Full Circle Art Journaling…

really enjoying Misty Mawn’s fresh and carefree take on art journaling using rescued books for the journal (which I have enjoyed in the past…but her approach is a bit new to me and very freeing!)…

Lady from Middle Earth Pasta Jar

working quickly is one of our goals…

Full Circle Workshop Journal Pages (1)

I find the collage part easy to do without too much thinking but when I try sketching that still gives me pause…

Full Circle Workshop Journal Pages (2)

lots of pages ready and waiting for me to practice practice practice to get braver with my sketching…

Full Circle Workshop Journal Pages (3)

♥ I cannot say enough about the great group of artists/students in the FULL CIRCLE Workshop who are so very inspiring and supportive ♥

34 responses to “Full Circle Art Journaling…

  1. Love, love, love these pages!! I agree that working quickly really can turn off those naysayer voices that can shout once in a while:) I’m finding that practicing (faces:) is really liberating. You go girl!

  2. Oh I love the moodiness of these pages, soft and inviting, lovely images. What a fab job. xox

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE (see, in capitals! 😉 ) these quick sketches a lot. They look so loose. Stunning, Patty!

  4. These are FANTASTIC pages.

  5. I reckon you’re pretty brave already Patty. Lovely pages. Ethereal.

  6. Well done Patty, your art journaling look so interesting and creative inspired. A pleasure to look at. My favourite is page Nr. 2 with the buddha, I like buddhas very much.
    Dear Greetings

  7. inanoctopusgarden

    I love your pages…there is a quality of enjoyment that comes to me when I see them …you must be feeling that in and I must be getting that energy when I look at them. There is always a glimmer them and yes you are one of the bravest !

  8. I’ve heard so many good things about her classes and seeing your work only reinforces it. Quite lovely.

  9. Hello Patty!! I am so happy to stop and visit you, it’s been too long. My blog is having issues so haven’t been at T Time in a month, so sad.

    WOW, this is wonderful and so pretty!! I love what you’ve done, so delicate and made with love. So glad your enjoying the class and doing something new. The sketching looks great to me, keep it up!!

    Hope you are well and enjoying whatever crazy weather you might be having too. HUGS!!

  10. What a beautiful journal, Sweet Patty! Your beautiful work embodies serenity and peace! Love that you’re stretching your creative wings by sketching. You’re always an inspiration to me!!! (BTW – it IS difficult to believe it’s February!!!) Please God, this terrible winter wil end s-o-o-n! I feel a “daffodil attack” coming on!!! ♥

  11. I love what you are doing with this. I find that I spend too much time planning when I reuse books. I enjoy being spontaneous but have a problem letting go. I got rid of most of my stuff when I was cleaning out last year and now I miss it. I will enjoy watching you share your talents. Thanks, Patty.

  12. Love your use of white.

  13. fantastic pages Patty! ADORABLE!!!

  14. Patty, you can be brave, sketch away!! It will be fabulous I’m sure! Your class sounds very inspirational.

  15. These are terrific, Patty, I love your own way of sketching.
    I particularly like the second image of the pages with the blue flowers and the bird and just the overall look of the two pages, and then going back up I really like the first image too with the ladder to the lady in the tower, how imaginative.

  16. Love these pages! The lace added to the sketch is a perfect touch..keeping it all very “Patty.” I’ll have to keep this class in mind for next year.

  17. I love this Patty! I have admired Misty’s work for a long time, what a wonderful experience to be in class with her! Like you, I can collage standing on my head..but the drawing/sketching is very scary for me. Working on my skills in that area right with you xx
    We can do this!!

  18. wonderful to have such uplifting experiences that show in your journal… xoxo

  19. Loving this! I swear you are going to make me join this class!!! Soon!!! Love your sketching, too! Keep on practicing!

  20. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun – and learning too. Drawing scares the daylights out of me, so I must say I admire you for what you’re doing.

  21. I love the term “rescued books”. I have a ton of rescues then. *wink* The depth that the original text peeking through can give is amazing. Sometimes I feel the need to completely cover it though and that ok. New life for those pages that were ready to be discarded. I’m enjoyed every page of your rescue!

  22. Wonderful pages Patty! I look forward to seeing more!
    Alison xxx

  23. I am so proud of you. You would NEVER catch me taking that class. I’d rather have my eyelids glued shut than try to draw AND show it in a public forum. You did a MARVELOUS job. Again, proud of you, and I love the book’s side view with the wonky pages, too.

  24. Goodness Patty your pages are AMAZING! what a gorgeous combination of images, textures and composition (but then you always create such lovely projects)…hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am staying inside…because it is still so cold and snowy!

  25. This is beautiful, Patty. How do you close it? Wouldn’t it get so fat with all the gesso that it stays popped open? I haven’t done enough journals to know what’s what.

  26. Your pages are thought provoking Patty. Like your style.

  27. These pages are so you, Patty! A touch of blue, texture and a wonderful collage, always so unique!

    Thanks for your kinds words on my blog 🙂
    Have a happy week!

  28. Lovely pages and great use of quotes.

  29. super spreads! the quotes are great! this really sounds like a wonderful workshop!

  30. Gosh Patty. What wonderful pages you have created here. Wow! Love them.

  31. I adore these pages! Beautiful! I have not received your email updates lately? Any thoughts? Miss you! xo

  32. Its evident what a great time you’re having with this workshop Patty……what a good decision that was! 😀 Love all your pages….especially ‘middle earth’. Wonderful! xxx

  33. Beautiful. Is it serendipity which has a hand when you select the most perfect words for the most perfect images, they always marry so perfectly and I wonder if it is through planning or beautiful chance.
    Wait until you hear this – I am working on my first page in my first ever art journal and with colour! Trying to be free and simply have fun playing with colour and texture and have also written on the page but the right image/stamp hasn’t whispered in my ear as yet.

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