winter daze…

after having a couple of days of spring like temperatures we are back to business as usual here in Northern Virginia…

February Window

 our green bay window is always a nice respite from the gray and brown of winter with sunshine filtering in through German lace curtains…

Tillandsia Feb Bloom

and I got an extra thrill when I discovered the Tillandsia was blooming again this year…

Sedum Rose

a good number of these plants belonged to our youngest son as they did not fit in his car when he packed up and moved to Colorado a couple of summers ago…

fancy Begonia Limoges sugar bowl

in a few months when it warms up enough the plants will enjoy their place on our shady back porch where they seem to flourish in our humid and warm temperatures…

Lady with Aloe Vera Hair

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard as snowflakes are gently falling (we are expecting a dusting today and tomorrow)…

41 responses to “winter daze…

  1. What a lovely place to sit and feel like it is spring – but have the winter snow outside to gaze upon. I would spend a lot of time in this area to lift my spirits! Gorgeous photos too! 🙂

  2. How thoughtful of you to take care of your son’s plants. They certainly look like they are well taken care of, too. That’s a lovely spot to bring a bit of sunshine to your life, even as the snow is falling outside. Not sure what a “dusting” is (and yes, I know what it means), but I hope it doesn’t turn into a full blown winter snow. We are supposed to get it today and into the weekend, too. And just when temps were starting to warm a bit. Winter may be here to stay, but it’s all green and flowery at your place.

    Thanks for sharing these beauties, along with the tea cups, this T(ea) Tuesday.

  3. After I left the comment, I decided to find out what a Tillandsia was. I thought it looked like a bromeliad and sure enough, it’s in that family. I had one of those “air” plants once, but it died on me. Sad, but true!

  4. Winter can be such a tease, don’t you think? I remember those NY winters oh so well….but you have a lovely corner to enjoy your beautiful greenery throughout an otherwise dreary day ~ enchanting! Hope your precipitation is nothing more than just a dusting, and that Spring is around the corner…

  5. O so beautiful…the colors of plants and flowers are so comforting after months of snow (in Ohio)…always a treat to visit you! happy T day!

  6. Your window is so inviting! No wonder those plants are doing so well. Amazing that you got the Tillandsia to bloom indoors. Is that a hoya surrounding the butterfly? I have several in my yard and love the thick waxy blossoms they produce.

  7. What a wonderful place to recreate, Patty. I wish I could sit there and enjoy life.

  8. The flowers are beautiful and even though we have this snow, I feel the promise of Spring around the corner in your post. 🙂

  9. sparkledaysstudio

    Look at your beautiful space. Love the succulents. xox

  10. what a lovely window garden!

    they are predicting a chance of snow (no accumulation here) for us in the night tonight. our high yesterday was 65F or so. ups and downs with this weather.

  11. amazing plants Patty and I am thrilled with all your Journal Pages…gorgeous… I love them all!

  12. Dear Patty…beautiful photos as usual from you & your hubby. We, too, are enjoying the big fluffy flakes for a short time here in the valley.

  13. What a lively spot to gaze at while you drink your tea. Meanwhile here in the tundra it’s -2°F. BAH! The winter that never ends.
    Happy Tuesday!

  14. I know your plants are glad to in there all protected from the white stuff.
    We are on the verge of springtime,,,,WAY toooo early but hey,,,,who is disturbed when spring decides to show it’s face early. You guys sure have had the snow this year haven’t you……take care, CYN

  15. Even with the snow flakes falling, your window looks like a breath of Spring! Thank you for sharing it today! The last “dusting” missed us, but we are promised some tomorrow!

  16. Your son’s plants are much happier in your beautiful window where they can get some moist air. How pretty they are! Such a lovely window photo……….I think Nancy and I had the same idea of hanging out there through the cold winter months!

  17. So many pretty plants!

  18. Your flowers are a breath of fresh air on these, still very cold, winter days that we are still in the midst of.
    But Spring is closer than ever, so YaY!!

