Art Journal Journey: Moments of Happiness

when I think of moments of happiness I think of making marks which is a term that is getting lots of use lately…

monoprinted bits in waiting

there are so many ways of making marks from the words we speak to what we physically create and manifest around us…

earlier art journal pages

I have enjoyed making things since I was a young girl thankful for the influence of industrious and talented parents…

front and back pages of monoprint journal

for this month’s Art Journal Journey (AJJ) challenge I picked up my handmade gelli print journal which has been a bit of a challenge for me not really wanting to cover up my monoprint pages

monoprint pages hard to cover up

using my homemade gelli plate on the smooth 140# hot press paper certainly made me happy…

art journal pages in progress

it always feels like a special gift when unplanned things reveal themselves in my work

something that makes you happy

for example … the letter “H” above that I randomly tore out of a vintage German/English dictionary and glued in place a while before I picked out the quote for my pages fit perfectly without planning…

Finished Art Journal Pages

being connected to so many talented and kind artists here in blogland brings me endless moments of happiness and joy ~♥~ thank you all …

 “Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, or even joyous.”  -Paul Hawken

33 responses to “Art Journal Journey: Moments of Happiness

  1. inanoctopusgarden

    This is a beautiful journal Patty – already in our happy colors;)
    I can’t wait to see this one unfold more…your quote is wonderful too!

  2. Wow very good looking pages you made with such amazing patterns and the colour composition is also very special. It makes me feel beauty and harmony and the words on it are very true. One pattern look like beautiful lace. I am very curious what you will create next.
    Dear Greetings
    Sabine xox

  3. Beautiful colors and pages! I love your words that are so appropriate for your beautiful art! xo

  4. Visiting you and viewing your art is what makes me happy.
    Looking at your Gelli prints I am sitting here saying to myself, wouldn’t they look amazing on fabric – they are so beautiful.
    I so love the placement of the words on this page, still allowing the Gelli print design to shine through to WOW us.

  5. Patty your pages are awesome!!!

  6. Thank YOU Patty for sharing this journal. It must be a delight to browse through.

  7. Gorgeous mark making, and LOVE the coloring.

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous pages Patty!!! The colors are beautiful. My favorites too 🙂 Thank you for all of your inspiration!! ~Sophia

  9. This is a beautiful page,love the colors and wonderful flowers,amazing work.

    XXX Jeannette

  10. Beautiful, Patty. Especially the last three photos. I love your work. You are a true artist .

  11. I often find it difficult to cover up a particularly lovely background I’ve created. I sometimes wish my backgrounds were as boring as the finished pieces I make. then I wouldn’t be opposed to covering over them. You did a marvelous job with your pages. They have great color, good balance, and are serendipitous, too.

  12. Oh Patty you are a wonderful artist with a happy talent to find the right words to escort and emphasize your posts , photos and artwork!
    You know your blues and greens make me always happy – this is stunningly AWESOME…

    MAKES a very special happy moment to me this early morning …
    Thank you my dear friend!

  13. Wonderful prints & pages Patty, those blues & greens are so fresh & pretty!
    Have a great weekend,
    Alison xxx

  14. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous artwork! Very creative and wonderful colours!

  15. Patty, your work is so beautiful — I have trouble covering pages I do that I like and I know that’s not a good thing, but there you have it! So seeing what you do really helps me out of my comfort zone and helps me make a better commitment to doing exactly what you are — covering things up with other things that are meaningful and lovely. Happy day.

  16. Dear Patty,
    I also, would not have been able to cover up all those fantastic gelli-print pages in your journal, but your qoute fits perfectly in there, in all the green / blue happiness you created. Your print patterns are so beautiful, and I love you are still using your homemade plate, Patty.
    Thank you for this smile you gifted me.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  17. These are wonderful pages

  18. i love the idea of finding joy in the journey, not just the destination. thx for this beautiful reminder 🙂

  19. You’re right Patty, your pages are so beaitul it’s a shame to cover them. Words it’s the best way to highlight them!

    I wish you a happy weekend!

  20. sparkledaysstudio

    Great found poetry…..nice and FUN work….xox

  21. Truly gorgeous work and so full of the joys of Spring!

  22. I love the flow and refreshing color scheme in these pages. Your use of a variety of techniques looks fun and freeing too. Blessings!

  23. Beautiful colors! I know how hard it is to cover those gorgeous pages….. but your work only added to them!!! Love the H thing, too!!!

  24. Gorgeous pages with beautiful texture, colour and words. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. It’s still cold here with snow. Shirleyx

  25. Talent dear Friend Patty,
    this pages are gorgeous, I love them!!
    Your unique art is always something special for me.
    Biggest Hugs,MARTINA. xoxx

  26. Beautiful. It really is amazing how those happenstance things just seem to fit sometimes. LOVE.

  27. Love your pages. They are exquisite and beautiful. Very skilled art.

  28. Beautiful pages, love the colors and stucture!

  29. Beautiful words in a happy setting. Very lovely.

  30. Your patterns here are so beautiful. i can understand that you might not want to use these lovely designs, they are works of art by themselves.

  31. Oh such an amazing gelli prints, what a great idea to turn them to a journal!

  32. I can’t get enough of these gorgeous textured monoprints.
    I never never would cover them with anything

  33. Very pretty pages, very inspirational!

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