Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge (MiFoC)

a couple of my European blog friends got me curious about a new to me challenge called Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge (MiFoC) and since hardly a day goes by that I don’t take photographs I am excited to be playing along…

Garden bouquet

you can see the weekly prompts for the month of June here

Wash DC Capitol with lots of apps

Week 1 is Bunt/Colorful which immediately made me think of the garden this time of year …

Dreamy Garden Stone Face

I used my new smart phone with the Diana…Union and Pixlr Express apps layering my original photographs of roses…text and our stone faced lady for my entry above

21 responses to “Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge (MiFoC)

  1. Those apps on your phone make it easier than anything I could EVER create in Photoshop. Your latest photos have taken on a new and unique look, some ethereal, some colorful. Love them all!!

  2. Beautiful photos, love what you have made, and glad you are joining in too!Hope you are keeping well, hugs, Valerie

  3. Wow – your photos are fantastic – i love them all!

  4. Patty, so nice to meet you in this Foto-Challenge!
    Great altered fotos you made and I am astonished about the possibilities of your smart-phone!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Regards – Ulrike

  5. this challenge is perfectly made for you and your wonderful photos!
    i love how you played along.
    many thanks for your comments on my blog – always highly appreciated:)

  6. Lovely flowers and I like your double exposure photos so much, they look every time a little bit magic. It is great what you made with your Smartphone.
    Have a nice day.
    Sabine xox

  7. I adore your photo art here as always – I think you know this Patty…
    those pictures are wonderful!
    I am happy to meet you at Mikrokosmos photo challenge —
    Happy day “liebe” Patty!

  8. like all your digital fun here with your fotos……hope all is well with you and yours……….thanks for the tip about this challenge. Have a great day!!

  9. Your photographs are so beautiful with your usual wonderful colour sense. I especially like the last one.

  10. great fun and beautiful work… as always! xoxo

  11. sparkledaysstudio

    YOU can color my world anytime, these are wonderful. xox

  12. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  13. Patty, you made me oh so happy! Because your interest to my challenge and then your photos are awesome – all of them! Especially the first one, I love these flowers!
    Isn’t it astonishing what you can all do with a little smart phone? And so easy and wonderful. Are you on Instagram?
    Thank you so much for participating in MiFoC! I’ll write the next post of MiFoC also in english.
    Best wishes, Manuela

  14. What a clever lady you are! Wonderful effects Patty! xxx

  15. Clever!…you are so ‘up’ with all this smart phone stuff. I’m afraid I’m lagging behind here.

  16. Beautiful! And perfect challenge for you!

  17. These are fascinating, Patty. That sounds like a fun challenge. I’ve started playing a lot with pixlr express — it’s such fun! I may have to look into this one over the summer!

  18. Beautiful photos Patty!!! I love how you used layers in the last one 🙂 Fabulous!! ~Sophia

  19. Hello! I love your beautiful pictures full of poetry, thanks for sharing, !

  20. These are wonderful photos Patty.

  21. I love your layering! Could you explain a little more about what apps you used, and how they worked? I can find the Diana app, and the Pixlr Express app, but Diana…Union refers to?? I am kind of an idiot about any thing technical, but I have taken to using the smart phone I gave my daughter for a lot of my photography, and I would love to have the ability to layer, assuming the process is simple enough. Of course, that would probably mean getting my own smart phone, because between photos and watching Korean drama (God help me), I am seriously inconveviencing my teen ager.

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