Mikrokosmos July “Clouds” Challenge

the MiFoC photo challenge theme this first week in July is “Clouds” and I really wanted to play along so here we go on a little two day trip into Washington, DC where my husband and I played tourist for the fourth of July…

storm Arthur Clouds

these storm clouds show a bit of what Hurricane Arthur had in store for us but we were lucky and only had to deal with lots of wind and rain but no damage…

sun flag old post office

and just in time for the 4th of July when all of America celebrates with fireworks and parades the skies cleared and the hot sticky weather left us with gorgeous and comfortable weather to enjoy…

Environmental Protection Agency Wash DC

we walked all over and enjoyed some of the Independence Day parade down on Constitution Avenue …

clouds near China Town

a nice meal tasted even better al fresco at a favorite restaurant

Poste Restaurant courtyard al fresco

then it was time to walk down to The National Mall to get a spot on the grass to see the fireworks

4th of July

everyone seemed to be in great spirits and it was a melting pot of nationalities with people visiting from near and far away…

smoke clouds 2

the fabulous fireworks made special smoke clouds in the night sky…

Kimpton selfie

all we had to do was walk back to our hotel not worrying about dealing with traffic and leaving the city with the throngs of other people…

26 responses to “Mikrokosmos July “Clouds” Challenge

  1. Now that’s the way to do the fireworks in DC. Great pictures! And, I’m so glad Arthur’s main legacy for you was cooler weather. I have fond memories of going in to DC to see the fireworks eons ago. The seemed fantastic back then, but were much more modest than the current display.

  2. Y’all are soooo smart! Glad you had a nice time and that Arthur was no problem! Great cloud captures!!!

  3. wow, even the clouds are presenting themselves at their best when you come with your camera! i especially love the one with the sun through the flags, but the clusters of clouds also are spectacular, great shots!

  4. Such dramatic storm clouds, I love to watch them flow in the sky, but not so much when they makes damages on the ground, so glad you were free of such, this time, dear Patty.
    Must have been an amazing day and evening ,seing all the fireworks, and many different people. (I love watching people, even I naturally am taught ,it is not nice ,staring !! ,lol )
    Such a sweet loving photo of you two in front of the hotel…
    Patty I wish you both a wonderful sunday, -goodmorning to a lovely day.

  5. Glad you escaped that dreadful storm without too much damage Patty. Those clouds mad e a great photo tho’.

  6. What amazing photos! They are so dramatic and you capture the atmosphere brilliantly, which is not always easy to do when photographing Nature’s drama! A stunning post! Thank you for sharing such beautiful images. Glad you stayed safe – and how nice just to relax in your hotel rather than having to contend with traffic at the end of a perfect day! xxx

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I always love to taking cloud photos.

  8. Patty, your photos are awesome – all of them! My favorite are the storm clouds in the first photo and the fireworks. Glad the storm didn’t damaged anything near you. Sounds like some nice days!
    Best wishes, Manuela

  9. Thank you Patty for taking us on your 4th July sky-excursion – so fabulous shots you made! My favourite ist the first frightening clouds – hu, huu!
    Have a nice weekend – Ulrike

  10. How nice to share with us this lovely day! I especially love your first picture wich emanates a strong atmosphere . I am happy to read you din’t suffer from the storm. All my best!

  11. Beautiful photos, I especially like the one with the flags, gorgeous! Have fun, Shirleyx

  12. I love your art posts and I also love your Real Life posts, your photos are so amazingly beautiful, and maybe a bit like your art? Thanks for sharing your happy life and happy travelling. Great selfie of you, and Mr. Magpie (I think).

  13. Oh wow – what fantastic photos – i love them !!!

  14. Gorgeous gorgeous photos dear Patty! So glad you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and time with us!

  15. WHOOT WHOOT, looooove the photo’s and the clouds, what no heart one for the Magpie couple, to busy dealing with Arthur, the photo with the flags, brilliant for the 4th of July, I enjoy a bit of a storm :), and my favorite photo of the sweet Magpie couple in a perfect setting, thanks for sharing your wonderful weeken, have a wonderful week, ((( BIG HUGS )))…

  16. Beautiful cloud photos and sounds like a great place to be for the 4th!

  17. Stunning photos of your DC trip, and a relaxing and fun way to see both the capital and the fireworks.

    Of course, those clouds were magnificent. My favorite was the one with all the flags covering the sun.

  18. mmm some super shots here and what beautiful skies!! Especially the one with the sun shining through the flags. Hope you had a good weekend.

  19. Beautiful, beautiful photos Patty!!! Love all of the 🙂 ~Sophia

  20. Patty
    Thank you for allowing me to join you and Mr Magpie on your 4th of July excursion. I so enjoyed looking skyward at the beautiful cloud formations and what a delight to watch the firework display.
    Clouds remind me of my childhood when during a car journey my Mum and I (Dad being driver) would look to the sky and declare what pictures we could see the clouds forming. I firmly believe that we should always keep that child within us so it is still something I like to do.
    Tomorrow I will ensure I look upwards to see what pictures reveal themselves to me.

  21. What beautiful photos of heaven on earth! Gorgeous shots to celebrate the 4th of July! Xo Jilly

  22. Wow – those first two are just stunning! And I love the photo with the Washington monument. Great photography as usual!

  23. Again more wonderful photos dear Patty. I like the one with the flags and the one with the firework most. Fine that you have had a nice celebration day.
    Dearest Greetings

  24. Great photos Patty! I was actually taking pics of clouds this morning! :o) xxx

  25. sparkledaysstudio

    So dreamy these photos…that fireworks shot with the monument – pure bliss. xox

  26. Sigh! So many stories in clouds — but my favorite — that fireworks postcard! What a gem!

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