one of our FULL CIRCLE  workshop assignments this week was creating a lantern…

Painted Lantern Pieces

it never ceases to give me a thrill starting with simple things like cracker box cardboard…paints…

Lantern sides

snippets of paper…string and a bit of parking lot treasure that Mr Magpie rescued for me (flat lace like charm in the center)…

Illuniated Lantern

with the guidance and generous directions from our talented teacher Misty Mawn

Twinkling Lantern

I was also delighted with this project as it fits so nicely with my little word of the year here

“Whatever you are passionate about pursue…Whatever you dream about do…Just MOVE and keep following the beat of your own HEART” ~Lisa K. Fox

35 responses to “shine…

  1. Wow! What a fantastic lantern! And I love that part of it was a “found” treasure rescued by Mr. Magpie. The quote complements your work so beautifully. You are always an inspiration! Thank you!

  2. Oh, they are so SPARKLY!!!!! I can only imagine how you are going to use these………….somehow I see them hanging from your trees this summer, or as holiday decoration, or………….well, surprise me! I had no idea that Misty taught this! I’m gobsmacked!

  3. Well, this is sooooo lovely! And I love that you made it in a timely fashion. I’m almost a year late in my SEWN class making her lantern. ha! So typical of me! Let your light shine!

  4. What a fabulous project!!! And, thanks for your kind words about my faces – I’m getting ready to post the after-evolution ones and I’m so excited! I hope you are happily creating, love, and sending hugs your way!!

  5. What a fantastic project you have created and doubly sweet that your JJJ had a part in the piece as well, I Love it all, the story as well as the finished project.

  6. It’s exquisite Patty.
    I can see the depths of layers you have worked with those paints – I’m inspired!

  7. In the beginning of my creative life I made simple lanterns using nature paper and rubber stamps but you created an art work.

  8. Oh wow Patty, this lantern is beautiful! I wish I knew how to make it, it would be a wonderful thing to build these lanterns together with kids.

  9. fantastic lantern, love it

  10. Fantastic results, I can see you made lots of effort. This swan is gorgeous and inserts are really stunning.

  11. So beautiful patty! X

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this SO much dear Patty…. your collage and embellishments are beautiful… and how gorgeous your lantern is with the light shining through… fabulous quote too… keep shining Patty X

    Jenny ♥

  13. Hello ma chère Patty, quel talent, faire de telles merveilles avec de la récupération, j’aime beaucoup l’idée et la création est superbe.

  14. This is simply fantastic Patty. That piece of bling in the center of the circle is awesome. I’m guessing maybe an old earring..a large one at that. 🙂 And of course a swan…and a heart…two images I think of when I think of you.

  15. Well it is just fantastic!! It is such a great piece to bring light into this dreary mid-winter month.

  16. gorgeous as always !!! Love the rescued charm x

  17. Gorgeous lanterns, love all the details and your words for the year. Happy Sunday, Shirleyx

  18. This is fabulous, Patty! So beautiful — almost like a Zentangle in 3-D with light!

  19. you never cease to amaze me dear Patty with all the wondrous projects you share! Your lantern is gorgeous (I LOVE the swan image)! And of course I so enjoy reading your marvelous choice of quotes time after time.

  20. inanoctopusgarden

    This is fabulous Patty – I feel a demo/work day coming on! Your images worked pertfectly. It looks like a theraputic “zen” type project 🙂
    show and tell…?!

  21. what a fantastic project Patty! I love your lantern!

  22. This is so beautiful Patty!!! xxx

  23. That certainly worked out well. Glad someone else has a hubby that finds treasures on the ground. What a strange lot we artists are.

  24. Dear Patty your little lantern looks so beautiful, a great artwork again. I love it. Three very different decorated sides of one object and every side look so awesome. I love the two Ornaments and the look when light comes through.
    A great inspiration for me, because I love candlelight and lovely candle holder.
    Dearest greetings and have a nice week.

  25. Hello My dear Sweet Magpie, ah your bring light to my life every time I fly in for a visit, I missed that post when I was MIA, another brilliant post that was, I think all of your post are, a brilliant light, shining for us to gaze and be inspired by, that lantern, took my breath away, you took what you absorbed at the workshop, added all you brilliant touches, working your magic, you know you had me at cracker box cardboard :O), I knew it was going to be brilliant, ah and that sweet Mr Magpie always on the look out for special finds for you, bless him, each side is SPELLBINDING.. Thanks for being a brilliant light in my life.. My homemade gelli plate is cooling in the fridge, I can’t wait to play with it, inspired by you, have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS)))..

  26. A stunning piece, Patty. I love especially the side with the swan…Really inspired, no way!
    Have a creative week!

  27. patty these are STUNNING!!!! love th elight shining thru them…is the haer on paper or stamp? wonderful how something so simple can look so beautiful 🙂

  28. It seems everyone who visited has summed this project up as stunning and beautiful. I totally agree. I was a bit surprised you were able to get such beauty out of a lowly cardboard cracker box, but it’s my kind of art, too. At first, I thought it was metal, and was very surprised by not just the construction, but the beauty of the completed piece, too. I may ask to borrow this post during my April recycle days.

  29. incredible!! divine… *the swan* again, so beautiful…
    i found a similar ear-hanger a while ago and threw it into my “rusting bin” (where all small pieces are gathered to make some rusted papers and fabrics… one day… i hope this year i will get started with this point on my long to-do-list;))

  30. A great idea and a wonderful project.

  31. Oh my this has blown me away as I could never have imagined this started as cardstock and paint, not in a million years as the end result reminds me of hammered metal, it looks like something that was picked up on an exotic journey.

  32. This is so gorgeous.

  33. Wow! That gorgeous! It would be a wonderful project for a class I think.

  34. ‘Parking lot treasure’ – I love that term!

  35. Wow!!! This is gorgeous!!! I love the designs you created. The light dances so beautifully through them 🙂 ~Sophia

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