California tea time…

back from our California vacation trying to settle back in and catch up with everyone…

Palace of Fine Arts Golden Gate Bridge SF

after spending a few wonderful days in San Francisco we headed north across the Golden Gate Bridge…

Pier 39 SFI do have a traveling tea cup adventure to share with you next week from SF…

FLAX fab SF art supplies

time seems to be moving so quickly…

Tea Room Cafe Petaluma CAstopping at a nice tea spot in Petaluma that we happened upon we had a tasty lunch and pot of Earl Grey tea…

Tea time and Lunch

it was a delight to enjoy the California sunshine visiting family and seeing lots of green there this time of year too…


along with so many pretty blooms…

CA flower sampler

driving along the coast highway is always a thrill (the Point Arena Lighthouse below is at the most western point of California making it the closest point to the Hawaiian Islands in the Continental US)…

Point Arena Lighthouse most western point of CA

we returned home to Virginia to find everything blooming like crazy…

Virginia April Blooms

~♥~ ahh Spring ~♥~ and sweet memories from our travels…

Colin Goat Rock Beach

happy to join Elizabeth and Bleubeard and all of the other T stands for Tuesday participants wishing you well…

40 responses to “California tea time…

  1. Great photos! Must have been a wonderful vacation.

  2. Oh lovely lovely collages of your trip and your garden blooming, gives me hope that we will emerge from a wet and dank start to our English spring!

  3. I would love to visit the Cup and Cake, if for nothing more than a photo of the place. Of course, I’d also be delighted to stop at the Tea Room Cafe if for no other reason than to get a better look at that vintage car.

    I want to thank you AGAIN for the lovely card you sent. It is so appreciated, and right on time, too.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome travels for T today.

  4. Hello Patty, good to see you back. Gosh you do have fun on your travels. It’s great to see the sunny pictures and flowers and I also love to see the more unusual photographs like the cafe. Now I’m going back to examine them all more carefully.

  5. What a fantastic holiday! Welcome home xx

  6. great pictures! i feel like you took me with you, thx 🙂 i love all the flower shots.

  7. Thank you for sharing; beautiful photos. Your trip reminded me of a blessed time I had with my husband visiting California a few years back. I’m happy you had a great time. xo

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful trip Patty! Fabulous photos!
    Alison xxx

  9. oh how i love to see the world through your eyes…beautiful photos, thank you so much for sharing!!! it is trying to snow here again today so this was just the boost i needed!!! xoxo

  10. welcome back dear Patty- I have missed you and your lovely posts. CA looks so beautiful-and to see all the blooms and greenery must have made for happy-along with those gorgeous ocean views. And then to come home to find everything blooming too…aaah…. Love your starfish-did you bring it home? Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

  11. Dearest Patty, it is alwayes such a beautiful experience to visit your “traveling posts “- so filled with photoes from beautiful distant places, and I love that nature alwayes has a big part of your heart and in your pictures.
    It all looks so wonderfully green and fresh ,both California and at home. Amazing that it almost just snowed and snowed, and now everything is blooming!!
    Enjoy it very much my dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  12. It looks like you had a great trip. I’ve never been to CA but my college boy went there from CO for Spring Break and enjoyed it a lot. He was in San Diego and Irvine and went to Venice Beach which he said was like no place he had ever been before. 🙂 Everything sure is looking beautiful in CA and VA. Have a great week. Tammy

  13. Such beautiful photographs, Patty. California is really gorgeous. My granddaughter lives in the SF area.

  14. Fun to see my neck of the woods in your photo’s. I just drove back and forth across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday.


  15. Welcome back Patty and Jim!
    Looks like it was fantastic!
    Fabulous impressions Patty! Thank you for sharing!

  16. What a blessing this vacation must have been!

  17. All those wonderful CA scenes – I had a moment seeing those rolling hills north of SF didn’t realize how nostalgic I would get. (Our years there were at the end of the seven year drought so they weren’t that green- now they look a bit like Ireland!) see you soon xo

  18. So many wonderful images! I just want to hop in each picture and visit for a while. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your photography. I’m glad your visit here was so beautiful and you had great weather. Fantastic shot of the Golden Gate, something that is not always easy to do.
    Thanks for visiting this week, and the beautiful pictures

  20. Great post! Love your collages. Do you do those on pic monkey or what? I need to do some….. Glad you are home…. You are one of the best bloggers and I miss your posts when you are gone. I need to talk to you about using your iphone to blog when you are away. hahahahahaha!

  21. Hello Patty! Happy T Day!! What a beautiful and colorful vacation you had, so glad your sharing these pictures. I enjoyed them all and the places you went. Would love to go there one day myself.
    Spring is at your home for sure, how pretty to come home to flowers. We have a few here but it’s still cold lately, seems the warm days only last a day or two and then it’s cold for another week. I will be that more thankful when spring finally does come and STAYS!!
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for your visit.

  22. What lovely vistas – all just north of me.

  23. Oh so lovely photos. I can almost hear the ocean waves crashing and smell the beautiful flowers…almost. 😉 Glad you had a wonderful time making memories!

  24. I really do enjoy these vicarious little holidays. The photos are so evocative.

  25. Oh gosh, I love coming to your page 🙂 you take the most beautiful pictures!
    Love the Cup & Cake Café 🙂
    It’s a dream of mine to go to San Francisco–one day!
    Happy Tea Tuesday 🙂

  26. What fabulous photos you have taken. Beautiful memories you have captured.
    Funny enough I have been looking at photos of Boston the last few days…we are planning a visit later this year! So excited.I hope we get as good photos as you have.

  27. sparkledaysstudio

    Oh Petaluma is a spot I would like to check out – next trip maybe…thanks for sharing those views….so much fun. xox

  28. What beautiful photographs of your travels.
    Cup & Cake looks like the perfect place for refreshments and what a sweet name, Petaluma.
    Glad to see that the flowers were out to welcome you home.

  29. How lovely in every way! Yes, I think I will keep calm and bake on! You always seem to find the most delightful spots on your road trips!

  30. Looks like it was another great trip for you! The pink and white tea pot with the rose looks so fascinating. I think I could stare at it’s intricate decorations for hours. 🙂 Happy T Day!

  31. A lovely journey with stunning images

  32. your travel posts are always so fun, thanks for taking us along 🙂 On top of all that you live in a wonderful area. Love your Virginia photos!

  33. Enjoy following you two on your journeys. You find beauty everywhere you go. Deer are already enjoying my emerging Hostas…seems the only remedy is a DOG. No possible at our age.

  34. oh my! more gorgeous photos and oh how I love San Fran… have to get back there someday soon… thank you for such spring beauty! blooms always do the heart good! xoxo

  35. Patty your pictures are wonderful – I enjoyed everyone. So glad you had a safe journey and enjoyed it so much.
    Sandy xx

  36. Beautiful photos Patty!! What a wonderful trip you must have had 🙂 ~Sophia

  37. Hallo back again dear Patty, glad to have you back and to look your wonderful fotos. I think you had a very good journey with lots of interesting things to watch. Hope you had enough Inspiration to start new lovely artworks again. Did you got my mail from the 11. Appril ?
    Wish you a fine remainder of the week.
    xox Sabine

  38. Ooh I love your photos Patty! I’m so glad you had a nice visit here in California. Your photos capture the essence and beauty wonderfully!

  39. Gorgeous photos dear…love the intense colors of the sky and waves…the quirky mosaic coffee pot is wonderful! thanks for sharing…

  40. Beautiful photos!!! You got to see so many wonderful places, things and people on your trip. You are always able to find beauty wherever you go. That is quite a gift you’ve been given!

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