round and round…

Misty Mawn’s FULL CIRCLE online workshop started on Monday and what a great week it has been already…

Mandala in stages

she is such a talented…passionate and generous artist and an excellent teacher…


it is also a chance to spend time with some really nice and talented artists from all around the globe…


I L♥ve the way the layers of paint change the feel of the paper surfaces…


and in the midst of that excitement I really wanted to get my latest completed art journal under cover…

wool sari ribbon fibers fabric

so I spent some time machine needle felting some fabric pieces that I glued onto the cardboard covers…

art journal pages

Lesley Riley wrote a great blog post about exactly what I often do moving from one thing to another and another and back again…

mandala background with felted book cover

that is what happens I guess when you enjoy a variety of things…

completed book cover

I apologize in advance as I have been a bit slow in getting around to visit everyone…

Page details

now it’s time for Friday’s FULL CIRCLE lesson and it is not too late to join the class if you are interested as the workshop will be open for a full year…

38 responses to “round and round…

  1. There is only one disappointing factor – that I cannot reach out and feel the texture from the paint and the softness from the felt! The pattern reminded me of a mandala, bringing a serene and spiritual quality. Adore the nest with eggs.

  2. Your artwork is wonderful Patty! It looks like a great class!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Alison xxx

  3. Hi dear bussy lady!!
    Wow ,your felted cover is a beauty- love the many things you used,- and the painted pages!! I can almost see how soft they must feel with the many layers . The wonderful pages showing the circle of your life, from child till now, is beautiful, and also in your words, dear Patty.
    I wish you so many happy hours with this great workshop.
    Hugs and a joyfilled weekend, to you.

  4. Such inspiration and loveliness, my friend! Your cover is amazing and I’m in awe of any type of felting….your journal is quite the masterpiece and I’m sure you must be delighted.
    I, too, must have a few things to work on at a time. Even if it takes time to complete each one, there’s still a feeling of accomplishment!
    Happy weekend, sweet Patty!

  5. Such beautiful pieces of art, Patty! The colours are wonderful and I also would like to feel the felted piece. Enjoy your class! I also joined Soul Food yesterday and I am enjoying it very much!
    Have a nice weekend, you and your hubby!
    xox Alex

  6. I am so happy you talked about this class. It. is. awesome. It’s good to bounce around, no? love your felted journal! i wish i could touch it LOL

  7. I’m so excited you are taking this class! I’m going to love seeing all you do!! And your cover is awesome….. I forget you have that felting machine! I have so many projects pulling me in different directions right now…. so I’m doing nothing! Sad, but true.

  8. LOVE that felted cover…and your gorgeous journal really deserves such a finishing touch!

  9. inanoctopusgarden

    ohhhh it looks like you are having fun! I am so behind in posting and doing! Good for you!!!

  10. What a heavenly use of blue! I love the felting and that lovely little nest. A lady on Twitter posted a photo of her felting machine for me because I love the effect, but didn’t know what a felting machine is. Now I really want one! Glorious work as always Patty. Thanks for being so inspiring and original! Julie Ann xx

  11. Dear Patty! Now I found the time to look at your wonderful blog again. And I see a lot of beautiful artworks. Your Mandalas and the felted book cover look so romantik in this soft colours, I like it very much. Also your wonderful photos and art journal pages look so good to me, very inspiring. I like your kind of making artwork.

  12. I’m in total agreement of the way paint changes paper.. That’s one of the reasons I use it so much. Lovely needle felted cover!

  13. Patty dear, your art is scrumptious! oh my! I love both mandalas as well as your needle felted book cover! All inspired : )
    I am really enjoying Misty’s class too, but am not yet done with my first mandala.

  14. such beautiful soft colors patty and I just want to reach out and touch it 🙂 so glad you are enjoying your class, it sounds like fun….

  15. Hello Miss Patty, the painting is gorgeous, blues and green my favorite colors, the book FAN-TAS-TIC, I feel in love with felting from my DS she does it and the clothes made from it are right up my alley. Well all of us Magpies flitter, we are birds after all, I love the nest so special, I love to visit you to see what your flitttering has created, always something beautiful.. Hope you and the Mister have a wonderful weekend..((( BIG HUGS)))..

