DeiTea Zip Up Zeus

today I am sharing one of the lovely teas I received from our son for Mother’s Day…

Dei Tea Zip Up Zeus

he thoughtfully selected a couple of organic loose teas for me

Dei Tea Zip Up Zeus (1)

this blend is tasty and really does add some zip to my step but not too much as I can be a cheap date when it comes to caffeine…

castle on the lake

our back porch sometimes feels like our little castle on the lake with the sound of two tinkling water fountains and birds chirping their sweet songs…

Sunshine on the back porch with a cuppa (1)

it works if you use a little imagination…

Sunshine on the back porch with a cuppa

joining again this week with everyone over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s to wish you a Happy T Day…

enjoy the little things

33 responses to “DeiTea Zip Up Zeus

  1. There is nothing like sitting outdoors with a favorite beverage and the music of nature to soothe and entertain. I love your sun decoration. Happy T day!

  2. There’s so much for me to love in this post! From that beautiful tea with the lemon rind bits, to the teapot-shaped tea ball, to your lovely china patterns… And that sunny decoration. What a peaceful scene in that last photo 🙂 thx!

  3. I’m behind on your posts with our crazy week but oh — so much in this one that makes me smile! I just LOVE Johnson Bros. china patterns!

  4. I’m very behind after my busy weekend! Lovely photos, your garden looks like such a peaceful haven Patty! That tea sounds lovely too.
    Alison xxx

  5. wow what a beautiful garden, the Tea sounds wonderful but it would have to kick me in the head to start me I love a rich coffee and the occasional cuppa tea in fine china. Love your johnson ware too.

    Thanks for visiting
    Hugs Eliza

  6. You are making me want to pull out my teacup right now, (but I am in work, and don’t have any!) It looks wonderful Patty, and your little oasis looks like a dream! Thank you for making my day!

  7. Lovely, lovely photos from your gorgeous garden. The beautiful china and delicious tea, what a joy!

  8. I just had tea in the garden with Henning, after returning home yesterday evening 🙂 we enjoyed the smelll of newly sprung roses, and the birds singing.
    The tea from your son, looks as beautiful, as I hope it tests,- and that teacup, and plate, -such a joy to drink from.
    I love your tea strainer, how castle-like to have such a distinguished strainer, dear Patty.- and such beautiful views to the garden, from your tea table.
    Hugs and have a wonderful tuesday! xxx

  9. Tea with lemon, bird song, and vintage dish…sounds like a perfect and heavenly time of relaxation! happy T day, have a terrific week!

  10. I always enjoy your stunning photos. Nice to have a new tea and a sweet son who bought it for you.

  11. I just love coming to you T-day posts. This week everything looks so tranquil, I just want to sit there and meditate.
    Happy T-day

  12. Your teapot ball is just adorable! In this tranquil setting it does not take too much imagination to picture oneself in a romantic setting! Hope you enjoyed your tea today!

  13. Once again I was transported through time and space to your lovely back yard when imagination was inspired by lovely photos and vignettes of tea, greenery, and flowers.

    “Lightly caffeinated” made me laugh. Yep, you must be a real lightweight when it comes to caffeine. But it sounds absolutely wonderful, and you are blessed to have a son who knows you so well!

  14. What a lovely backyard garden you have, Patty! It almost transports me in time to another place that doesn’t exist with weeds and mosquitoes like I face in my own garden!! : )

  15. beautiful photos as always Patty!!!

  16. Your photos are beautiful as always Patty. Your garden photos take me to a fairyland.
    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.
    Happy Tuesday

  17. Thanks for the brief beautiful respite in your garden! Let me know if you climb Olympus….that must be some tea!

  18. Your porch looks like the perfect place to be with a cuppa. I sure can hear the water and birds.

  19. Yerba Matte is a nice mildly caffeinated drink. People often turn to it when they are trying to break away from coffee. A gentler “buzz” 😉
    Happy T to you

  20. hettiecraft

    That tea looks and sounds great. I could probably do with a bit of that right now, but it is time for bed for me.
    Your snippets of garden look wonderful. I will have to visit you one day for a siesta and a cuppa!

  21. As always, beautiful photos Patty!! The tea blend sounds delicious. Enjoy! ~Sophia

  22. Your back porch looks like a little slice of paradise. I have a candle holder that has almost the exact glass face as your garden stake. Of course now I can’t find the post with the photo so I you’ll just have to take my word for it. 🙂 That tea looks awesome as well.
    Happy Tuesday!

  23. Looks so inviting! I prefer sitting outside always! Your son is so good to you!

  24. Hello Patty, happy T day! What a lovely place for tea. What a nice gift from your son, he knows you well. Hope your week is a happy one. HUGS!
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog posts!!

  25. Zip up Zeus is such a great name. Enjoy your tea and your time in the backyard. Happy T Day!

  26. forrestwife

    such a thoughtful gift from a son and a lovely setting for a cuppa!
    thanks for welcoming me to the T community, visiting me! and your kind words.
    robyn 3

  27. The tea your son gave to you seems to be a special exclusive one!
    And I love love love all the fantastic impressions Patty-
    meine liebe Freundin!

  28. inanoctopusgarden

    Love your yard and garden scenes … seems
    Ike such a special place. That tea sounds great and is that a heart shape in the tea leaves;) xo

  29. A beautiful, thoughtful gift for your son to send to you.
    I can almost here the tinkling of chimes, the songs from the birds and the gentleness of water because I feel as though I have stepped into your garden.
    A delightful vignette.

  30. Patty you always amazes me with the view you choose through your camaralens! So much beauty around you and you are able to see it for sure and share it with the world with your blog! I am in love with the sunsculpture and the amazing teacreation your sun has gifted to you ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  31. I love your little teapot tea thingie. and the crockery is beautiful! And the garden too!

  32. My daughter is starting to enjoy tea. It’s kind of fun.

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