tea in a paper cup…

Tea cup planter 

a paper cup would not really be my cup of choice and I can honestly say that the thought of drinking anything from a styrofoam cup makes my teeth hurt…

Rugosa rose garland

that said a nice mug or teacup where I can put my finger in the handle is something I do enjoy…

Natural Wonders single bloom flower press

I was delighted recently to rediscover a tea cup tablet with flowers embossed on the pages that I had tucked away…

Carol's Rose Garden notepad

so while I was filling my flower presses out on our back porch I thought I would snap a few photos for you  (the tea cup blends in  nicely with the white paper background)…

Flower pressing time

this time of year has me busy keeping my flower presses filled…

multiple iphone apps garden hat

it is actually more of a remembering and waiting game since most blooms take about two to three weeks…

Diana and Gloomlogue phone apps

playing with an ever growing assortment of phone apps certainly has me entertained…

Gloomlogue Diana Pixlr Express garden

I have added Gloomlogue to the list and I find that altering photos using several different apps brings some interesting results…

Rose Paper Garland with phone apps

joining with everyone over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s to wish you a Happy T Day and a very Happy June …

30 responses to “tea in a paper cup…

  1. i can’t remember the last time i used my flower press. i don’t really have enough flowering plants on our little patio to pick, but i remember pressing flowers in between book pages when the kids were little. sweet 🙂


  2. Your edited photos are just lovely! I have to remember to do that more often (I tend to just use instagram).


  3. A wonderful happy tea day to you! The thought of tea in a paper cup sets my mind to wondering if I could construct a cup from handmade paper… Hmmm. Must contemplate this one!


  4. Wow Patty what lovely, romantic photos. They are right for a wonderful womens decorating journal, I would directly buy it. 🙂 Such a flowers press I own too, think I should use it again. The white cup with the little blue moon I like very much.
    Have a nice week.
    Dearest Greetings


  5. beautiful photos Patty! You (almost) have me wanting a smart phone just for the fun apps:) Wishing you a happy T day my friend!


  6. Dearest Patty, I hope you
    enjoy, your tea, and a wonderful weather. The cup with flowers and green inside is wonderful, and I am in love with your presser,- what a lovely collage you added , and such gorgeous and dreamy fhotoes you have made .
    And Yes, tea and wine should be sipped from real cups and glasses !!!
    Hugs and love,


  7. Hi Patty,

    Oh what a neat way to showcase the flowers and art collage by pressing them. Of course, your way beats the old heavy books we used to use!!

    Happy T-day to you!


  8. I despise paper and styrofoam cups so much that i when i travel i always bring my favorite battle scared ceramic coffee mug with me. One that my heart won’t break if it gets broken…

    What a coincidence about the dried flowers. I did just the same yesterday… My pansies are giving up the ghost with all this HOT weather so before i pulled them out to put in some petunias i picked off all the blooms and put them between the pages of an old telephone book. I’m hoping that will do the trick. Piled a bunch of books on top. Question? What do you do with your dried flowers???

    When i saw your post on Lavender Wands i instantly fell in love and KNEW i would give it a try one day. You made it look so simple! I think a little bit wider ribbon will help me out immensely. Thanks so much for sharing that and stopping by my blog!!Hugs! deb


  9. Lovely post Patty. I recently found a few leaves I had pressed and thought I need to find a way to incorporate them into my art. Thanks for the inspiration!! ~Sophia


  10. What a lovely post, and your photo apps are giving the most romantic photos.
    LOVE all your pressed flower accomplishments. Haven’t pressed flowers in years, maybe I’ll start again……………your such an inspiration.
    Happy T-day and thanks for the visit.


  11. What beautiful art work! Thanks for sharing with us. Chris # 14 xx


  12. It’s been years since I pressed flowers…I must get out my press. I’d certainly rather drink out of your gorgeous yellow cup than any paper cup any day. Your garden is going on my ‘bucket list’ Patty. Hope I can call in if ever I’m over there.


  13. Hello Patty!! Happy T DAY!! So lovely your post is today, enjoyed the tea cup and blooms and impressed with your flower pressing excitement!! They are all beautiful. Isn’t it nice to be outside and enjoying summer and the warm sun again, YAY!! It feels great here, not many flowers in my yard but still happy to not be cold and see now.

    I saw your comment on mandala making, can’t wait to see what you made. I too want to make one but the wind is so bad and I was hoping to make one outside.

    Have a lovely day and thank you for sharing!


  14. I saw your mandala post, LOVE IT !!! Happy to see you making one again! Which reminds me I found a lady on my instagram who makes them at her beach. WOW, were the stunning and so cool with different things from the beach. I didn’t save her name so not sure how to find her again.


  15. I’m with you on styrofoam cups. I gave all mine to Scott last week, because I wanted them out of the house. They aren’t even any good to be used as planters.

    I adore your flower press. I use an old telephone book, but found I have to add wax paper if the flowers are a bit on the “wet” side. I know you will have a super harvest because you have such lovely flowers in your yard.

    Thanks for sharing, as well as the apps on your new phone. Do you ever press the “hats” on fresh strawberries? I love them when I can turn them into something fun, like a necklace on a (magazine) girl’s neck.


  16. I love stationery, and your tea cup tablet is a winner. Will we be seeing paper tea cups in your art soon? Enjoy your flower pressing, and have a Happy T Day!


  17. amazing post dear Patty! Oh yes .. I have to press flowers the next weeks.. thank you for the reminder!
    xoxoxo my dear friend!


  18. sparkledaysstudio

    Fun digital play. I could feel my teeth hurting at the very thought of styrofoam, nasty stuff. xox


  19. I hear you, on the paper cup thing–something to never put tea into 🙂 they should only be used to pick up rocks on a beach, lol
    Your photos are lovely, as is your little flower press 🙂
    Happy t day


  20. I always promise myself a flower press yet I still don’t have one. I press flowers between layers of blotting paper, weighed down amongst tombs of art books, yes, a flower press would speed up the process!
    The phone apps look to be such fun.
    Yikes, the thought of styrofoam …. nasty.


  21. Your photos are lovely. I would love to know the process of flower pressing.It sounds very interesting.
    Happy T day


  22. hettiecraft

    What a post of prettiness Patti. I should dig my flower press out – it is years old. I cannot drink out of styrofoam cups – they set my teeth on edge. Paper cups run a close second too. I also don;t like wine from a plastic glass – crystal only for me!
    No wonder Hubby says I have expensive taste! LOL!


  23. I see you are thinking ahead as well….pressing flowers. My girl asked me just yesterday about pressing some. Great minds think alike. 😉
    Happy Tuesday!


  24. Flower presses – Wow that brings back memories! The little pansies press beautifully if I remember!


  25. really lovely photos…cute tea cup paper and peek at your flower press. Beautiful collage too!


  26. Each photograph here is a total delight, this is my third time visiting this post to admire all this beauty, what an amazing talent you have for arranging these set-ups. I love the two teacups you show.


  27. I love what you are doing with the phone apps. I’m going to see if they have an android version of Gloomlogue. Styrofoam cups for tea – heresy! 😀


  28. Such deliciuos pictures, I think you’re having lot of fun editing them. Gorgeous and inspiring results!


  29. Wonderful images Patty……..but those little purple roses have me enthralled! Is that your sun hat? 🙂 xx


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