Traveling Tea Cup Snow Days…

almost 7 inchesMarch came in like a lion yesterday here in Northern Virginia dumping a nice bit of ice and snow on us closing schools and businesses…

3 March 2014 Snowour traveling tea cup did not have to travel far to enjoy some lovely white stuff…

Traveling Tea Cup of Snow

full of anticipation I placed the tea cup and saucer on top of a barrel planter just off the back porch…

snowglobe in back garden

baking some mixed berry scones was a nice way to warm up the house and feel cozy along with sipping some delicious French press coffee (we traded in our electric drip coffee maker for the French press last year and like it a lot)…

Mixed Berry Scones and French Press Coffee

joining with Elizabeth and Bleubeard this Fat Tuesday and wishing you a happy and cozy day…

38 responses to “Traveling Tea Cup Snow Days…

  1. we got some ice/snow here but not nearly as much as you. it looks so pretty where you are!

    your coffee pic looks so cozy 🙂 i haven’t had french press coffee in a while. hmmm, i think the husband took it to work lol

  2. I had heard that this last storm was going to be more intense the farther south you went, but I did not realize it was going to reach VA! For once, we (north and west of NYC) were spared and got not one flake. We are dealing with below freezing temps today though.

    Those scones look good!

  3. You really know how to lift up my day, making me chuckle seeing the tea cup all ‘dressed up’ in snow flakes, ready for a party with some snow-prince, eating ‘yammie’ berry scones – It may be cold outside, but your heart and home radiate much warmth!
    Thank you, Patty

  4. Welcome to MY world, where snow, ice, and sub-zero overnight temps rule.

    I can always leave it to you to make a party out of a snow day. And of course, I love how you set your table for a breakfast feast that turns a simple day into a holiday. Beautiful vignette, dear friend.

    My friend Joseph gave me a French Press one year, but I gave it back to him, because I simply didn’t care for it. My problem was, although I take time to grind my own beans for each pot, I don’t like to take time to wash all the mess the press makes. It’s fun on occasion, but not when you make a pot at least three times a day (can you say caffeine addict?).

    Thanks for sharing your traveling tea pot and your festive table scape during T today.

  5. That looks lovely and warming!!! Beautiful photos too! Julie Ann xxx

  6. Oh my that is a LOT of snow and ice-pretty to look at certainly , but a mess to deal with. We were very lucky this time around. It completely bypassed us although local news predicted 6-8 inches up to the last minute. Your coffee and scones look divine and I haven’t used a coffee press in ages. May have to dig mine out again:)

  7. Snow is pretty but I am happy to live without it. I too use a French Press so I have my coffee ready now pass me a scone please. They look delicious.


  8. uuuuuuuups… that is not what we want to have much snow!!
    but this impressions are all just GORGEOUS Patty.
    I think we can also get some snow…when I remember my life’s years – there was often snow at easter holidays … so .. I hope that my little green tops of the tulips will come more out of the earth and set my soul in spring feelings.
    spring kisses sent by Susi

  9. Dear Patty,
    You surely know how to add cozyness to a cold and icy day,-your berry scones looks so delicious ,and I`m glad you enjoyed the coffe inside your lovely home. I can imagine you are soon tired of snow and cold, and hope this will be the last big storm you have this spring.
    Love from Dorthe

  10. sparkledaysstudio

    I heard you got blanketed with the white stuff. French Press, ahhhh, now we are talking. xox

  11. How pretty the snow looks in your yard, love it. I bet it’s kinda fun for you to get snow, more appreciation for the beauty of it, even the teacup enjoyed it. Yes, baking on these cold days is the perfect thing to do. What a pretty table setting you have. Hope it warms up soon for you.
    Thanks for sharing and happy T Day to you!

  12. Wow!!! You sure did get a lot of snow. As cold as it may be, it is beautiful to see 🙂 Stay warm!! ~Sophia

  13. Looks like you, and the teacup, know how to enjoy the snow, Patty. Lovely photos.

  14. I feel for you with the ice but the snow is pretty–love the teacup! 🙂 All the best…

  15. Looks beautiful, but SOOO cold!!! I am warm and happy and snug in my art cave today!! Just icy here….. the trees are white! Hoping my computer motor warms me up here! ha! Happy Fat Tuesday to you!

