Mandala Monday: Peony Petals

Flowers from our Virginia garden

after bringing some pretty pink peonies in the house I didn’t have the heart to toss out them out right away…

DSC07605 peony petals

they lasted a nice long while but then began to shatter and fall…

Peony Thyme

the petals were silky soft and oh so fragrant…

slice of Peony Mandala

so with my camera and phone camera in hand I proceeded to play out on our back porch…

Peony Mandala Closeup

with one thing leading to another…

Peony Mandala on Aluminum tray

you know how that can be (the other flowers are Nigella/Love in a Mist and a Gerbera Daisy called Watermelon…the darker petals are from a different peony in our garden)…

Peony Abalone Love

~ Happy Mandala Monday ~

Peony Plenty

these dried petals will have to do until next spring when the peonies bloom again…



17 responses to “Mandala Monday: Peony Petals

  1. Very inspiring.. Thank U for the pretty pictures.. 😉


  2. What a striking mandala! That watermelon Gerber is wonderful. You never cease to amaze me with your creations.


  3. Golly, Patty I can’t believe I completely forgot about Mandala Monday now that Summer of Color has started. I can’t believe your peonies are still around. Mine were gone the first week in May this year. It seemed everything was earlier because it got hot so fast.

    Once again I’m impressed with the way you make these mandalas. This one is no exception. It is truly beautiful and fantastic. Thank you SO much for sharing and telling us what all the flowers are. I’m sort of a dunce about them unless they are blooming in my yard.


  4. As usual Dearest Patty, you do wonders with nature…. Thanks… I enjoyed that.


  5. oh so pretty and PINK my dear!! My peonies have been painted for this year as well as photographed to the max and are mostly all gone now but it was a bumper crop of them this spring.


  6. What a wonderful process and a lovely mandala. I really love the colours of your peonies and beautiful photos.


  7. Sabine Kleinmann

    Amazing photos and your flower mandala looks so very nice, I love it. Dearest Greetings Sabine


  8. What a stunning bouquet ,my dear Patty, and so wonderful you used the petals to create a new and so beautiful Mandela .. How lovely with the daisy ,is it really dubble coloured, like that ? The tones are perfect together, are the flowers offered a little water, or are they left to dry?
    I also save petals in cups to dry and look beautiful. 🙂
    Warm hug, from me.


  9. I so love peonies! Our’s are all imported! Ha! That last pic is beautiful! The gloom app?


  10. So pretty…as are all your mandalas.


  11. swooning… and nigellas included – another favorite flower! makes my heart sing.


  12. what amazing flowers and what artsy photographs Patty.. and the Mandala is just ADORABLE!

    You made me happy ..I will now go to bed and will dream in lavender , purple and blue …


  13. Its Monday again, this Magpies loves Mon. it’s when you work you magic with petals, leaves, flowers, this one makes my heart sing too, a water melon Gerbera, it’s stunning, thanks SO much for sharing your garden flowers and your magic, your a special teacher, hope Mr Magpie had a wonderful fathers day have a wonderful day, ((( BIG HUGS )))..


  14. Well, I’ll have you know Ms. Patty, that your flower and petal mandala was so pretty that I felt the immediate urge to draw it. 🙂 I’m not an artist by any means but I loved the composition and doodled it pretty quickly. Thanks for always inspiring! Have a great week. Tammy


  15. Patty, your mandalas are gorgeous! And – as usual – your photos are incredible! Lovely post 🙂
    Hugs, Dagmar


  16. I breath slower and deeper as I relax into myself at the sight of those beautiful flowers with their pretty colours.


  17. This is beautiful. I was telling Rick last night that I should save the rose and peony petals from the wedding flowers for potpourri — they smell so wonderful. Molly had peonies, roses and hydrangeas, all pink. So beautiful. Your mandela reminds me of the wedding!


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