MiFoC Doors and AJJ Houses

this week’s challenge theme of Doors over at Mikrokosmos Foto Challenge (MiFoC)  got me very excited…

Haight Asbury San Francisco

 snapping photos of doors is something I often do…

UK 2013 door sampler

I am drawn to doors…

Weathered Doors

weathered doors…

Fells Point Charm city Police Station 2012

garden doors…

Dumbarton Oaks pool door

so many inviting doors…

Dumbarton Oaks Orangerie

 each with a story to tell…

Doc Holiday's  Glenwood Springs CO

it just so happened that a door image popped up on my art table and  got me creating another piece for the Art Journal Journey (AJJ) June Houses challenge…

Welcome Home

 before I knew it it had sprouted wings…

Welcome Home Door

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” ~John Barrymore

27 responses to “MiFoC Doors and AJJ Houses

  1. I love doors too…of course I have no where near the number and variety of them that you do. 🙂
    Love the “Welcome Home” piece you created.


  2. What a wonderful collection — they’re magical, aren’t they? Wen you see a door, you never know what is behind!


  3. Dear Patty, your welcome home card is beautiful,-love the winged door, the plaster texture, and the leafe with gold dots,on the wonderful paper piece,-and aLL YOUR DOORS are gorgeous- and so different, a piece of history told, if they could talk!!
    Happy weekend, my friend.
    Dorthe, xoxo


  4. beautiful winged door! i love that so much! your door pics are always so inviting…thanks for sharing, dear one..xo


  5. love love love xxx


  6. Beautiful doors Patty! World traveling sorts of doors 🙂


  7. Beautiful page Patty!! I love doors too. They’re wonderful. Thank you for sharing 🙂 ~Sophia


  8. I love doors, too! Perhaps not as much as you, though! Ha! I have a picture book of doors somewhere. Do you? Unless I donated it when we moved!!!! Happy Friday!


  9. oh my god… so many wonderful door photos! and of course i love the one with the wings… doors are a never ending love of mine, too!


  10. Here I see, that you are loving doors too!
    … great your foto of the blue weathered door with the reflection of the houses in face of – I love it!
    … and your June-House is wonderful done.

    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog – and you made me smile when you wrote, that my fotos gave you ‘wanderlust’ – I think you meant ‘Reiselust’! It’s so friendly, that you said it in german!
    Best wishes – Ulrike


  11. You really DO love doors. Unfortunately, the ones in my neighborhood are nowhere near as photogenic or tell any nice stories like your doors seem to.

    Looks like you are really having fun with that AJJ challenge. I really love seeing pages you create with this theme.


  12. yet another thing we have n common-love doors! Fabulous photos! You are certainly “in the zone” creating these gorgeous pages with the house theme.


  13. Oh my gosh what brilliant DOORs you show here .. amazing Patty ..and the winged butterfly door is just GORGEOUS!
    Art Journal Journy is very pleased!
    thank you so much..
    great composition in this piece.. fantastic textures …
    you are one of my favourite ARTISTS..hope you know this my dear!

    die “liebe” Susi


  14. They are all great doors but I LOVE the blue weathered one. Whenever we are away I take photos of doors too…it must be an artist thing.


  15. Fascinating photos of doors. I especially like the garden door (5th picture).
    I do like your page, of course the door sprouted wings, isn’t it funny how that happens and I love the leafy border at the bottom.


  16. Oh Patty all these doors are fantastic, great photos. And also your journal page looks wonderful. Love the texture.


  17. Ooh! Gorgeous doors, & great texture on your lovely page Patty!
    Happy Summer Solstice to you & Mr Magpie!
    Alison xxx


  18. How beautiful are theses doors!! The weathered ones are my favorites . Love your lovely door with her wings,how poetic!!
    Thanks for sharing, hugs.


  19. Doors are quite a magical symbol. Your photo collection is wonderful – such a huge variety of doors. But best of all is your lovely piece; the door with wings really captures my imagination!


  20. Your door photos look very beautiful, I love the middle age doors with gothic bows the most. But wow, your art journal with that lovely door with wings looks very nice too. Wonderful coloured and amzing textures in the background. I love it.
    xox Sabine


  21. Excellent photos and a fantastic journal page. Always adore your backgrounds.
    Have a nice weekend.


  22. Most wonderful door photos, Patty. The “weather” doors are my fav.
    I love your art piece for AJ house-challenge. It’s beautiful and creative.
    Have a happy weekend xxx!


  23. What a gorgeous piece, I love doors and all of your photographs are so special, what a collection of beauty and poetry.


  24. Wow, Patty, I’m so glad you’ve found my little challenge. Your doors are all so awesome. One greater than the other – fantastic!
    And your Artjournalpage is absolutly beautiful. I love the texture and the colors, simply great.
    Best wishes, Manuela


  25. sparkledaysstudio

    Love your door and all the photos of other rusty, crusty doors you took. Is it the adventure of while lies within that makes us so drawn to doors….?xox


  26. Wow, that’s a lot of doors! And they’re all so different. I like the close-up pictures you took of the weathered surfaces best.
    Just to think of all the people that these doors have seen coming and going!


  27. I love doors and you’ve given us so many to examine and explore! Wonderful!!!


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