DeiTea Hibiscus & Lavender

today I am sharing the other tea I mentioned in my DeiTea Zip Up Zeus post last week…

DeiTea Hibiscus & Lavender

right on time with our hot and humid temperatures (it will feel like 100 degrees which is 37 Celsius this afternoon)…

DeiTea Hibiscus & Lavender (1)

fragrant and refreshing chilled no ice thank you (my son chose loose tea for me…thoughtful manchild)…

Hibiscus Lavender tea no ice please

and so pretty too…

refreshing tea

   Father’s Day and Lavender seem to go together for so many years now in our Virginia garden… it starts blooming right around mid June which means its time to begin weaving Lavender wands

Lavender wand weaving

I like to leave the wands with ribbons not secured for a bit as the stems dry and shrink which gives me a chance to tighten the ribbon before completely finishing them (you can find out more weaving details here if you are interested)

Lavender wands drying before finishing

very soothing and satisfying work…

Nature is saturated with melody...

here’s wishing you a Happy T Day along with everyone over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s Altered Book Lover ~♥~

26 responses to “DeiTea Hibiscus & Lavender

  1. That tea is lovely! I’ve never grown lavender, but I do love it. I think I’ll try some next year. Your wands are inspiring me 🙂

  2. that tea sounds wonderful! (no ice cubes for me either:) Yes, the humidity has arrived here as well. We have a lavender bush but the blooms aren’t as pretty as yours. The wands are beautiful! Stay cool and enjoy your T day!

  3. So lovely your tea looks, my dear Patty, and I`m sure it tasts wonderfully, too. The colours are gorgeous, both before and after the water.
    And your wands so very beautiful,- I admire them every year, Patty, and also admire your pretty photoes ,made into collages -, they are wonderful, and lavender is one of my garden-loves!
    Hugs and smiles, from a sunny day on Bornholm, with blue sky and a little fluffy clouds !!

  4. sparkledaysstudio

    Lovely photos. While I am not a usual tea drinker, except iced in the summer, I do like herbal teas. This sounds delish, as delish as your photos. xox

  5. I always love your lavendar wands! I can almost smell it down here in Chessy!! LOL… almost!! xoxo

  6. I really like the sound of your tea this week.
    Those lavender wands are so pretty, how did you come up with this idea?
    Happy T-day

  7. You reminded me how much I love hibiscus tea! must go run and get a cup! lovely photos! Our lavender crop sea too poor this year to make wands. think I spruce up my old ones with some essence!

  8. Those lavender wands make me wish for a garden full of lavender. Hibiscus and lavender tea – that must smell heavenly, and it certainly looks beautiful! Sit back, sip and enjoy those high temps!!

  9. Your wands are very pretty. Red tea looks HOT….I can’t imagine it as a summer drink.

  10. I enjoy hibiscus tea but never had it mixed with lavender. Pretty color isn’t it? Your lavender wands are so pretty. I tried making some several years ago and they were a mess. Evidently I can’t weave stems and ribbons.


  11. I think that the tea tastes definitely very well. Your photos are brilliant, liebe Patty

  12. Now, I may just have to start growing lavender so I can try making some wands! Sounds like a delicious, refreshing and easy tea to make! The purple and yellow butterfly is gorgeous, too! Happy T Day!

  13. Wow that tea is a beautiful color! A great big clear glass jar would be such an amazing presentation at a outdoor tea party! I have never seen weaving like that before, so cool!

  14. I hope you save those spent tea leaves and place them on paper. I’ve found hibiscus tea makes the wonderful dye for paper. That tea reminds me what I’ve always said in the past, that you don’t need heat or sun to make tea. Just time. Love the beauty of this tea, too.

    I’m a DUNCE. I tried to make a couple of these wands last year when I actually had lavender. I wrapped the stems, not the flowers. I wondered why the didn’t look right. So glad you reposted how to make them.

    Thanks for sharing your tea and wands with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I’m late. I’ve been at Sally’s all day.

  15. So nice your Lavender wands. I saw them many years ago in a Home and Decoration Magazine and on a country market in France. I like lavender fragrance very much. My lavender is ready to cut now too. Nice that your son gave you the hibiscus tea, I like the taste of it but cannot drink it because it makes me abdominal pain. Its to sour to me. It’s very hot in Virginia you write, so I wish you some fresher days. Keep cool my dear. 🙂
    Dearest Greatings

  16. hettiecraft

    Your tea looks wonderful. I will have to try and find it when I visit the States later this year.
    Now you have been to Windermere. I have wanted to go there for years. Lucky you.
    Thanks for your visit.

  17. Happy T-Day!
    What beautiful color that tea makes. I have never seen/heard of Lavender wands. How lovely!

  18. Yum! And I love your wands!

  19. these woven lavender wands are so very special… i´ve never known of them before. they really look gorgeous!
    happy t time!

  20. That tea is a gorgeous color! Love those wands…I almost bought some lavender seed the other day. The package looked like your kind that you can make the wands out of. I was given a lavender plant but I think it may have been meant for cooking?? It smell like lavender but certainly have a different shape…

  21. oh…love those lavender wands!

  22. Love those lavender wands! xxx

  23. How delicious that tea sounds and such a pretty colour too! I have tried unsuccessfully to grow lavender several times in our magpie garden, but I need a sandier soil, I think. One Christmas I bought dried lavender from the apothecary and made little lavender pillows from stamped fabric – one of my earliest craft projects! I love these woven wands and I shall be looking at how to make them. Julie Ann xxx

  24. Patty your blog is a delight for the senses! Beautiful!

  25. That tea certainly looks so pretty.
    I had to smile as I mentioned in my previous comment that it has been sunny and muggy and then I read the temps you have been experiencing – yikes, that is far too hot!
    Those wands are extremely pretty, I do so love the scent of lavender. I first became drawn to it when I started to suffer migraines, so hopeful it would eradicate my suffering. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be but since then I have loved the scent and appearance.

  26. Your wands bring back happy memories of having made those myself — not for a long time, though. And now my lavender is dead, the new plant not settling — it will be awhile before I do it again!

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