twas the season…

come and gone so quickly it seems to me…

handmade cards…tags…tip ins and hangings and gifts oh my…


with many thanks to so many sweet friends that sent me some really lovely surprises around the holidays…

collage…sorry about the technical difficulties with the lighting on Linda Kunsman’s creations above 😦  my photos can hardly do all of these creations justice…I borrowed Mapy’s photos here)…

Fran Podlesney's altered bottle

two local friends created some wonderful altered pieces with such lovely details…

Linda Yeatman's altered salt shaker

you can click twice on any of the photos for a closer look and also find many of the names on my sidebar to your right under *Eye Candy and Inspiration* (although a fair number of my talented friends do not have blogs)Radicchio Bouqet Patty Szymkowicz

I am very grateful for special connections with creative and thoughtful friends all around the globe…

Radicchio Bouquet in a tea cup

sharing my radicchio in a tea cup with you while joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T and wishing you a happy last Tuesday of January ...

35 responses to “twas the season…

  1. i love those christmas scenes in the jars. it looks like the perfect use for a vintage jar that can’t be used for food.

  2. Dear Patty,
    such beautiful, funny and wonderful ,-both cards and other gifts you have recieved from sweet friends. The two little glass “globe” wonders from local friends are so lovely, and ofcourse I love what you reciebed from Linda Cunsman. Your thank you bouquet is the most beautiful “rose” in your lovely cup. Hope you have a great week…. I am traveling to my grandkids thursday ~sunday 🙂 Their mother taking time in Paris with her half-sister.
    Hugs from me-and kiss.

  3. Lovelies which decked your halls in a special style! I always get sad taking down Christmas….but it always returns and we can enjoy special decorations once again. Lovely gifts from special friends ~ priceless!

  4. Lots of beautiful gifts! I can’t believe how pretty the radicchio is…it looks like a giant rose.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. what a great post, taking time to appreciate so many heartfelt things… it is something you do so well… xox

  6. Lucky you to have so many generous and creative friends…beautiful work…and I just adore your radicchio in the tea cup, what a gorgeous burgundy color!

  7. So many lovely creations! You bring so much beauty to others, it is only right that it be returned to you. Love the little nest on top of one of the jars!

  8. Beautiful gifts! You are lucky indeed to have so many thoughtful friends!

  9. Wow, really beautiful gifts for a beautiful woman!

  10. What a beautiful array of festive goodies! xxx

  11. Hi Patty, Happy T-Day to you! It’s kind of funny that as I was reading your post about sending your thanks and appreciation, I was almost going to do the same thing in my own post, but changed my mind last minute. I’m glad someone else was feeling as grateful as I was today! Hugs xo

  12. wonderful gifts and an amazing radicchio presentation Patty!

  13. What a beautiful and thoughtful way to publicly thank everyone who thought of you with handmade goodies over the Christmas holiday. Thanks for sharing during T(ea) today, too.

  14. All beautiful surprises for you Patty. You must have a fabulous collection of handmade stuff.

  15. what lovely gifts dear Patty-and thank you for sharing them with the links. Your teacup is so beautiful-especially with the radicchio. You are so clever! And is that a kimono you are wearing-it looks lovely with the designs that shimmer. Happy T day!

  16. I love your teacup picture. i think it would go well as an enlargement as wall art!

  17. marmeladegypsy

    Oh, Patty, what lovely gifts. But then you give so much each and every day, I am quite certain that embedded in each one was a bit of thanks for your smiles, your talent and your heart.

  18. tuesdays seem to come and go faster and faster too 🙂 Some lovely mail and gifts for you, all well-deserved! That radicchio looks almost too beautiful to eat 🙂
    xo Dymphie

  19. What a lot of wonderful mail and beautiful gifts! The radicchio looks like a giant rose from above–gorgeous cup, too. Happy T-Day! 🙂

  20. Patty, I absolutely love your radicchio photos!

  21. Ooo! You have some very talented and generous friends. Love that bell jar with a scene in it.

  22. such wonderful gifties Patty….. they treasure your friendship very much…..loved ! 🙂

  23. Lovely to see your Christmas treasures Patty……..all beautiful and inspiring XX

  24. What a fabulous collection of gorgeous art you have received, well deserved too, love the bottled ones and your radicchio is gorgeous in that cup, hope you and the Mister have a wonderful day, thanks for sharing all of them, ((( BIG HUGS )))..

  25. Such wonderful things to have around you at Christmas.

  26. What generous friends you have, and all the wonderful gifts to let you know you are loved.
    Tea cup with radicchio is super beautiful.

  27. As we all know, you are much loved and the gifts from your friends expresses their love and friendship to you.
    Patty, the radicchio is glorious.

  28. Beautiful cards and gifts! And I think the radicchio in the cup is gorgeous!!

  29. Beautiful festive gifties Patty…and wowser at the Radicchio!! …It looks like a stunning red rose in your beautiful china!! 🙂

  30. A happy February to you, Patty, this must have been the fastest January ever. A radicchio in a teacup, of course, why not?

  31. You’ve got quite wonderful gifts from your friends, dear Patty! I am happy with you!

    Have a nice weekend, my friend (the weather here is spring-like :-))
    Hugs and smile

  32. Oh your arty friends know how to spoil you dear Patty.
    Beautiful gifts from such talented people.
    You’ve created a fabulous mosaic of gifts!

  33. Gorgeous and so sweet… thank you dear Patty for sharing your beautiful gifts… wonderful eye candy…

    Jenny ♥

  34. Ces gages d’amitié de tous les coins du globe sont inestimables ma chère Patty, j’aime cette idée d’un lien qui nous unit autour d’une même passion alors que nous ne nous connaissons pas, c’est indéfinissable et tellement fort.
    J’ai voulu vous étonner avec une carte shabby, style si éloigné du vôtre.

  35. Beautiful creations Patty. You are blessed with very special and talented friends. I love your last photo of your radicchio in the tea cup 🙂 ~Sophia

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