  19. A little green paradise dear Patty, nice to have a look at. It’s the right place to look at on grey winter days. The blue blossoms of your Tillandsia are so marvellous. My Tillansia had only a little pale pink blossom last year. I like plants too, all my windowsills are full of it. The plants comfort me during the long wintertime till spring, when gardentime begins. 🙂
    Wonderful fotos my dear.

  20. you really have some of the most beautiful and unusual (to me anyway) flowers and plants Patty. They are a lovely way to remember your son who is so far away. And what a nice way to introduce Spring again too-despite the flurries(which we are getting too). Happy T day my friend!

  21. Thank you so much for these lovely pictures. I am done with snow:( and these flowers and plants are so beautiful

  22. Gorgeous plants, and you obviously have ‘green thumbs’. I can’t get my head around snow AND warm humid temperatures in the same place.

  23. Hello Patty, Happy T Day to you!! WOW, how gorgeous all these flowers are. I love seeing the colors and how well they are doing. Can’t wait till spring and see my new bulbs up front grow and add some color. We only have white and white and more white here, lol.
    Thanks for brightening my day with this beautiful post. Have a good day!

  24. New little flowers, always the promise of spring.
    Thanks for stopping by this week.

  25. oh, I love your window! Even with a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, winter is still here at -17 (right now) Can\t wait till Spring 🙂

  26. Gosh! What an array of wonderful plants. You are doing a grand job of looking after them. I love all the little cups and teapots in there too.
    Thanks for visiting.

  27. wow gorgeous flowers/plants – your photos are beautiful. Enjoy and thanks for sharing, Shirleyx

  28. I so enjoyed seeing your flowers! We’re headed into yet another deep freeze here…positive joy (not!).

  29. Such beautiful plants and photos!! Looking at the green plants and gorgeous flowers warms you up in itself. But I’m glad to hear the temperature warmed up a little for you 🙂 All the best ~Sophia

  30. Hello Miss Patty, well that was just a bit of heaven what a sooooothing place, I can just picture you and the Mister sitting there all warm and snug, it’s magical, those curtains are gorgeous, your Tillandsia certainly is special BRILLIANT photo’s, enjoy that lovely place and thanks for sharing it with us, have a wonderful day, ((( BIG HUGS)))…

  31. What a beautiful and hopeful space! Thank you! Looks like the polar vortex is back for this week! (gasp). xo

  32. Simply beautiful!!! Stay warm and protect those plants! I know you will!

  33. I keep my bromeliads in the garden, but we don’t have snow. they are so beautiful when they flower.

  34. The Tillandsia is beautiful and the other plants seem to be flourishing for you.

  35. Thanks for keeping all the snow to yourself… dear Patty, that was most kind of you! Yes, back to grey today down here in Chessy and waiting impatiently for spring… the trees are budding and the grass is greening… so methinks that it will pop here soon… but in the meantime, I know your photos will always cheer me up!! xoxo

  36. I love your Tillandsia Patty, never heard of those before. Your window greenery is simply beautiful, it must be so calming to look at.
    Stay warm,
    Alison xxx

  37. i can totally feel the cozyness here against the snow outside, looks wonderful!!
    we had no winter this year that would deserve that name… very small amounts of snow on a few days only. bright and sunny on many days – so no complaints from here (after the last winter, which was dull – dull – dull !!)

  38. It’s just like visiting the botanical gardens. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this warmth and beauty. Happy Wednesday! (I’m running late this week; better late than never.)

  39. OMGosh! You have your own little greenhouse all winter long! Thanks for the green/bloom visit. Happy belated T-Day! 🙂

  40. Colin yo son

    Makes me miss all those plants, but I’m glad to see how awesome you made that window look! The plants seem pretty dang happy with you as an owner 🙂

  41. Such beautiful plants, you must have the green thumb touch, sadly I do not, most of my houseplants tend to keal over. Aplogies for my late arrival!

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