last Tuesday this June…

hello and welcome to tea on our back porch…

Bewley's T tray and Numi Chocolate Pu erh Tea

the garden is in full swing with so many lovely blooms to enjoy each and every day…

some blue in our Virginia GardenI am especially drawn to the gorgeous shades of blue…

Forget-me-Nots and Hydrangeas

it would be really difficult to pick one favorite flower…

my altered flower press in waiting

I made up a couple of sheets of pressed flowers and tissue paper recently (more about that here if you are curious) and was quite surprised to find out that the pretty pressed blue hydrangeas had turned golden tan overnight…

Pressed flowers with tissue paper and glue

I didn’t let that stop me from my idea of creating another page for my loose leaf art journal…

Entranced by the moon collage

in fact I quite liked them and cut out the center of the hydrangea ring to create a frame for the lady’s face…

art journal page and collaged paperweight

 stenciled plaster on tissue paper and some scraps of other papers along with a few words from a book page helped complete my collage page…Embroidered linen Noble Art quote

here’s wishing you a really lovely T Day along with Elizabeth and all the other tea bloggers ~♥~ so glad you stopped by

32 responses to “last Tuesday this June…

  1. So very beautiful and delicate, a gorgeous post!


  2. Such a delicate , beautiful Tuesday-post my liebe Patty! ♥♥♥


  3. I love hydrangeas. Yours look lovely dried.


  4. Stunning art. Don’t you just love this technique using tissue and pressed flowers? So sweet of Lynn to share it several years ago. And I wish I had some of the lovely flowers found in your yard. I’m always impressed by them, because I have nothing this time of year, except greens.

    Lovely mixed media art, and stunning photos. Thanks for sharing all this T Tuesday.


  5. Such lovely tissue paper prints. I had never thought to press between tissue paper. Thanks for sharing, love the face in the hydrangea ring.
    Happy T-day and thanks for the visit and nice comments.


  6. You have so many wonderful blue flowers – what a treat! Love the pressed flowers. Is the tissue paper wet/damp when you first put the flowers in between the sheets? Even though you lost the lovely blue on the hydrangea, the muted gold is beautiful in its own way..


  7. Your flowers and pages are so beautiful. Inspiring me to get busy in my own yard, I’ve been a bit waylaid by other things…


  8. Hello! Yum, your chocolate tea combines two of my favorite things.m I’ll have to keep an eye out for that brand/flavor.

    I’ve heard that some blue hydrangeas turn pink if replanted in soil of a different pH level. And now we know that some may turn golden/yellow when pressed and dried. I guess they are the amazing color-changing flowe


  9. er.

    You are right, it was pretty challenging to come up with m A to Z list, especially the final letters of the alphabet, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. But I was determined to see the list through to the end. It was fun, even though it was challenging.


  10. Your back porch looks like a delightful place to have tea. I am always drawn to blue flowers, maybe because you don’t see them all that often. What a pretty linen in that last photo.



  11. forrestwife

    lovely grade, collage and cups of tea!


  12. forrestwife

    oops should have said lovely garden!


  13. I so enjoyed this beautiful post. How beautiful your hydrangea is both in its fresh and its dried form. Your artwork, flower press and that delightful embroidered cloth all make this post a perfect delight. I love blue flowers too. Julie Ann xxx


  14. You photos make me want to hop a plane to sit in your backyard. So peaceful and lovely. I also am loving your artwork as of late…so much depth and texture. The ring of hydrangeas are awesome!!


  15. All so beautiful!!! Love the stitched flowers at bottom!!!


  16. Hydrangea is one of my absolute favourites and also my dear Mum. We have a cutting from my Great Aunt’s hydrangea, a desperate attempt as the hydrangea was dying at the time of taking the cutting, this is the first year that the smallest of buds are present, keeping our fingers crossed for it.
    I love the way you created a frame for that ethereal beauty.


  17. Beautiful flowers, what is the star shaped one? Your journal is so wonderful 🙂 love the way you cut out and placed the girl in the center of the petal ring.
    Happy Tuesday 🙂


  18. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried the dried flower tissue paper technique–thanks for reminding me. Now all I need is some lovely blooms like yours to press! Hope you enjoyed your tea today!


  19. The pressed flowers are so beautiful Patty. I love your garden pictures.
    Have a great week


  20. Hello Patty! I am happy to see this BLUE post, it’s my favorite color and these blues are just gorgeous!! Wish like Elizabeth that my yard was covered in color and flowers like yours. I did manage to pull of a small mandala at least. Would it be wrong to buy flowers just for mandala making, lol.
    How cute and tiny is that tea bag holder and little pitcher, darling!
    All the pressed flowers and art here make me happy, can see that you had some fun!
    Thank you for sharing another beautiful day in your garden with us. Have a wonderful week. HUGS!


  21. Interesting about the blue petals changing color. Wondered how that worked. Certainly it didn’t hurt your lovely design!


  22. Such beautiful shades of blue and I love the journal page. I too have noticed that hydrangea flowers don’t hold their colour when pressed but they look gorgeous anyway.


  23. Beautiful blooms & art & words! 🙂 xxx


  24. gorgeous blooms and art!! I’m sorry to have missed T Day but have had too many other things going on the last 4 days. Hope to ctach up again next time. Your hydrangeas look wonderful. The winter did a bad number on mine but at least I was able to save it . Only one bloom coming:(


  25. Amazing photos of your blue flowers, we have them all in our garden too.
    Your Vintage art journal with the dryed flowers looks so nice, I love it very much, great composition. I am in love with that blue embroidered tablecloth, it’s a dream. Did you made it yourself? Thanks for charing these wonderful photos, a great inspiration. Have a lot of inspiring teatimes again. By the way, I made my first two lavenderbouquets yesterday, yeah!:)
    Dearest Greetings


  26. How absolutely beautiful is your hydrangea frame, my dear Patty, also strange it changed colour over night, but still looking so lovely..It is a wonderful idea with the tissues on top of the pressed flowers, I tried it myself last year, and the final look is very beautiful, under the soft white tissue.
    So wonderful with the stencilling here ,,too. .
    I love the collection of Natural Wonders ,and your wonderful page.,… the qoute on the blue flower embroidery , aND all your blue flowers from your garden, Gorgeous my sweet .
    Hugs from Forthe


  27. Such pretty shades of blue – my favourite is the love-in-the-mist. Their flowers are so pretty and the seed pods are spectacular.


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