Mandala Monday: Yellow Roses

a sweet bouquet of Trader Joe’s roses jumped into my shopping cart the other day…

Trader Joe's Yellow Roses

they stayed fresh and pretty for a nice long while…

roses past bloom

when the petals started to fall I wasn’t quite ready to let them go…

Yellow Rose Mandala

using a favorite enamel plate turned upside down and a butter pat plate for the center I had some mandala fun…

Rumi quote

I am joining Dawn of Girl Unwinding for her Mandala Monday

two blog posts in one day…oh my


15 responses to “Mandala Monday: Yellow Roses

  1. Your roses & photos are gorgeous. I carried yellow roses at our wedding, as my DH gave me yellow roses after our first date 🙂 Have a great day, Shirleyx


  2. your mandala is outstanding… i love how you use them until the very end.


  3. These must be an absolute pleasure to create Patty…..beautiful works of art. XX


  4. wonderful roses and photgraphs Patty my dear! Lovely!


  5. It’s funny how flowers jump into your shopping cart. Happens to me every so often.


  6. It looks like a beautiful cake!! what a great buttery yellow color.
    Happy Mandala Monday!! Thanks for joining me 🙂


  7. Amazing your flower mandala, I love it. This is a way you can keep the flowers yet for a while. I love roses and dry the petals to make a tea of it or to make a flower potpourri with other dried flowers. I like the beautiful butterfly on one of your photos, why don’t you put him on your Mandala, he has the same colours and would so look nice on it?
    Dearest Greetings
    Sabine xox


  8. Hello you sweet Magpie, those rose jump into your cart, they knew you would create something breathtakingly gorgeous, honoring them again, you always make our world a more beautiful place, Namesta to you Miss Patty, have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))..


  9. Hello Patty!! Happy Mandala Monday!! How gorgeous yours is today, love the yellow!! Isn’t it great that we learned from Dawn how to keep our flowers lasting longer for us to enjoy. So happy you made one and shared it!

    I wrote my T time post early this morning and forgot to include my mandala, darn it but will share it next week.

    See you tomorrow for T !!


  10. Gasp. Enough said!


  11. such a gorgeous bouquet of sunshine-and I love the mandala with the butterfly!


  12. Oh, it is beautiful, my dear. The colours are wonderful and your idea of laying the stamens and the bottoms of the flowers around the plate looks fantastic!! Ofcourse you could not just throw the petals, -they will be so lovely when dried, too.
    Hugs from Dorthe


  13. Gorgeous!!! It’s such a treat to see your Mandala creations. Thank you!! ~Sophia


  14. Beautiful roses! You ARE the Mandala Queen!


  15. Big sigh – these pictures are wonderful and I let out another big sigh – so beautiful!
    sandy xx


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