sweet surprises tea…

my dear and talented friend Marilla (we met back in the 70’s when we were just babes working in Washington DC) surprised me with the most gorgeous pair of silky soft hand knit socks using superwash merino wool and nylon that she dyed in a colorway inspired by some bluebell photos I shared here last spring…

Judy Post Pin Cushion Marilla Knit Socks

that cute wool snowman pin cushion is a treasured piece my friend Judy Post made for me many years ago…

Moonlight and Laughter by Marilla

I have never had a “real” pair of gorgeous hand knit wool socks like these ever before…such a special special gift … Marilla not only knits beautifully she also spins and dyes yarns that she sells in her Moonlight and Laughter Etsy shop...

Fager's Is Lighthouse Harry Heron

by leaving a day early for a planned five day getaway to Ocean City, Maryland we missed the largest snowfall the Washington DC area has had in about four years…

Assateague State Park

saying goodbye to the pretty white sands of our relaxing getaway we returned home to some deep white stuff  (funny enough the last time we got home from this same spot in December there was an ice event upon our return home)

February 2014 snow

I do L♥ve snow and

backyard winter wonderland

 I also L♥ve having so many kind and thoughtful friendsValentines from Linda Kunsman and Linda Richter

these precious valentine’s arrived in our mailbox from two different really nice and talented Linda’s that I know…

♥Linda Kunsman of heARTfully inspired by Linda

and ♥Linda Richter of Linda Jo’s Obsessions

Assateague Island Foam Heart

as I make my way back into blogland to try and catch up with everyone I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard to wish you all a Happy T Day…

32 responses to “sweet surprises tea…

  1. Happy T-day and thanks for sharing such pretty photos.

  2. I’m so glad you missed much of that horrible storm that plummeted the East coast. I worried about both you and Marlynn. When I didn’t hear from you, I got really worried. So glad you were safe and having a wonderful time out and about.

    I love the photo from your second story. The first thing I thought of was (and you can tell how my mind works) you must get a good rate on your home owner’s insurance with that fire hydrant so close. Yep, that’s how I think (grin).

    You have some lovely friends and you deserve every wonderful gift others send you. You are such a sweetie and a real joy to “know.” Thanks for stopping by for T(ea) today. As usual, you brightened our world with your fantastic photos and kind words.

  3. what a really lovely get away to the beach-even in winter! Those gorgeous socks look so warming-how very special. Love the sweet snowman pin cushion too. Happy T day my friend and welcome home.

  4. I’d love to see that same shot from your second story taken throughout the year. It would be fun to see how the yard changes and develops over time and over the seasons.

  5. Hi Patty, thanks for sharing some beautiful photos yet again. And, it sounds like you are so blessed to have such kind and thoughtful friends. They truly are a blessing to have and know. Happy T-day to you!

  6. Those socks are just beautiful and I bet they feel wonderful on your feet! Love the found heart made of beach foam – way to go Mr. Magpie!

  7. Beautiful post and photos Patty!! Sounds like you had a nice getaway. The socks look very comfy and warm. The perfect gift especially since you came back to all that snow. Have a wonderful week!! ~Sophia

  8. Hello Miss patty, it’s wonderful to see you back, I love all the photo’s you posted on FB, those socks are beautiful, look so warm and soft, your photo’s are fabulous, such wonderful gifts from your friends. I think Mister Jim is magical, he always finds hearts to photograph for his love, now that is magical, hope you have a wonderful week, stay warm, thanks for sharing…((( BIG HUGS)))..

  9. As always I really enjoy your photos. Glad you missed a storm. Those socks look really cosy….your feet will be smiling.

  10. i can almost feel how soft those socks are just from looking at the picture. and such a pretty color!

  11. Those socks look amazing! More beautiful photos…always love to live vicariously through you and your travels. 😉

  12. wonderful inspirational photos dear Patty and amazing gifts from your fantastic lovely artfriends! Yes I remember the ice event last time.. when was this? time flies! We have warm weather and it seems like spring will come very soon!

  13. Hello Patty, what beautiful pictures, snow, art you have today. I enjoyed everything here. How funny that you came home twice from warm sand to cold snow. It must be fun when you don’t get it that often. We have plenty of snow and COLD here again. Can’t wait till spring is here and I can start making mandalas outside again. So glad you shared with us this week. Take care and see you soon. Happy T Day!

  14. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing.

  15. What a lovely get-away, and so lucky that you missed the storm. Your snowy photos look so beautiful. I love snow too but we have had more Spring like temperature for most of the winter …. take care, P.

  16. As usual Dear Patty you photos are wonderful….so enjoyed them. Memories from the past for things we’ve made each other. Thanks for the Valentine’s card….love…JUDY

  17. Ooo! Aren’t you the lucky one with those socks. They look divine. Enjoy them. Love your snowman too! Isn’t it funny how hand made pressies are the best!

  18. You have some really great and talented friends. Real socks! They are beautiful.
    Sorry to hear all that cold and snow everyone are having. Wish I could share some of our warmth with you all.

  19. So happy you and yours are safe! This weather has been very challenging. I adore your photos, here, and glad you had a chance to enjoy yourself in the sand. Love those socks! xo

  20. What a thoughtful and magnificent gift of hand knit socks and YOU of all people will deeply appreciate them. You do have some fabulous friends!
    So you are trading a white location for a different white location! will be glad to add a ton of green to some of that how about you? lol

  21. Wow Patty, these socks are so beautiful! I love to wear home-knitted socks. They feel so much better on my feet. Can you agree? You’ve also received very lovely valentine cards and the snowman you’ve treasured for years is awesome!
    I also love all these wonderful photos you and Mr. Magpie took. My absolute favourite is the one with the foam-heart. So wonderful!
    Have you or Mr. Magpie ever thought of publishing a calendar with your fantastic photos? You should think about it.

  22. Ohh Patty how I always love to dive in your posts…full of magic, love and inspiration!! Lucky U to be owner of such a beautiful pair of socks!! I so love your photos of the snowy sceneries
    ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  23. I’ve been a slow visitor of late with computer issues (I’m on a loaner now) but happy to finally check in. Handmade socks — do you know how hard those are to do? People who make them say “Oh, really, it’s not bad” but I’ve made them (well, actually, one — I can’t figure out how to finish the second) and they’re not so easy and take awhile because the yarn is so small. So YOU have been truly honored!

  24. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful gifts.
    Happy T day

  25. Hand knitted socks, oh the stuff of dreams – I can imagine how super soft they are. A beautiful thoughtful gift especially as the colours were inspired by your photographs.
    More sweet gifts from your dear friends, so glad you share with us.
    Enjoy the snow!

  26. I love the picture of snow at the beach. Now that is something I have never even imagined here in Australia. You are blessed with lots of wonderful friends!

  27. The socks look comfy and warm, besides being beautiful…and gorgeous valentines too! lucky girl..

  28. You have so many blessings in your life! And you are a blessing to so many! I’m glad you are home tho….. I miss you when you are away.

  29. Gorgeous colours on those socks! xxx

  30. I’m happy you had a nice trip! After looking at your journal pages, it made me wonder if you have ever sold any of your art.

  31. Such lovely images Patty and those socks are beautiful.

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