is an amazing spread and I love all the details within it! Beautiful work as always!

  26. Wonderful pages, lovely details!

  27. Another beautiful and inspired spread, Patty! Your citrasolve pages are always the best point to start with, need just few elements to add to!

  28. Love these pages!! I love how you used your stamps. Came out great!! ~Sophia

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  30. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the wonderful details!

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