Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Five and AJJ

the theme at Art Journal Journey this month is Circles which made me think of nature and how many things come in circle patterns…

AJJ Circle theme pages

for the pages above the image on the left is cut out of a magazine…paint…gesso…rubber stamps…pens…pencils and even some found words appeared on the right…

Universal Rythms connection

the mandala on the left was cut from the inside of a Yogi tea box that my youngest son saved for me (I colored it to compliment the butterfly wings on the right page)…I like that he too thought the box too good to throw away so he tucked a couple of flattened boxes in his suitcase to give to me when we met in California ♥ I used chalk…gel pens…rubber stamps…paint…paper scraps and gesso above…

*footnote: something kept bothering me about my UNIVERSAL RYTHMS page …DOH!!! it should have been spelled rHythms … guess I really wanted it to fit in that space or something… 😉

Give in Happily

scraps of paper and old map…chalk…paint…gesso and a stamped image for my pages above…

laying in the green grass

the pages above started with the green plastic grass that used to come with takeout sushi…our local stores stopped adding it some time ago so I got really excited when we visited Daiso Japan in San Francisco which is a store where most everything costs $1.50 and oh my did they ever have some interesting and fun items…a scrap of green sari fabric that was handy really helped turn my pages  green…the image is one of my Citra solv transfer pieces and I used plaster to stencil some texture on the left hand page…

You must remember this...you are strong you are beautiful

the girls on the left and the words inside the wreath came in a collage pack from LaWendula in Germany which sparked inspiration along with pieces of torn painted and stamped paper and the wreath cut from a catalog with purple chalk highlights completing these painted art journal pages

*all of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them*

36 responses to “Full Circle Art Journaling * Part Five and AJJ

  1. Your son saved you boxes! I love that!!

  2. Wow it takes my breath, I am enthusiastic about your wonderful, creativ pages with such a lot of decorating materials on it. It’s again a great inspiration for me. Wonderful that your son saved the Tea Boxes for you, I think he loves you. 😉 You are right my dear, nature is our chapel. When you stay in mother nature, you can feel freedom and peace in your heart. Nature can heal your soul. The sushi grass looks great in your green composition. A creative woman can use everything for her artworks. 🙂
    Dear Greetings
    Sabine xox

  3. So beautiful Patty! My; I love all the details – the wreath is awesome, great job on the transfer – all of it! I so enjoyed viewing your pages! xo

  4. #1 and #3 are my faves of a beautiful bunch.

  5. sparkledaysstudio

    Simply fab piece. Love that nautilus rubber stamp, so great. Yes, tea boxes always have great graphics, what a sweet son to save them for you. xox

  6. Love your pages – they somehow to me relate to your visits – love how your son appreciates what us crafters love too xxx

  7. Your son is so sweet. It is such a wonderful gesture to save the boxes for you. And your pages are brilliant. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Love all of it. I can’t believe he brought you boxes! He is definitely a special person!

  9. Wow, as always: wonderful artwork here, dear Patty.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Fantastic! Nature is definitely my chapel. And I love that your son thought of you. What a fine young man! 🙂 Have a great weekend. Tammy

  11. Oh my goah Patty! This Journal so so stunningly AMAZING.. each single spread is gorgeous to me!

    Happy weekend dear friend!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!

  12. oohh wow patty,your pages such amazing,love the white and black scheme,its very elegant and chic.
    have a great weekend 🙂

    Greetings Jeannette

  13. I love that your son was so thoughtful. Lovely pages but I particularly like the first one.

  14. What gorgeous pages, dear Patty! Well done my friend.
    I also love your photos of your California travel. These are very impressive. Surely you have a lot to talk about. What a pity that I was not there 🙂
    I wish you a nice weekend (Here it is gray and cloudy. Hopefully in Virginia is better weather!)
    Hugs and smile
    MARTINA oxo

  15. Such beautiful, inspiring pages Patty! What a caring son you have too, I love how you’ve used lots of recycled items in your art, a true Magpie family!
    Alison xxx

  16. Beautiful mixed media pages, fantastic textures and designs. I also like the Mandala from the tea box, wonder that your Son saved it for you. I hope you are doing well, Have a great weekend, Shirleyx

  17. I mean wonderful that your Son saved it…..

  18. Really enjoyed these pages. They are all stunning. I especially liked the tea box. I saved some I got in CA one year. I’ve not found them here. I also like the one with the grass. I especially liked the use of plaster. Your pages hold up well.

    My friend Sally is at the hospital. She went to the emergency room night before last. They amputated her big toe on her right foot yesterday morning. Between trips to the hospital and trips to her house to feed her cat, I’ve caught myself coming and going. Just thought you might like to know why I was late visiting.

  19. I am about to scream with joy at the beauty of all this. Gorgeous, Patty. I love that sushi grass, too, and also save it! And your son’s saving the boxes — well, that just made my heart smile! Happy Saturday!

  20. Amazing pages! The first one is fabulous. I Love the design and textures. Really love it.

  21. Dear Patty, what a gorgeous book, with all your exiting creations,
    You are so creative in using all the different materials being found on your “road ” Wonderful that your son brought you the empty tea box, Your first spread is so very beautiful, and your text,too- also I love the : Give in happily -pages. There is something so calming ,fresh and serene over those pages,I think.-
    Hope you are now landed well at home, my dear, and wishes you a beautiful weekend.

  22. inanoctopusgarden

    always fun to see what you have been playing with and ALWAYS inspiring…you have such a great flow and love in your pieces! Play away 🙂

  23. Dear Patty – your Journal is fantastic – great artwork and i love them all!!!!

  24. really gorgeous pages Patty- beautifully collaged!! What a sweet thing for your son to bring you the box for reuse. Love all the imagery and messages of each page too. You do have great flow and love in your pages as noted in a comment above. XO

  25. Patty your new pages rock – I’m really blown away.

  26. You really have an eye for all the useful things around you. The pages are so fabulous. Love the colors and pattern of the first one.

  27. What beautiful adventures you have been having. I love the photo collages and your journal pages are wonderful.
    Happy Spring!

  28. There is so much here, Patty. I love how you use everyday items (like the tea box) to make your wonderful artistic collages. It is always heart-warming when someone saves something for you. Your artwork has so much beauty.

  29. wow, amazing pages, beautiful!!

  30. Your son is so thoughtful and knows you so well! I must save my yogi tea boxes too 🙂

    Your citra solv transfer is gorgeous! I never quite got the hang of that technique.

    Lovely pages Patty / and inspiring as always!

    Xoxo, kimmie

  31. isn´t it a joy when sons are saving bits and pieces for their art making mom…
    your journal pages are as gorgeous as always!

  32. Beautiful pages, Patty! each one has many interesting things to see.
    And thanks for sharing photos fro your California trip.

  33. Pages full of meaningful things and special memories…..so very ‘you’ Patty.
    My absolute favourite is the top one though. What gorgeous stamps you have…

  34. Beautiful pages sweet Patty…. and I just love that your son saved the tea box for you…. makes it even more special… your artwork is glorious….

    Jenny ♥

  35. So many wonderful spreads! Each of them has its own impression! Great artwork!

  36. I really like your pages….the first one is my favorite! I love your doodled circles and the mood you creates by the choice of color! Well done!

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