what’s up buttercup…

Mourning Dove on our garden gatebefore Mr Magpie mowed our lawn the other day I picked a handful of buttercups (Wild Buttercups (Ranunculus acris)

Wild Buttercups (1)

they are a common wildflower that I look forward to every spring and one of the bonuses of not using chemicals on our lawn…

Wild Buttercups

as a child whenever I came across buttercups growing in the grass I would stop and pick one to hold under my chin or a friend’s chin and we would ask each other if we liked butter…

Buttercup goodness

and if you had a golden glow under your chin it meant you did…

buttercups iphone and pixlr filterswas there anyone that didn’t like butter I wonder 🙂

Buttercup cottage

the bird tea cup is from an everyday set of German dishes my parents used  when I was growing up…

Mom and Dad's Winterling German China

that particular cup had been glued by my father many years ago in a time when you didn’t throw broken things away and replace them with new…

buttercup petals

 joining the other bloggers at Elizabeth and Bleubeard to wish you a very Happy T Day…

faded buttercups auto correct

37 responses to “what’s up buttercup…

  1. i love the bird on your cup! we still pick those sweet yellow flowers. -i refuse to call them weeds. after all, a weed is only a plant that ended up where you didn’t want it 😉

  2. I don’t think I ever knew what a buttercup looked like! They’re really so beautiful — that sunny yellow is a perfect antidote to a gloomy day!

  3. Christie Juhasz

    Ah, what a beautiful tribute to the humble buttercup! We did the same thing holding buttercups under our chins. And, what a wonderful teacup! Your dining room table must have looked so pretty when the whole set was on it.

  4. lovely photos Patty. I DO remember putting buttercup flowers under our chins and asking that ?- :):) Wishing you a happy and sunny T day!

  5. Hi Patty, thanks so much for giving me a flashback of when I too picked buttercups and held them under my own chin. I can’t remember what we asked when we did this – but I don’t recall it being about butter. For some reason I’m thinking it was if you were in love or something along those lines. But, now I’m wondering if I’m remembering this wrong!! Happy T-Day!

  6. The Buttercups (in danish: smør blomster ) smør meaning butter– are so sweet, and lovely, dear Patty.Do you know that if you lay a bunch on a shelf with their heads hanging out over the edge, they will dry like that ,with their heads hanging down ,so pretty !!
    I love the old cup from your parents home, such a lovely piece . , and the bouquet in the white pitcher is so lovely. So great also with all your photo tricks my dear 🙂
    Hugs, Dorthe

  7. wonderful impession my dear Patty!


  8. Beautiful photos you have shared here. That cup with the bird is so pretty. These buttercups are lovely and I love how you have set them.
    Happy T day

  9. Lovely visit with you in your magical garden Patty!! I love those buttercups and they take me back to summers growing up in CT and NJ with my cousins. Lots of warm nights outside too, catching fireflies….

  10. Sweet memories, we did the same thing with Dandelions when we were kids. Gorgeous tea cup with the bird.

  11. That blue, and that yellow….perfect! How times have changed…I’m glad you still have your bird cup.

  12. Buttercups do take me back to my childhood, and yes, I think everyone liked butter 🙂

  13. I’ve never HEARD of buttercups before, and certainly have never seen one. But, rest assured, I still love butter.

    I was raised by grandparents, who, like your father, would not throw anything away that could be saved. I call it “Depression mentality,” and still live by it to this day, even though my mother was just a glimmer in my grandfather’s eye when the depression ended.

    As always, you provide the most beautiful vignettes. Stunning art, each and every photo. You have a genuine eye for that sort of thing.

    Thanks for sharing your buttercups and tea cup for T this Tuesday.

