change of seasons…

Spring is trying to make an appearance here in northern Virginia…

Spring 2014 is trying to arrive

but we still have a way to go as there are some lovely snowflakes falling again today…

Beeswax Altered Beeswax Fish Tin

perfect weather for playing in my art room that is a wee bit neater after doing a little clearing recently…

Index card Postage Stamp art

fun to uncover ingredients like scrap backgrounds and postage stamps just waiting for attention (above are two quick index cards I made)…

snowfall 25 March 2014

a nice day for sipping hot tea dreaming of spring

(glad I cut some daffodils and brought them in before the snow came this morning…they are opening nicely)…

Daffs coaxed into blooming with Omis bunnies

joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard to wish you a happy T day full of fun discoveries…

blooms with tea cup planter

“Weather is a great metaphor for life — sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and there’s nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella.” ~Terri Guillemets

37 responses to “change of seasons…

  1. Well, you are certainly creating spring in your home – it all looks just beautiful! Your stamp head cards are wonderful. Is the woman featured in the sweet little shrine a relative?

  2. i love your flowery signs of spring. we have a bit of color peeking up around here, too, and it’s good to see it. that sunshine mug makes me feel warmer lol

  3. Hello Patty!! So glad your sharing today, lovely post as always. I’m sorry to hear that even down south isn’t as warm as should be. I did my post today on this subject also. At least you have some flowers to pick and enjoy, my yard is still ugly, brown and lack of blooms. Winter/cold is a good time to craft and play indeed, love what you have made. I will sit and dream of spring to come also. Thanks for sharing and Happy T Day!

  4. Love the quote Patty:) We are supposed to have a bit of snow today but so far it’s just cold and cloudy. Def. a good day for hot tea. Lucky you to have those beautiful daffodil blooms. Nothing is blooming here yet-even our forsythia which usually flowers by St. Pat’s day are showing no signs of blooming anytime soon…
    Your stamp art cards are marvelous!! happy T day!

  5. It may be snowing outside but at least you have spring indoors.

  6. Your daffodils are gorgeous! We enjoyed some lovely spring weather the last few days, loving it 🙂 Thanks for the quote Patty, it’s a great reminder!

  7. Patty, your decorated shell or box or ? is a beautiful art piece, I love how you twisted the ribbon around and added the lovely flowers, and lovely image.
    Wonderful index cards, too (I don`t think they look quick ,though ) with lots of great details.
    Dear friend, ,even here we had snow today, but all melts away at once ,thankfully.
    Your daffodils, and little pink ones, brings such happy colours .
    Warm hugs from me-

  8. Beautiful flowers and cute cards. It certainly is getting to be spring there–even with a few snowflakes. Happy T-Day! 🙂

  9. Love the gorgeous purple of those flowers. Glad to see you’ve been at it in the art dept too! So fun to play…
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. What a hopeful and beautiful post! Your art and flowers – really are so pleasing to me. The only signs of Spring, here, are colds; everyone is getting one 🙂 It will come; there is hope that by week’s end temperatures will rise. We have lost a lot of snow from previous storms. xo

  11. Falling snowflakes on a Spring day, that is something we find occurs here as well, thankfully not at the moment although temperatures have dipped the past few days.
    The daffodils are glorious, my Mum has a beautiful display in a vase at the moment – such women with good taste.
    How wonderful to make such discoveries, that is certainly the fun aspect of having a spring tidy up. My wee craft nook is in much need of some TLC.
    Always a joy to visit you.
    Cozy Wishes.

