sweet tea…

fresh flowers are most welcome any time of year in my opinion and I find that in mid winter the delicate fragrance of hyacinth blooms and the elegant beauty of tulips are especially sweet…

Hyacinth and Tulips

the little child’s tea pot lost its lid long ago and the precious espresso pin cushion was created by my friend Nathalie

mini teapot and Nathalie's pin cushion cup

I am joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard again this week and wishing you lots of sweet moments

Christie's Beautiful Valentine Postcard

speaking of sweet look at the wonderful mixed media gelli print postcard that just arrived in my mailbox (THANK YOU so much dear Christie♥)…

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch...

“Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.” ~Chinese Proverb

27 responses to “sweet tea…

  1. Now that’s the kind of “sweet tea” I’m willing to share, I find sweet tea a bit too sweet, but not this post, with your lovely tulips and hyacinths. And who wouldn’t be proud of your pin cushion tea cup? I know I would.

    Thanks for bringing a bit of spring to my world today: a world filled with snow, with more on the way today and throughout the week. You have truly brightened my Sweet Tea experience today.

  2. Beautiful flowers and tea pot. I think I’ll pick up a little bouquet for myself when I’m out grocery shopping on Friday. I sure could use some flowers to sweeten my surroundings with all this snow!
    Nice choice of proverb-I chose a Chinese tea proverb too (wink)

  3. The bulb blossoms are a welcome sight on this cold morn. What a Lovely post you have created. I still Love and use daily my little pin cushion in a tiny creamer that you made for me. February is when I bring them downstairs to enjoy more fully. You’ve brought some Springtime to me this morn Dear Patty

  4. i love your flowers and your sweet little children’s teapot. i still have some of the tea set i had as a child and keep mine on a bookcase. yours looks perfect as a little vase.

  5. It was so nice to visit and see these lovely flowers, while our world here is still covered in white! The blue stained window makes a beautiful backdrop to your photo, too!

  6. Those baby hyacinth’s are so cute. What a lovely setting for your tea/flowers/tea. xox

  7. hyacinth blossoms!! aren’t they just the most divine flower after a long and tiresome winter. Ahhhh, thank you for sharing you lovely photos and your tea holders.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful Patty! We have crocuses in the garden! Yay!
    And, I love Christie’s Gelli print card, my favourite colour combination!
    Have you changed your blog header Patty? It’s lovely, & the moth looks so real.
    Alison xx

  9. Ooohh, fresh flowers as I sit staring out at fresh snow just makes me so happy! Thanks for brightening my day!

  10. What a charming little tea pot!

    Hyacinths are one of my favorite smelling bulbs, and they come in such a variety of colors. Luck you to have them this Tuesday.

  11. Beautiful images. Love those flowers. Love Nathalie’s pin cushion, too! Your updated blog still hasn’t shown up in my blog roll as being updated…. that irritates me. ha Such problems I have! Happy T Tuesday!

  12. Your flowers are a beautiful reminder that spring is just around the corner (even if it doesn’t feel like it right now). Thanks for sharing this beautiful T Day post!

  13. Love the sugar container as a vase…very clever once again! Nice addition to the last shot. 🙂
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. You have a way with your arrangements that is very appealing. Love the background…and the hyacinths really stand out against it.

  15. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. The flowers looks so stunning and what a cute little tea pot!
    Love the gelli print card. I love to make prints on mine too.

  16. Is that what JJJ calls you, Sugar Pie?

  17. Lovely photos Patty…..those pink hyacinths are glorious! Bet they smell good….. 😀 xx

  18. Lovely flowers and sweet smelling too. I hope you are doing well, Patty. Oh, and staying warm. 🙂

  19. I need to buy some flowers today — those are so pretty and so colorful and right here everything is SO WHITE. Love them in the sugar jar!

  20. Such beautiful images to brighten a winter’s day! Thank you for your kind words about my card. 🙂

  21. It tickled me that it says Sugar Pie – how sweet that is as is your display of blooms and also that beautiful Gelli print card you received from a dear friend.
    As you say, fresh blossoms are welcome any time of the year.

  22. The flowers are wonderful and the container they are in is amazing!! Visiting with you always lifts my day xxx

  23. Such a beautiful arrangement, Patty! I love to look at it, it brightens my day.
    And you received a beautiful card! Beautiful card are meant for beautiful people, aren’t they?

  24. The colour of the hyacinths is so intense against the purity of the tulips. Our hyacinths tend to be long gone by the time the tulips appear.

  25. Right now here in Germany it’s all gray. So this post lifts up my spirits! We are waiting to “wake up” here where I live – no sign of spring yet ~ it’s so cold here still.

  26. I love hyacinths, but they don’t love me….they make me sneeze. I shall enjoy yours at a distance!

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