the circle of life…

my blog posts often contain lots of photos … I like to let them do most of the talking about what I have created or what is going on (always happy to answer questions if anyone has them) but today I have a fair amount of words to go along with the photos…

Lily of the Valley Bringer Of Happiness

the little book I am sharing began some time ago with inspiration from my friend Linda…then Misty Mawn presented a version of a similar folded book in her wonderful online Full Circle Workshop so I picked up my unfinished folded book again…

original folded book page with a bit of collage

for my original pages above I folded and cut an old book page and then collaged a few bits onto it creating eight pages (they measure approximately 2 by 3 inches … 5.08 x 7.62 cm)… 

Front cover with Lily of the ValleyI then copied and printed a copy on the computer to further collage and decorate for my finished mini art journal adding bits of lace…permanent Forget-me-not blooms that I brought home from Switzerland and special vintage Japanese velvety leaves from my friend Nathalie

pages 2 and 3

being a big time fan of the monthly Art Journal Journey challenge I realized my little book would fit nicely with their CIRCLE theme this month as each of the inside pages have at least one circle included…

Center Pages remembering Alex

my little art journal was complete EXCEPT for the two center pages above so with Mother’s Day on my mind I was inspired to add our son Alex…it took until now for that idea to fall into place and I was so pleased and grateful to be able to ‘go there’ using a punch for his photo and stamped torn paper with bits of wire and lace…

pages 5 and 6

if you are interested in trying this kind of book there are plenty of instructions to be found on the internet with one how to here

Front and back pages

some interesting tidbits:

in the Language of Flowers Lily of the Valley are called “bringer of happiness” (and oh their amazing fragrance!!!) and Forget me Nots more obviously symbolize “Never Forget”…

Adagio in music means in a leisurely manner or slowly and Allegro means in a quick and lively tempo … the placement of those music paper scraps were random on my books pages…

Lily of the Valley Forget me Not

 some interesting information on the Letter “A” here which was all pretty much news to me (I am not even sure WHY I chose the letter “A” as the theme for my little art journal back when?)…

German flower heart scrap on back page

 it just so happened that my book fit perfectly inside one of the beeswax tins I altered back in January last year


there is actually more I could say but I get self conscious when I add too much text to my posts as I am more of a visual person preferring eye candy over too many words…

beeswax PEACE tin inside~♥ thank you as always for your visit…you make sharing fun ♥~

41 responses to “the circle of life…

  1. Patty, this is beautiful beyond words! This is the second lovely beeswax creation I’ve seen today, so maybe I need to investigate beeswax asap! Thank you for all the beauty you’ve brought into my life. I’m so glad I found you through dear Dianne our Magpie cousin! xxx

  2. An exquisite little treasure Patty.

  3. Yes, beautiful – not only your wee book and tin, but the sentiments you express as well. And the beauty in lilies of the valley is incredible.

  4. Inge Parastschenko

    A very, very special remembrance to your dear Alex! Just gorgeous creations!!!

  5. A wonderful booklet. I love this template, it’s one of my favorites. I love all of your posts Patty, whether they are mostly text or photos I am always blessed by them. Your photos are lovely and your words are always kind and uplifting. You can’t have too much of either. 🙂

  6. So beautiful…from beginning to end…what a lovely remembrance.

  7. Patty, this is absolutely beautiful in every way! I can almost smell the lily of the valley.

  8. Gorgeous – managed to garden last week , still hard going soil so wet – but my forgrt -me not was out- was a plantlet from Grandfathers garden, have moved it twice now and survives my DH trying to dig it up as a weed most years LOL xx

  9. Your little book of mini collages is gorgeous and the Lily of the Valley together with it, is just so wonderful. Your photos are stunning. Have a great weekend, Shirleyx

  10. So beautiful. So near. So dear. And inside that gorgeous perfect tin.

  11. Very beautiful…the art, the photos, the words. And we can’t forget the flowers! I can imagine their lovely scent.

  12. Amazing work Patty!

  13. what a fabulous and heartwarming post my friend.. such a little treasure book dedicated to Alex….

    Thank you so much Patty for sharing that wonderful little treasure with us at AJJ!
    Happy happy weekend to you and your Jim!

  14. Patty, this is incredibly beautiful. What a lovely gift set it would make. Your work is exquisite. I imagine you chose A as you have Alex on your mind at this time of year. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  15. This is a lovely post, liebe Patty. So herzlich und lieb.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. ein wunderschöner post! ich liebe maiglöckchen und vergiss-mein-nicht! (together with lilac they are my trio of spring!)
    awesome little book… and thanks for the links to the letter-names, very interesting!

