Configurations Box Round Robin Part Two

not quite a year ago our local mixed media art group began a swap using Tim Holtz’ configuration boxes…

Patty's Configuration Box BEFORE

it was back then that I shared some details about our swap with you herePatty's Gypsy Theme

one of my gypsy themed boxes went out to the each of the six participants in the round robin…

Patty's boxes going out

they had the choice to use any of the bits I included or not…

friends creations

I received so many wonderful creations leaving me three boxes to finish myself…

my Gypsy boxes completed

the project was completed some time ago but I am just now getting around to sharing my finished box with you (my talented art friends brain stormed with me about how great the finished box would look with something at the top like half of a tambourine maybe…I have some extra bits I could attach to the front too which would help pull everything together better … still looking for my tambourine!) …

boxes for me to work on

part of my delay was dismay that we didn’t take any photos of the other finished boxes and there were some spectacular ones with feet and finials and all kinds of fancy finishes…

some of the boxes Patty decorated

here is a sampling of the boxes I created for others in our group minus a mermaid nature box I got excited about and forgot to photograph…


19 responses to “Configurations Box Round Robin Part Two

  1. inanoctopusgarden

    Nicely done Patty…this was a fun swap with a great outcome! Your little doors to wonder was a key addition to my grouping! Loved your gypsy theme:)xo


  2. That is a fascinating project…bet there were some awesome collections. Yours is lovely.


  3. Oh my, was that really a year ago? Regardless, your gypsy box looks terrific! As do all the other little boxes you did for your swap members. Reminds me of dioramas we use to make in school. I once did one for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Sadly, no pictures.


  4. This is such a great idea for a swap! I love the idea of this kind of collaboration – wonderful to share arty ideas with others. There is so much beautiful and loving detail lavished on this. I love these little compartments of magic! Julie Ann xxx


  5. a fantastic collaboration Patty .. amazing ART !
    Love all this fantasic little bits!


  6. A wonderful collection of lovely gipsy boxes, I love the one with the earring? it compleats the box so wonderfully for the theme, dear Patty .Your other little boxes are so lovely too, oh the christmas one and the nest one they are perfect little worlds of their own!! A lovely way of collecting treasures from friends, too.
    Hugs to you dear friend.
    Dorthe ,xx


  7. What a lovely idea for a swap, it looks fabulous Patty! xxx


  8. sparkledaysstudio

    What a marvelous round robin swap. You must have had a blast putting these together. xox


  9. Super fun project! Love the little boxes!


  10. I’m almost out the door, but had to stop by and see these configuration boxes. You did a fantastic job of putting yours together, and of course, I love the work you did in others’ boxes, too. Very impressive.


  11. What an awfully fun exchange. These are great — little bits of art from so many treasured friends in one display. Beautiful — both what you gave and received.


  12. A most delightful and enchanting idea with a fantastic result! I am once again absolutely delighted, dear Patty! Great!

    I wish you a wonderful Sunday, my friend.


  13. Great exchange! I love what you did as well. Glad you got around to sharing some of this with us!!! Hugs!


  14. What a great project! Thanks for sharing. I love them all.


  15. what a wonderful collaboration Patty and your box is gorgeous!


  16. What a fabulous swap!!! Such talent!!


  17. A great collaboration.


  18. Summer and kids home have kept me away from the computer…so I’m reading and scrolling….you’ve been busy! This swap is so neat, what fun to have friends in real time and in person to do this with. There was a project similar to this in one of our 4-h project books done by a certain artist that I can’t remember the name…that I thought would be fun for my girls to make. In it all the boxes hold objects similar in theme/shape but then it’s all painted one color.


  19. Wow what a lovely idea to make a teamwork project. Looks so very good.
    My favourites of your boxes are the one with the nest and the Christmas box. Amazing all the little artworks!
    Sabine xox


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