  16. Oh Patty….when will it end? I feel for you….but the photos are lovely! 🙂
    Scones look rather gorgeous too…….

  17. That is a lot of snow. Lucky you didn’t lose your tea cup. The scones look very appetising.

  18. Shiver shiver! I love the picture of your teacup in the snow.

  19. I love enjoying the snow through your pictures. I’m not sure I would be able to deal with as much snow as you have had, if any…not even for those delicious looking scones. Hopefully that will be the last snow storm of the year for you!

  20. Wonderful tea time photos. Great snow photos, too… but I’m glad about the warmer days here in Germany.

  21. hettiecraft

    OMGoodness! You did get alot of snow and ice dumped on you! That must have been a bit of a shocker!
    Now about those berry scones. I am sorry there is one missing, but I could not resist!
    My nephew had a little boy. I will share a layout soon. My niece is back in London dancing!
    Hugs and thank for visiting.

  22. Boy you all have had so much more snow than us. I’m glad you were cozy even though your teacup was not!

  23. Sorry to hear about all the snow, but at least you got some great photos. 🙂 The coffee and scones look divine. Happy T Day!

  24. Happy T-Day!
    The snow is no fun but sure made beautiful pictures. Love your photos. Oh and those scones! They looked yummy!

  25. I watched the movie Frozen with my grand daughter today! Your photos remind me of the movie. 🙂 They are super! We were on the cusp of getting this storm; I guess it stayed South. I’m sorry you got hit with this latest storm. Your French Press sounds delightful!

    Stay warm and well! Love ya – M

  26. Enough already! I don’t mind being snowed in but the rearrangement of appointments is tiresome. Can’t decide which to bake…gingerbread or scones. Decaf coffee!

  27. Gorgeous photos! Adore the shot of the snowy tree and fences… and the teacup of course 🙂

  28. Your pictures are wonderful. Love the tea cup that is half covered in snow.

  29. As always, beautiful elements in your photos…I am hoping this snow is the last we’ll see in Ohio this year. Your cozy quilt, scones and tea made me feel warm inside, if not outside! 🙂 happy T day a bit late…

  30. I missed t-day, but came by for a visit anyway. LOVE the cup I the snow!
    I can’t believe I missed getting a whiff of your delightful scones, I’ll make sure I am NOT late next week. LOL

  31. You have inspired me to run out as soon as I finish this comment and heat the kettle! So beautiful and SO COLD!

  32. our winter was one with lots of rain, no snow and ice this year. Stay warm and have some coffee (or tea!)


  33. Lovely photos! Esp the one of the cup deep in snow. Clever as usual. I see a bit of lovely old quilt. I have the pieces you sent me sitting out begging to be played with. Just haven’t figured out the “what and how” yet.
    Sorry I’m late but I did manage a post…a day late and all. 🙂

  34. Hope you get a thaw soon Patty, though it does look pretty! xxx

  35. You got winter again, looks so nice. If you could not go to work you had time for artwork at home. 🙂 Here we have sunshine and the Garden grows fast, but in the Morning we often have frost. Yesterday we made some gardenwork, we picked up all the Autumnleafes from our flowerbeds. Today I had my first time enjoying sunshine in the garden for half an hour. But the wind was cold. I wish you that the winter goes and warmer weather comes.
    Best time of the year is garden time and I love to do my artwork outdoors.
    Dearest Greetings

  36. I love all your photos, Patty! And this year the U.S. have got all the snow we are normally supposed to get. Also the minus temperatures are missing over here. to me it’s the strangest winter I can remember.
    But lucky travelling teacup – now it also knows the meaning of ice-tea. 😉

  37. Hello Miss Patty, your photos make that snow look beautiful all the dripping icicles, we still have a ton of it and it’s all grey and dirty, we’ve had it since Nov, real tired of it now, oh boy I’m flying over to your’s for coffee and those delicious scones, hope you and the Mister have a wonderful weekend all warm and cozy, thanks for sharing ((( BIG HUGS)))..

  38. I have never tried french press coffee, but have always figured I would love it. Your scones look yummy and the snow looks very pretty, even though we are all getting a little tired of winter. Happy very belated T-Day! 🙂

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