  17. Dear Patti..what a lovely tribute to Always and Alex…your visuals and words are looked forward to each day…Thanks.

  18. Absolutely magical!!! Beautifully photographed with that gorgeous bunch of lilly of the valley!
    Have a wonderful weekend Patty,
    Alison xxx

  19. I love your fabulous book. It’s full ove most lovely details. This is a little treasure, my dear.

  20. I love your words and the story of your creation and the understanding of your symbols… we create things so similarly.. this is simply beautiful… leaves me feeling uplifted and inspired dear Patty… so thank you! xoxo

  21. What a wonderful tribute to your son, as well as a charming and adorable book. You make layers look so easy. You have talents I can’t even begin to express. Your art always makes me happy. I really should make one of these little books. Thanks for the inspiration, the beautiful book, your thought process, and your words.

  22. sparkledaysstudio

    Your collage pages are so wonderful and simple, the pops of color against the pages really shine and the tin, perfect. Bringer of happiness indeed, to the viewer. xox

  23. Wonderful post Patty – love the little book, the tin, and of course, the lilies of the valley, one of my favourite flowers. Great combination. Valerie

  24. Hello Miss Patty oh you are making my heart sing, all the love, the gorgeousness, it’s just magical, and a wonderful tribute to Alex, what a sweet photo,I love tiny books and am going to try one. I love the Lily’s of the valley and pick them every year for my BF Tonniece BD and their scent is intoxicating, how wonderful they are know to bring happiness. I love every perfect tiny embellishment you added, and how perfect you tin was a perfect fit. I have bee working with circles too thanks too our other Magpie Miss Julie Ann. Thanks so much for making my day and all the inspiration you so kindly share, hope you have a wonderful weekend, ((( BIG HUGS)))..

  25. I am enjoying all your Lily of the Valley! Beautiful as are your other pics and thoughts expressed.

  26. Patty your floral artistic arrangement is so beautiful and delicate.

  27. oh lovely. how you bring everything together!

    and lily of the valley, do you have them already? ours are just starting to pop out above the earth. it has been a cold spring, i don’t blame them for hesitating!

  28. A gorgeous project.

  29. Always a beautiful marriage of your words and art! I can smell those Lily of the Valley flowers! xo

  30. Dearest Patty,
    This little book of : never forget and of love ,-is from your heart from the very start, when choosing the letter A .
    A for : art ,- for Alex -and for alwayes (in your heart) . It is so beautiful, and I love the : Never forgets and : Bringer of happiness ,-they so belong in this little tresure, sweet dear friend.
    Happy weekend Patty, xxx

  31. So very sweet and precious….this is a lovely post Patty with beautiful images and artwork.
    I haven’t seen any lily of the valley for such a long time. I’d love to touch some….
    PS I love what Dorthe wrote 🙂

  32. You never fail to bring beauty to my day when I visit you.
    The book is beautiful as a piece of art but of course, it goes so much deeper than that when you shared with us the page with that precious photograph of Alex.
    The Lily of the Valley bouquet is divine, I so wish I could hold it in my hands and bury my nose into the blooms. It is a favourite of my Mum and my maternal Grandmother (I was only young when she died).
    Have a beautiful Sunday dear Patty.

  33. Adore your little book dear Patty… love all the photos…. and your sweet words… a beautiful remembrance… thank you for sharing….

    Jenny ♥

  34. Talk about book-making! This piece is fabulous, Patty, I love the textures, layers, composition, everything!! What a gem. And you need to talk more:) xoxo

  35. What a beautiful book.

  36. Oh Patty what lovely fotos of your amazing little artbook. I like every page of it and the beautiful box you put it in too.
    Dear Greetings

  37. What a charming little book, and the tin presentation too. So, so sweet.

  38. What a fantastic post! The little book is really lovely.

  39. What a gift to find that perfect place for Alex and his picture especially on Mother’s Day.

  40. What a lovely little book……..and so perfect with Alex’s picture in it! You know I do love those little folded books! Rejoicing whenever I can even slightly inspire you! 🙂

  41. This piece of art is so beautiful, and it matches perfectly the sweet Lily of Valley flowers. This post is just a poem, since your artwork came straight from your heart.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts means a lot to me and I appreciate your visit very much oxo

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