  12. Daffodils!…what a gorgeous harbinger of spring. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that quote.

  13. Ok, I’m going to break my rule about the comment thing because those daffodils are just too PRETTY not to.

  14. lovely that you cut those daffys before the snow.. hopefully we will just get chilly rain… the trees are all blooming and it seems to be a gentle spring… so happy to be back! xoxo

  15. The daffodils look lovely in your home. I hope spring gets over there soon. Here we are having a gloomy cloudy day, the first reall “Fall”-feeling day of the season 🙂

  16. Love the quote….I really need to remember that one!
    Very special photos….and your positivity is infectious 😀 You are always an inspiration. xx

  17. High Patty, your fotos look so inspiring. Love the little half egg with the Lady and the little Nest , sooo romantic. But your cards with the postage stamps are very good too, superfine artwork. Also love your kind of homedecoration, so wonderful plants and flowers.
    Today its cold here and it was very frosty this morning. In a town 15 kilometers from here they had snow today.
    Have a nice week.
    Dearest Greetings

  18. Lovely!!! I hope you didn’t get snowed on like we did today! So glad to see your fabulous art – I’ve been doing a bit of organizing as well and it’s a relief:) xoxo

  19. This is a wonderful homage to spring. May it arrive SOON!

    I love the index cards that you made. The colors are so vibrant.

    The crocuses are so pretty, too–especially the ones with the delicate stripes.

    Happy T Day! 🙂

  20. Glad to see that somebody is enjoying at least a little spring. Numerous times today we couldn’t see across the river in front of our building for snow. Enough already!!

  21. Love your little signs of spring there. It is lovely to see the happy Daffodils flowering their heads off! I love our wild ones here too.

  22. Looks to me like you are doing your best to make it look like spring despite the snow! Oh, the daffs and bunny make me smile I got my bunnies out, too. I need them and their cheer!

  23. Thank you for the flowers today–a snowy day in the Cariboo! Your art is wonderful 🙂 happy tea day

  24. So lovely to see your beautiful Spring flowers today! things are still pretty brown here in Ohio…

  25. So very beautiful! I hope all is well! 🙂

  26. Crocus are one of my favourite flowers. such beautiful pictures, I like the plant growing in your teacup!

  27. Lovely dream of spring.

  28. wonderful flowers meine liebe Patty – and absolut fantastic cards – I amcrace those colors !!!
    You always make me happy with your encouraging posts my dear friend!


  29. embrace instead of AMCRACE –lol!

  30. Well it looks like spring has arrived by your photographs! I can only imagine what it will be like when the warm days are finally here to stay.

  31. inanoctopusgarden

    What a happy post to let Spring know we are looking for her! Your bunnies and teacup look precious and I lovelove love those index cards!

  32. Beautiful art Patty! I spy an Artistic Stamper image!
    I love your Spring flowers too, they bring such joy to the heart!
    Alison xxx

  33. Happy (day late) T-Day!
    Those are lovely index cards. The blue/green is a beautiful background. Love the stamps you used. Glad spring is here for you. Beautiful flowers.

  34. When will winter end? I just turned the heat back on and lit the fire in the fireplace!!! Your images are all wonderful…. I do like a quick index card!

  35. I just got home a few minutes ago and rushed to see what you had created for this week’s T post. Your daffodils are gorgeous. Mine have either not yet popped their heads up, or they have decided spring has left the country.

    I know it snowed where you are, but we got high winds, cold blowing rain, and frigid temps. I really didn’t want to leave Kathy’s, because it was warm and cozy at her place, unlike what I had to drive through on my way home.

    Your index cards are gorgeous. They don’t look quick and easy to me. They look like miniature works of art. And of course, your spring time decorations are beautiful, including the darling rabbit and the needlework.

    Thanks for sharing all these beauties, including the mug, for T this week.

  36. Ma chère Patty, le printemps arrive, ici c’est presque l’été, la glycine et les roses fleurissent déjà, votre tour viendra ma chère Patty.
    Vous m’inspirez tellement vous aussi, quel beau partage.

  37. Hello Miss Patty, I’ve been really busy at my desk making a big mess, your index cards are so beautiful, I love the creation above that, all those flowers, ribbons, gauze, gorgeous image, then the sweet nest, loooooove that, it certainly looks spring in your home, thanks for sharing..

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