  14. Always such wonderful posts {content, visual appeal}, Patty! We used to use dandelions under the chin to see if you liked butter. Haven’t thought of that in forever! Your mom sure had a discerning eye for pretty china/dishes. I’ve admired many of them you’ve featured through the years. So special that you have them. xo

  15. We always did the the butter test with dandelions. Lovely, lovely photos. And your post processing is fantastic!

  16. The bird painting on your cup is so lovely. We did the buttercup under the chin when I was a child too. I haven’t seen a buttercup growing in ages tho.


  17. Many thank you’s for I have never seen a buttercup before! so nice that you do a chemical free lawn and love the repaired bird cup… xoxo

  18. Your buttercups are so pretty. And the teacup is pretty too. It’s kind of sad that people have such a “throwaway” mindset nowadays. It’s nice to be able to fix broken things instead of throwing them away. But I know that you value old treasures. 🙂 Happy T Day!

  19. What a gorgeous set of photos, Patty. I LOVE the purple and yellow!!

  20. These are wonderful photos. When I was young I loved the buttercups. I always picked some for my mother.

  21. Beautiful Buttercups, I’ve always loved them. Your photos are gorgeous. Take care, Shirleyx

  22. I, too, remember holding buttercups under my chin. The tea cup is gorgeous! I’m glad your father repaired it instead of throwing it away, because it has now become a cherished piece of family history for you. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos today!

  23. I have always loved buttercups too – haven’t seen one for a long time, so it was lovely to see your pictures!

  24. One of my fondest childhood memories — the fields where buttercups grew around my home in PA. 🙂

  25. Gorgeous pictures as usual. I have a teapot that is glued, too, but it belonged to my grandmother who was born in 1895, so I will never throw it away

  26. Oh those buttercups are heavenly! Love too that sweet bird cup and saucer from your childhood!
    Hugs to you,

  27. Hello Patty, sorry I’m late but Happy T Day to you a day late.
    I love seeing your gorgeous garden, cups, collages each week. You spoil us with all this goodness. Would love to sit in your yard and just enjoy the beauty. Pretty vases and tea cups you shared today! I love the butter cup story and I do love butter.
    I think you have the makings of some spring mandalas in your yard, maybe next week you could make one for us. (hint hint)
    Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for sharing!

  28. dotferrero

    I love the shiny surface of buttercups. My front field was covered in yellow.

  29. oh my, reminds me to other flower oracles of my childhood. we used to blow away the seeds of the dandelions and if the the bottom of the seedstand was white, we were supposed to be an angel, if it had a dark bottom, we were devils… not to speak about the thousands of marguerites we picked to be told if he loves us or not;)

  30. Beautiful photos! There is a buttercup in my flowerbed this morning! They are all over here…….. but must say my St. Augustine grass strangles them out. ha! Visited Churchill’s War Rooms in London the other day and was soooo reminded of those times of mending and repairing things. I love that. What a tragic time, tho. Our parents’ generation really was the Greatest!

  31. Buttercups always remind me of childhood, picking them to hold beneath our chins, exactly as you and your friend were doing. They remind me of innocence.

  32. Wild flowers are my favourites Patty, growing where God planted them! I love your tea cup too!
    Happy Tea Day!
    Alison xxx

  33. what gorgeous flowers, and tea cup! I had never heard that little tradition & question about buttercups…so cute.

  34. Yes I love buttercups and daisies and other wild flowers. I seriously love your staged photographs and mosaics. Beautiful photography and art.

  35. Patty these are glorious pictures – I love that gate. And as a big bird lover, the sleepy moon motel is right up my alley! Aren’t you glad you saved the cup that your father glued together! I love homey and all of your pictures have such a warm and homey feel to them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sandy xx

  36. sparkledaysstudio

    Your photos are always spectacular and these are no exception. Sunny yellow, what could be better.xox

  37. Again wonderful fotos of mother natures treasures. My favourite flowers, since my childhood, are buttercups, daisies, poppies and cornflowers. I picked a lot of these flowers for my grandmother as a child. I like it that you keep safe the old dishes of your parents, they look so nice. Winterling is a Bavarian crockery company and still exists.
    Have a nice day. Greetings!

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