strawberries and cream…

organic strawberry goodnesssliced organic strawberries left to sit for awhile with a little superfine sugar to help draw the juices…

slicing strawberries

and a chance to use one of the lovely bee’s wraps that we picked up in California back in April as a cover for the bowl…

bee's wrap

it works like a charm…

Strawberries and Cream Hydrangeawith thanks to our local Trader Joe’s for helping create a theme of sorts by tempting me with this beautiful lace cap Strawberries and Cream Hydrangea (I liked it even before I saw the name!)

angel food cake strawberries and creme yogurt topping

our version of strawberry shortcake involves strawberries piled on top of torn pieces of angel food cake with a dollop of our favorite creme top plain yogurt as a finish

Hydrangea with apps

here’s wishing you a lovely T Day along with everyone over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard

38 responses to “strawberries and cream…

  1. What a beautiful post, a real treat!

  2. Dear Patty how very tempting, is your lovely cup, with the strawberries and yogurt , and the bee`s wrap must be so wonderful to use. Also it looks much more healthy and lovely than our normaL plastic wrap !!
    The Strawberries and cream as I understand is filled with seeds for you to grow, and if they are the ones you show in your picture ,it is a beautiful combination 🙂 I love your amazing card ,too-
    Hugs and love from Dorthe

  3. I’ve never seen the Strawberries and Cream hydrangea before but it is certainly pretty. I like your strawberry shortcake in a cup too. Summer fruits are so great right now.


  4. Love this – the strawberries- your photo compositions and you! Xo Jilly

  5. oh that looks so yummy!! We got a pint of fresh strawberries in our farm share box last week. They are so good!!!!
    What a beautiful flower as well.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Thank goodness I had strawberries with my breakfast today because after looking at these pictures I really want to eat some. Such gorgeous pictures! And what a wonderful hydrangea – the name is perfect. I’ll have to try a Patty Strawberry Shortcake in a teacup – sounds delectable.

  7. Gorgeous flowers and positively scrumptious looking strawberries! love how you’ve served them up in a cup…:) Happy Tuesday to you my dear…

  8. A timely post of strawberries and cream. We are in the middle of Wimbledon over here!

  9. I know I’ll be buying strawberries today. Can’t resist after these photos 🙂

    I’ve seen hydrangeas in pink but never a pink like this. Sweet!

  10. This is a perfectly delicious summer post Patty! I haven’t heard of the bee wrap before.Can you use it more than once? Gorgeous blooms too. Enjoy your T day and lovely strawberry dessert!

  11. oh delicious.. such a yummie yummie yummie post! Thank you “liebe” Patty!

  12. Bee’s WRAP. What an eco-friendly way to cover any food. I’ve been chowing down on strawberries since they went on sale last week, but mine still have their little hats on them when I eat them (grin).

    That’s a stunning hydrangea, a plant we don’t see too much of around here.

    Thanks for sharing your strawberries and cream for T this Tuesday.

  13. Just read your comment from my tea post. I have a bad habit of visiting others before reading comments left to me. I think I have that icon on my camera. I MUST try it the next time I’m out and about. Thank you, thank you. For some reason, I thought mine was for sports.

  14. My goodness what lovely photos! i could eat that strawberry shortcake right off the monitor.LOL! Hugs! deb

  15. A wonderful and yummy post, liebe Patty

  16. As soon as I saw those strawberries my mouth started to water. Yummo! Your photos and flowers are a delight. What a way to start my day.

  17. Oh Patty your photos make me appetite for strawberries. Very interesting the bee’s wrap, a very good alternative to plastic film. I found out that I can get it in a shop in the Netherlands our neighbour land. Thanks for sharing.
    Your new Hydrangea looks so amazing, I am excited about it. Have a lot fun with it. I have some hanging strawberry plants on my roof terasse, every mornig I can pick up some, one of them has dark pink blossoms. I will shoe it on my blog next time.
    Have a nice week with time for the garden and relaxing
    Sabine xox

  18. That looks so yummy. We had gone strawberry picking and I still have then in my fridge. Last week I made a pie and this week I’m thinking of a strawberry smoothie in this hot weather.
    Have a wonderful week

  19. Lovely post 🙂 strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful–I saved the site for the crème and I’m going to check it out later–thanks 🙂
    Happy T day 🙂

  20. Beautiful! I had strawberry shortcake last night!!! And I do love hydrangeas! That last photo is great…….. you and your filters are awesome!!!

  21. Gorgeous colors!!!!

  22. Hello and Happy T Day! I love all the pretty red/white here today!! Your strawberries look so good! We have picked our fresh ones for weeks and now they are gone.
    So glad you enjoy a fresh treat on this first day of July.
    Have a great week and 4th of July!

  23. forrestwife

    YUM!!!! love the idea of a natural food wrap!

  24. That Bee’s Wrap looks really useful! The Strawberries and cream look delicious, especially in a teacup.

  25. What a gorgeous hydrangea, and those strawberries look yummy! xxx

  26. dotferrero

    Thanks for the yogurt suggestion…sounds wonderful.

  27. Lovely post as always. Fabulous photos. The first one is amazing.
    Flo x

  28. Ooooh Yummy photos Patty …..the strawberries look delish!! x x

  29. Yummy, yummy!

  30. Your strawberry dessert sounds absolutely yummy! Healthy, too. Now I just have to get some strawberries.

  31. I sat here salivating while reading your post! ooo- drool on the keyboard! heehee Very lovely post Patty- and I must try the Bee’s wrap!

  32. what a YUMMY YUMMY treat!

  33. What a fresh and original blogpost. I love the last abstracted picture, strawberries and cream and green, it would make a marvellous summery print.

  34. sparkledaysstudio

    What a great idea that Bees Wrap, much better than plastic. Always loved wax paper too. xox

  35. Hello Miss Sweet Magpie, yum, yum, yum, yummy photos, yummy food, what could be better, thanks for sharing it with us..

  36. Love that Hydrangea and I’m going to have to keep my eyes out for one. I also am a bug fan of Angel Food Cake for my strawberry shortcake. I make my own whipped cream so I can make it less sweet. Isn’t it just the perfect time of year for those luscious strawberries! Love your strawberry theme.

  37. Beautiful photos Patty!!! Love strawberries. Where did you find the bee wrap? I never saw that before. A much better alternative to plastic wrap 🙂 ~Sophia

  38. Yes, please, I will have a serving! Actually, I had something quite similar last night with yummy homemade biscuits and the sweetest berries ever. Sigh. How sad that true strawberry season is so very short!

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