  16. I want one of those machine felters. I love what you did with your cover. It causes me to have cover envy (grin).

    I have always said I spend about 90% of my time thinking about my next project, and 10% actually making it. I guess that’s why I sometimes go off on random tangents like you. Of course, when I have YOU to inspire me, I often abandon what I was working on, and make something that was inspired by you. Thanks for being such a good, albeit distracting, role model.

  17. swooning… that is one post i could look all day at… the colors, the texture, the variety! i´m sure we will see many more of your wonderful results of this class!

  18. ohh Patty, your posts are so full of magic and beauty, and so are you 🙂 How I love you little soft, layered and promising 🙂 and yes Misty Mawns Workshop looks so very interesting!! Can´t wait so see, what you will create ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  19. Oh Patty … this all is a dream in blues and greens and I really love all this-
    what a great workshop with Misty …


  20. I did an online Claudine Hellmuth workshop and she said the same thing Leslie does. Before you glue it (or stitch or whatever) move it around — then when you THINK you have it right, walk away and come back with fresh eyes. It’s saved me a bunch of times! This, as always, makes me smile!

  21. Wow, I love the textures of the material, your drawing/painting combined with the colours are gorgeous. Beautiful artwork. I try hard to leave things unfinished, it’s not natural to me, but I’m learning 🙂 Have a great weekend, Shirley xx ps. we are ‘enjoying’ a blizzard, what a winter….

  22. Dear Patty,
    Your circles are so beautiful and,I’m sure, evolving as the layers are applied. I so love that process!! And your journal cover is stunning! I’m like you, I love to do a variety of things…

  23. Wonderful pieces and great details.

  24. Your machine needle felting is so delicate and beautiful. Adds a great dimension to your picture, all those layers. Happy PPF

  25. Oohh Wow, i love your new felting journal,the colors of blue and green its so dreamy and delicate,the liittle eggs is very cute,i love this little things on your cover.
    All its beautiful,dear patty.

    Lovely greetings Jeannette

  26. I know another little birdie who’s taking Misty’s class……you both have created such lovely pieces under her guidance. Although, I do believe that your ‘art-heart’ has always been with you as your creations are always stunning!
    Stay warm (it’s nice here for some reason) and keep playing!!

  27. i had to come take a closer look at your beautiful journal…and then i noticed you changed your blog header! i love it!!! xo happy weekend, dearest…see you monday in class

  28. Your art always has so much heart and soul in it and this project is no exception. The layers and doodling is just beautiful and I love your gorgeous felted covers!! Thanks so much for sharing Lesley’s post- boy did that one fit me to a “T” :):)

  29. Some great fabric and felt work by you Patty!
    xo wish you a wonderful sunday evening 🙂

  30. I think it’s a sign of a creative mind – to flit from one thing to another!

  31. I’ve always been drawn to round things. (Just picked up some AWESOME rusty round pieces I’ll blog about soon!) Pointy things, not so much. I really enjoyed your round art here! And, what a nice backdrop the round is on your rectangle journal!

  32. Love the new header!! And that art journal cover is just so delicious looking…it is one you definitely want to touch and to hold. So glad you are enjoying your new class. Sounds tempting but I’m already in two myself (Making Monotypes with Linda Germain and The Year of the Fairy Tale with Carla Sonheim)….so you know I’m flitting. 🙂

  33. Beautiful journal Patty! And a gorgeous cover too!!! I keep trying to get back into blogging, it’s not easy…

  34. Oh my, I just adore everything about this post and your beautiful artwork Patty *sigh* 🙂

  35. Your circular painting is fantastic with the little designs, you use the colours of blue in such a gentle way. I love your journal cover, so soft, intricate and pretty, I wish I could see it in real life.

  36. Dear Patty all is sooo beautiful. Your circle painting, the journal spread and I adore the machine felted book cover. Have a nice sunday.

  37. This is so pretty….and I love the art that goes in it. xox

  38. Beautiful!!! I loved seeing the progression photos. Your cover is amazing. I love the soft look it has! ~Sophia

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