Celebrating the gift of trees…

with many thanks to the people of Japan for their gift of friendship in 1912 of 3,020 cherry trees to the people of the United States

Tidal Basin Washington Monument

it is not difficult to understand why flowering cherry trees called “Sakura” in Japan are highly exalted and cherished…

Floating reflected blossoms

thanks also to all those that have worked over the years to preserve and protect the cherry blossom trees here Washington, D C…

Sunrise silhouettes tidal basin

the delicate blossoms are a good reminder for us to appreciate what is…

BLUE sky blossom closeup

the blooms are fleeting and last only about two weeks at the very most and that is if no harsh rain or wind storms hasten their demise…

Parasol Patty

for many years now people have flocked to the United States capital to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms along with the magical fairyland that they create…

12 April 2014 JJJ Cherry Blossoms

our strategy this year was arriving at 6:30 am just before sunrise when the crowds are a little lighter than in the middle of the day…

Cherry Blossom Shade Quote

before we knew it three hours had passed and we had walked all around the Tidal Basin enjoying some monuments along the way…

Tidal Basin Jim and Patty 2014

this rite of spring has coincided with the blooming bluebells usually on time for our 11 April wedding anniversary for some years now…

Sakura Traveling Tea Cup

this is the fourth year that our traveling tea cup has made the trip to visit the Tidal Basin in Washington…

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

March 2011 was when I first had the idea for a traveling tea cup (more on that another time)…

Cherry Blossom Beauty 2014

I will be a bit scarce in blogland but did want to join in with Bleubeard and Elizabeth to wish you a Happy T Day

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

The light filling the air

is so mild this spring day

only the cherry blossoms

keep falling in hast—

why is that so?

 Ki no Tomonori (c.850-c.904)

34 responses to “Celebrating the gift of trees…

  1. Hello and Happy T Day Patty! WOW, this is so neat and beautiful to see. I had no idea about these trees but would go to see if I lived closer. Wish the beautiful things like this could last longer. Love that the traveling cup came along for the ride too.
    Have a wonderful day out with your family and thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and memories with us.


  2. A wonderful gift indeed. Your beautiful photos really do these wonderful trees justice.


  3. Two weeks is a short amount of time, but I’m thrilled you were there at the perfect time again this year. Happy (belated) anniversary, too. I can’t possibly imagine the number of people who visit each year, but your photos show at least some of that.

    I love your photos (always), but was really impressed with the cherry blossoms Mr. Magpie captured in the water. Always a treat to see the traveling tea cup, too.

    Have a wonderful time in CA. I’m simply thrilled to read that you are having this reunion. I know how special it must be. Have a SAFE, fun trip, and take lots of photos, too, please.

    Thanks for taking time to share these beautiful trees with us for T today. BTW, this is the first time I’ve seen the ML King statue, other than on TV. I had no idea there was more to it than the main statue.


  4. Gorgeous photos Patty!!! The Cherry blossoms are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 ~Sophia


  5. Oh; I can just smell those cherry blossoms. How beautiful and wonderful of you and Mr. Magpie to share with us. Thank you! Have a safe trip, ahead, enjoy the moments and look forward to reading about your journey.

    Love ya – Marilyn


  6. Really beautiful dear Patty as usual… thanks for sharing.


  7. A wonderful gift, indeed. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and the story behind.


  8. Patty, these are the most beautiful photos of the Cherry Blossoms I have ever seen! Sadly, I have never seen them in person, but your photos make them look breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing them today. Happy T Day!


  9. sparkledaysstudio

    Fabulous photos and your teacups – perfect. Thanks for sharing a bit of the wonderful blossoms with us. xox


  10. how beautiful Patty. I can just smell those gorgeous blossoms. A very happy, happy anniversary to you and Jim. What a blessing to have so many years of happiness with the love of your life. Happy T day!


  11. your pictures are beautiful and really capture those delicate blossoms. i’ve never been to washington, but i love the cherry trees here and can imagine what fun it would be to see them there.


  12. hope all is well with you…love that you share such beauty here…thanks for the lovely trip!


  13. WOW! I have always wanted to visit that area when there were cherry trees blossom. As ALWAYS you photos are phenomenal!
    Belated anniversary wish to you both.


  14. Anniversary wishes to both of you (a bit late). The cherry blossoms are beautiful in pictures so I can imagine they are much more so in person.



  15. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and the story behind.
    I wish the very best for you and your dear hubby Patty!


  16. thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos…and happy anniversary! I can completely see why painting cherry blossoms is a tradition in Japan…so beautiful and so quickly gone.


  17. Wow, it really does look like a fairyland. Happy T-Day!


  18. Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous photos. Some day we want to make it out to D.C. Happy T day!


  19. your photos are simply perfection! you truly captured the day and the glorious beauty! thank you! xox


  20. LOVE the photo with the reflections!…but they are all gorgeous. particularly Mr Magpie surrounded by blossom.


  21. 6.30 is mighty early but well worthy the early rise to view such breathtaking beauty. I can well understand why this is such a popular visiting place.
    It is such a treat to view the cherry blossom through the glory of your beautiful photography skills (you and Mr Magpie that is)


  22. What a fabulous post. Those blossoms are beautiful and well worth the early rising. We were commenting on our own cherry blossom earlier this evening but yours take some beating!
    Belated Happy Anniversary to you.


  23. We’re a long way from blossoming trees here – woke up to at least two inches of snow again this morning. Will miss your cheery blog posts while you’re gone!


  24. I love these trees! I will get there one day!!!


  25. of course two weeks are short… but you can expand that time by having these wonderful photos! thanks for sharing, wants me to go there, too!
    i especially love that water mirroring picture!


  26. I look forward to your travels.


  27. inanoctopusgarden

    Your photos are just beautiful one of my favorites is the cherry tree that appears to sprout right out of the teacup! Very smart strategy to get there so early 😉


  28. Those blossoms are dazzling, Patty. Some day I will visit DC in the spring. And how I will smile!


  29. Hallo Patty!
    Wonderful fotos from these wonderful place with all the lovely flowers. Your husband made a good job. I like the foto of you both, you look so being in love and harmony together there, that is a great gift. I am glad to see that you both had a wonderful time at your wedding day. I love most the foto of the swimming blossoms, fantastic! The lovely Japanese Umbrella I love too. Thanks for sharing your impressions with us.
    Dearest Greetings


  30. Hello Patty, thanks for this lovely post. We have the most beautiful Spring blossoms here and they are an amazing gift every year.


  31. Happy Anniversary Patty to you and Jim!!!! The wedding picture almost made me cry. Here you two are together all these years….such a blessing!!


  32. What an abundance of beauty you shared in this blog! Those cherrybloom seems an amazing and magical event! Thank you for sharing all your special moments there ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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  34. What beautiful pictures and what a wise move to get there so early.


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