what’s a girl to do…

Rain storm Foxgloves

a recent storm snapped off three of our beautiful Foxglove stems so I just had to make a mandala…

Foxglove and Gerbera Daisy Mandala

the center flower is part of a pretty Gerbera Daisy called “Watermelon” that had seen better days after being in a bouquet and floated in one of our bird baths for awhile…

Foxgloves with phone apps

Dawn of Girl Unwinding is the Mandala Queen here

“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

19 responses to “what’s a girl to do…

  1. Beautiful!!! I do love foxgloves! xxx

  2. such gorgeous blooms Patty- your garden surely must be quite beautiful!

  3. What a glorious foxglove! They must look magnificent in the garden. Just goes to show….there’s no cloud without a silver lining.

  4. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing more beautiful mandalas over the summer!

  5. Great Mandala for this Monday!! Our foxglove is all but spent. I hope to add more to the garden next year as I finally found a spot they seem to like. What a pretty color on that daisy. I just have the orange, red and yellow variety but this one is a wow!!
    Happy Mandala Monday to you!!

  6. I love it when we have these foxgloves in our garden (we call them ‘vingerhoedskruid’ which translates as ‘thimble weed’ :)).
    What a pity it snapped of, but you did wonders by making a gorgeous mandala.

  7. I love it – my favorite mandala ever.

  8. Such gorgeous blooms Patty!!! Love your Mandala 🙂 ~Sophia

  9. Beautiful usual Dear Patty !!!

  10. Beautiful, Patty. I love the colors!!

  11. a beautiful mandala patty, and a lovely way to preserve the memory of your flowers 🙂

  12. They have such beautiful markings. Glad that they were not wasted, although I suspect that no struggling flower is ever water in your house 🙂

  13. Sorry, autocorrect again. That should have said wasted and not water!

  14. inanoctopusgarden

    love this post you are always creating! the mandala is lovely and your app playing and photography are amazing…I love the pieces you are coming up with in the iphonography! But back to the beginning- Foxglove are pretty amazing unto themselves! Glad you rescued them and shared – one of my favorites.:) xo

  15. Very pretty, Patty. Your mandalas are always beautiful — the foxglove only makes it more so!

  16. Your foxglove flower mandala look very nice. To strong storm depends a lot of harm to the garden. But you saved the flowers like I would it have done.
    Our foxglove flowers are not in blossom because it is sunny but cold these days, but the päonies are just starting to open their blossoms.
    Your magic photo of the foxglove flowers look very good.
    Dearest Greetings

  17. So lovely a Mandala, dear Patty,
    my Foxgloves only started to bloom now, so they lived through the storm we had some dayes ago!! My rosebushes ,though, are so destroied,- leaves and all the little buds are hanging and looking almost dead.
    Beautiful card Patty, so dreamy and lovely, what special effects you can create!
    Sending hugs and xxx

  18. So glad I checked and saw this BEAUTIFUL MANDALA!! It was meant to be that you make one with the broken pieces, YAY!!

  19. How lovely to take the storm damaged foxgloves and create mandala art – gorgeous!

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