Hermine’s Card Project

the talented and lovely Hermine from The Netherlands asked me to participate in her rolodex card project and this gorgeous card arrived along with a blank card for me to work on…

Hermine's lovely card

Hermine is sending blank cards around the globe so she can fill the lovely box she altered with lots of different artists’ creations

my collaged card for Hermine

I had wanted to needle felt a card for her file box but thought in the end that it might be too bulky so I created a layered collage card using various bits of paper (including a tiny piece of map from San Francisco, California)…embossing with thick gesso…Inka Gold highlights…a bit of altered paper towel for the water and a piece of daisy trim for the sun from a friend

Hermine's photo of my card

it was great fun to make and here is how the card looks in it’s new home with Hermine

38 responses to “Hermine’s Card Project

  1. It looks fabulous and completely at home! What a lovely idea this is! Julie Ann xxx

  2. A lovely little piece of collage art Patty! It will be a wonderful addition to Hermine’s collection.
    Alison xxx

  3. Perfect!…I reallylove the way you made the sun and water.

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love the beautiful swan. So graceful. Love Hermine’s card too. Especially the color palette she chose. Fabulous!! ~Sophia

  5. Oh wow.. you made an amazing little card! And Hermine’s card that came with the blanc card is awesome in her wonderful unique style.. that I love sooo much!
    I am happy that your wonderful little swan swims in her box maybe near beside my waterlilly – kind of lotusflower I did for Hermine’s project some weeks ago – lol !

    LOVELY post my dear friend!
    Have a wonderful weekend !
    xxx Susi

  6. I love both cards, Hermine’s and yours, Patty! This is such a wonderful idea and the case Hermine altered looks fantastic! Can you please tell me out of what you made the sun?

  7. Such a lovely card. What a fun project!

  8. What a wonderful project! I love yours as well as Hermine’s. Enjoy! xo

  9. That’s a neat project for you to be a part of; I’m sure she was thrilled with the card you sent.

  10. Thank you again Patty, It will have a good home overhere and it looks awesome in my box :o)

  11. fran podlesney

    How fun Patty. Our mixed Media group should try this.

  12. I remember the craze about three years ago when we were all making those altered Rolodex cards. In fact, I still have quite a few blanks left over after I bought a whole set. Of course, none of mine ever looked a s good as yours. It is simply darling. What surprised me was the paper towel. I had to look twice to recognize it. Lovely, as always. Hermine is quite a lucky gal.

  13. Wow Patty you created such a lovely card, i like the beautiful swan.
    I had also a look at Hermines Blog and was fascinated, she created so wonderful things, I could not stop to look at. I think I will take a look on her blog often in future. Thanks for sharing it. I had never seen such cards before, lovely idea. Little place for great artworks. For seeing such wonderful artworks from women around the world I love the Internet. 🙂
    Wish you a nice weekend with less snow.
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox

  14. Your card is gorgeous, love the design, texture and beautiful swan. It looks at home in the box and the card Hermine sent you is also beautiful. Take good care, Shirleyx

  15. love, love, love!! She’ll have masterpieces when it’s complete. The swan is so you, loyal Patty!

  16. your work is always so pleasing to the eye!

  17. What a wonderful project! The Rolodex card you’ve made for Hermine looks fantastic! I think it will be a beautiful addition to her collection.

    Gaby xo

  18. What a great idea, ,from Hermine–
    and your swan card is wonderful, -swimming there in it`s sunglittered surroundings somewhere in California, it is a beautiful addition to her project, sweet Patty.
    The one you recieved is wonderful, too.
    Have a fine and happy weekend dear friend.

  19. Fantastic idea from Hermine. Your cards are both gorgeous, dear Patty.

    Have a lovely weekend

  20. inanoctopusgarden

    Patty – this is a fun project! I visited Hermine’s blog and started following her in hopes to see the box fill up! As ususal you sent me down the road to inspiration…her work is amazing and so full of great energy! Thank you!

  21. Gorgeous card and I love the way that Hermine is storing them.

  22. This is just perfect! I have some of that daisy trim — oh, I love it. And of course your signature swan and colors. Hermione is lucky indeed. I’ll have to check out her blog!

  23. awesome!! and so YOU!!

  24. gorgeous card Patty-has all your signature markings too:) I remember doing a rolodex card swap with Paper Whimsy but I don’t recall whether or not you were in that one. The cards were the only reason I bought a rolodex!

  25. Patty this is so lovely…all the elements fitting together so nicely. Awesome texture.

  26. What a great project – both what you created AND the card holder. What a great idea!

  27. The collage is lovely, Patty! I like the idea of the rolodex- might be great for a handmade book…

  28. Oh Patty ,I just love the card you made for Hermine, and it is so nice to see what she is doing with them 🙂

  29. I love Hermine’s artwork. You card is so so beautiful. You used your signature, the swan, it’s lovely.
    Have a great Sunday, Patty!

  30. Absolutely love this, Patty! What a playful and great idea! And your card well, this is just fab.

  31. Beautiful! Sooooo YOU! She is blessed to have this, I’m sure! I did a rolodex swap once……. they are all still in my rolodex and I do so love them!

  32. You are always involved in the most creative projects, and this one is no exception! I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful card, this is stunning Patty! I am in love, so many details, and it looks like velvet, so rich, so gorgeous!

  33. A wonderful little card.

  34. oh how cool!!!

  35. Patty this is so delightful. What a wonderful project x

  36. It looks beautiful Patty…what an interesting project! xx

  37. Une bonne et belle idée, ma chère Patty. Il y a les renseignements vous concernant derrière ?
    Ce signe est ravissant.

  38. Beautiful Patty !!
    Love ♥RINI♥

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