Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Three

Full Circle Journal 3

still playing with my gessoed book pages

Full Circle Journal 3 (1)

looking at them here I can see where I might add a few extra touches which is not exactly following the class assignment of working quickly without too much thinking (see the leaves below that could use a touch of green)…

Full Circle Journal 3 (2)

scraps of vintage wallpaper went into a couple of these spreads…

Full Circle Journal 3 (3)Golden’s Iridescent Gold paint is very nice for adding a bit of shimmer and interest…

Full Circle Journal 3 (4)catalog and magazine images make nice focal points…

Full Circle Journal 3 (5)

still lots of pages in my little book in various stages waiting for attention…

Journal pages in process

midway through the course instruction there is so much to enjoy and learn in Misty Mawn’s Full Circle Online Workshop where classes will remain open to all participants until June of 2015…

37 responses to “Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Three

  1. These pages are so beautiful and inspiring and exquisite.

  2. As always your pages inspire and encourage creativity! So beautiful. Julie Ann xxx

  3. I am in awe of all your beautiful pages. Do you do one a day…more? Truly gorgeous!

  4. Your journals are inspired Patty…. and I love those blues.

  5. I love what you did on your bookpages, Patty! You have such a brilliant sence for aesthetics. So wonderful!

  6. Thrilling pages are this all.. the catch my eyes and my heart Patty!
    Yea we know you.. your are not a shallow and perfunctorily person..oh now.. you are a thinker !
    Therefore I like you so much – even I don’t know you in reality I can feel your soul is so beautiful blue and green …
    Have a wonderful weekend –
    and spend the hours with Mr. Magpie!

  7. sorry my mistakes… I am so bad with my typing keybord… have to clean the buttons… some of them get stuck!

  8. Lovely results and there is nothing wrong with reviewing what you have done and then returning to add more if you feel it is needed. Working quickly can be liberating but reflection is also rewarding.

  9. Patty, I love the heart–absolutely wonderful–the music, and “Beauty is seeing with the heart.” The message sings so strong. I find it is hard to take in all of your work at once because you succeed in touching so many senses. It’s good that you don’t display too much at one time 😀 . Take care! – Amy 🙂

  10. Your pages are beautiful, the drawings are special. I really like your style and use of soft colours and textures. Have a wonderful weekend, Shirleyx

  11. Oh this pages are so gorgeous Patty!! I love all of them. Have a fantastic weekend!! ~Sophia

  12. Wow Patty these are amazing pages again, so many fantastic details.

  13. inanoctopusgarden

    Gorgeous! looks like you are getting more and more comfortable with the pages…they have such a nice inviting feel …very nice touch on the details (but you always were good at that!)

  14. really beautiful and inspiring pages Patty. They all have such warmth and imagery. I’d be much like you and add the green to the leaves-just can’t help it 🙂

  15. Patty, you bring our attention to the leaves but I like them this muted colour, in fact I like it very much but you know me and my fear of colour!!!
    The touches of gold paint is perfection on those particular pages.
    A post brimming with visual interest – I have to say that the first pages are my absolute favourite with the inclusion of that Art Nouveau style woman.

  16. Patty…we can tell you are really enjoying this workshop…you are on a roll! Great pages..and even the ‘ones in waiting’ are gorgeous! 😀 xx

  17. Gorgeous as always, love how you are struggling to leave the pages alone ….. wondering which side will win….. have a lovely weekend, take Jim out so I can admire his work too!!! xx

  18. Your pages are so beautiful Patty! They are not only moving but inspirational! xo

  19. I adore your pages, you are doing so much with a limited paleete and the composition is marvelous!!! xox

  20. Oh Patty you are so profilic and what a firework of creativity!! Love your use of white and cream colors to make the darker one pop! And then all the interesting collage elements who invits to take a closer look!! Your art is so beautiful so you are! Seems you have lots of fun in Misty´s great workshop..I can´t wait to see more of your wonderful pages! xox ♥ Conny Mix It Monthly

  21. Love your art journal. . . . very inspiring. I;m setting up a creative space for myself and this makes me itch to get creating!!!

  22. always a joy to come here to look at your creations… you seem to enjoy the class with misty mawn so much. wonderful spreads, all of them!!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend, patty!

  23. kyrrha sevco

    Love, love, love Misty Mawn! Your pages are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Love your pages! I haven’t done that assignment yet. But my journals fringe on that all the time already! So I’m trying to just incorporate it in existing journals right now. I do love gesso! I need to find a new old book! ha! Loving this class!

  25. How did you get those PERFECT circles (drops of paint) around that heart in the first photo. Stunning art, and I can tell you must be enjoying that class.

  26. Great and awesome pages, Patty! Love your work. It’s always very surprising and unique!
    Have a wonderful sunday, my friend.

  27. Beautiful & inspiring pages Patty! xxx

  28. Oh my, your journal art pages are really lovely and you seem to know just how much writing to add… will have to look at the link as I would love to be able to do pages like yours!

  29. Dear Patty, I can only say it’s a pleasure to look at your wonderful sides, wow. I cannot find the right words for it. I love them all.Very awesome.
    Have a nice and creativ new week.
    Dear Greetings

  30. Patty dear, I love your blue and golden pages, so filled with your many beautiful creations and thoughts.
    They are all so different , but all the same, tells the same story of beauty and love,-of natures amazingness, and you embracing it in every way !!
    Love and hugs from Dorthe

  31. love love love the look of the crow on the gessoed background – great!

  32. I don’t think I’ve already commented….. pretty sure I haven’t…. but want to say that I really love the page with the blackbird!!! They are all so scrumptious tho!!

  33. I don’t know how I missed these earlier, they are all absolutely exquisite.
    Maybe my favourite is the one with the black bird and the houses, but again the others deserve to be examined in more depth. Your clever use of subtle colour is extraordinary.

  34. Love these esp the one with the butterfly! You are certainly getting into this class!!

  35. I just love your altered book journals!!! You do such beautiful work!

  36. You are so dag gone talented. I am going to have to return when I can spend a lot more time admiring your work. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment – from you that is a huge compliment!
    Sandy xx

  37. Just signed up. What marvels you have created so far.

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